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Alan Poul

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Birth Name: Alan Mark Poul

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 1, 1954

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Alan Poul is an American film and television producer and director.

Alan is the son of Shirley (Weissman) and Franklin Poul. Alan’s parents were Jewish.

Alan’s paternal grandparents were Boris Poul and Anna. Boris was from Zhytomyr, Russia (now Ukraine). Anna was also from Russia.

Alan’s maternal grandparents were Samuel Weissman (the son of Ida) and Clara. Samuel and Clara were also from Russia.

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Eric Ladin

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Birth Name: Eric Stephen Ladin

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 16, 1978

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Eric Ladin is an American actor.

Eric is the son of Jean (Schwartz) and Ronald Mark Ladin. Eric’s parents are Jewish. Eric is married to Kathryn C. “Katy” Hull, with whom he has a son.

Eric’s paternal grandfather was Sidney Samuel Ladin (the son of Samuel P. Ladin and Eva Levinson). Samuel was from Odessa, Russia (now Ukraine). Eva was also from Russia.

Eric’s paternal grandmother was Lanora/Lenora Turk (the daughter of Morris Turk and Rose Sonnenberg). Morris was born in Poland. Rose was born in New Jersey, to a father from Poland and a mother from Germany.

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Allan Corduner

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Allan Corduner – “Defiance” London Premiere – Arrivals – Odeon, Leicester Square – London, UK – Keywords: European Premiere of Defiance – False – – Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR Photos

Birth Name: Allan D. Corduner

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Date of Birth: April 2, 1950

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Allan Corduner is a British actor.

Allan is the son of Lilian Therese (Zentler) and Lars “Lasse” Corduner. Allan’s father was born in Helsinki, Finland, to a Jewish family, originally from Ukraine and Poland, that moved to Stockholm, Sweden, shortly after his father’s birth. Allan’s mother, who was also Jewish, was born in Berlin, Germany, and was a refugee who moved to the U.K.

Allan’s parents were both Ashkenazi Jews. While he is sometimes said to have Sephardi ancestry on his father’s side, Corduner is usually an Ashkenazi surname. Allan grew up in England, and had a secular Jewish upbringing.

Allan is married to Finnish actor and writer Juha Sorola.

Allan’s paternal grandfather was Alexander “Alex” Corduner. Alexander was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Allan’s paternal grandmother was Ethel “Ecko” Gottstein (the daughter of Haim Itzka Gottstein and Gnendel Levit). Ethel was born in Helsinki, Finland. Haim was born in Suwalki, Poland, the son of Mordechai Gottstein. Gnendel was born in Helsinki, the daughter of parents from Poland, Abraham Levit, who was from Nowogrod, Lomza, and Lea.

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Ruben Fleischer

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Birth Name: Ruben Samuel Fleischer

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: October 31, 1974

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Welsh, Ukrainian or Rusyn (mother, who converted to Judaism)

Ruben Fleischer is an American film director and producer, television producer, and music video and commercial director.

Ruben is the son of Karen Lee (Samuel) and David Elliot Fleischer. Ruben’s father is Jewish. Ruben’s mother, who is of Welsh and Ukrainian or Rusyn descent, converted to Judaism. Ruben is married to Holly Shakoor.

Ruben’s paternal grandfather was Jack Fleischer (the son of Ruben/Rubin Fleischer and Rose/Fanny). Jack was born in New York, to parents from Russia.

Ruben’s paternal grandmother was Irma Lee Zimmerman (the daughter of David Elliot/Elliott Zimmerman and Esther Segal). David was the son of Max/Mordecai Chesler Zimmerman, who was from Lithuania, and of Esther Sussie Fleischman, who was from Poland. Ruben’s great-grandmother Esther Segal was the daughter of Abraham Segal and Rachel Kudysch/Kudisch, who were from Kiev, Ukraine.

Ruben’s maternal grandfather was Haydn Samuel/Samuels (the son of Haydn/Hayden J. Samuel/Samuels and Hattie Crandon). Ruben’s great-grandfather Haydn was the son of Rees/Reese Samuels, who was Welsh, and of Rachel Jones, whose parents were Welsh. Hattie was the daughter of William Thomas Crandon and Mary C. Thomas, who were from Tredegar and Bedwellty, Monmouth, Wales, respectively.

Ruben’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Natishyn (the daughter of Alexandrew “Alex” Natishyn/Notteskin and Mary Lesavage). Alexandrew and Mary were born in either Poland or Austria. The surname Natishyn/Hnatyshin/Gnatyshyn (Гнати́шин) likely has origins in the Ukrainian portion of Bukovina, in Central Europe (now Ukraine). The family was either Ukrainian or Rusyn.

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Mike Medavoy

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Birth Name: Morris Michael Medavoy

Place of Birth: Shanghai, China

Date of Birth: January 21, 1941

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Mike Medavoy is a Chinese-born American film producer and executive.

Mike was the son of Dora and Michael David Medavoy. Mike’s parents were Jewish; Mike’s father was born in Kirovgrad, Russia, and Mike’s mother was born in Harbin, China, to parents from Odessa, Ukraine. Mike was raised in Chile and in the U.S.

Mike is married to philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur Irena Medavoy. He was previously married to Patricia Duff. He has two children.


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