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Roman Kolinka

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Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 16 September, 1986

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*French, possibly other (mother)

Roman Kolinka is a French actor. His father, Richard Kolinka, is a musician, who is a member of the band Téléphone. His mother, Marie Trintignant, was an actress.

His father is Jewish (of Ukrainian Jewish, Russian Jewish, and Romanian Jewish descent).

His maternal grandfather is of French background. His maternal grandmother is said to be the daughter of a Spanish father and an Arab mother. It is not clear if that is accurate.

Roman’s paternal grandfather is Albert Kolinka (the son of Raphaël Kolinka and Malka Feldmann). Raphaël was born in Ukraine, the son of Israël Kolinka and Ida Veïner. Malka was also born in Ukraine, the daughter of Henri Feldmann and Dora Leplkra.

Roman’s paternal grandmother is Ginette Kolinka (born Ginette Yvette Cherkasky, the daughter of Léon Youda Cherkasky). Ginette was a prisoner at Auschwitz, and survived the Holocaust, in which her father and brother were killed. Her family was from Russia and Romania.

Roman’s maternal grandfather is Jean-Louis Trintignant, a prominent actor, screenwriter, and director (Jean-Louis Xavier Trintignant, the son of Raoul Trintignant and Claire Tourtin). Raoul was an industrialist, the son of Fernand Trintignant and Marie-Louise Aimée Delaigue.

Roman’s maternal grandmother is Nadine Trintignant, a novelist, director, producer, editor, and screenwriter (born Nadine Marquand). Nadine’s siblings, Roman’s great-uncles, were Christian Marquand, a director, actor, and screenwriter, and Serge Marquand, an actor and producer.

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Bex Taylor-Klaus

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LOS ANGELES - DEC 4:  Bex Taylor-Klaus at the he Shannara Chroni

Birth Name: Rebecca Edison Taylor-Klaus

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 12, 1994

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Bex Taylor-Klaus is an American actress. She is from a Jewish family (from Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, and Lithuania). Bex had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

She has said:

I speak a little Spanish and my Hebrew is a little rusty — I can understand better than I speak!

In an interview, Bex seemingly stated that she has Cuban ancestry. However, she was referring to the background of her close friend.

Bex’s paternal grandfather was Richard M. Klaus (the son of Irving Goncer/Gonny Klaus and Ruth Mendel). Richard was born in Pensnylvania. Irving was born in New York, the son of Samuel Solomon Klaus and Mary Goncer, who were from Ostroh, Ukraine. Ruth was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Solomon Mendel, who was from Andernach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, and of Bertha Buka, who was born in Ohio, to parents from Germany, her father from Neustadt and her mother from Laupheim.

Bex’s paternal grandmother is Barbara Ann Tuckerman (the daughter of Arthur David Tuckerman and Bernice Ruth Maimin). Arthur was born in Massachusetts, the son of Theodore Tuckerman, who was form Brăila, Romania, and of Sarah Abramson, who was from Botoșani, Moldavia, Romania. Bernice was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of David Abraham Maimin, who was born in Riga, Kreutzburg, Latvia, and of Rosa Henrietta Bernstein, who was born in Pennsylvania.

Bex’s maternal grandfather is Mark K. Taylor (the son of Herbert Taylor and Esther Kahn). Herbert was born in Georgia, the son of Charles Taylor and Mollie, who were born in Russia. Esther was also born in Georgia, the daughter of Marcus Kahn and Janice, who were from Bialystok, Poland.

Bex’s maternal grandmother is Judith Grossman (the daughter of Sidney/Sid Grossman and Sylvia Edison). Judith was born in New York. Sidney was born in Lithuania, the son of Zavel Grosman/Grossman and Golda Fichel/Fikhel. Sylvia was born in New York, the daughter of Joseph Edison and Clara, who were born in Russia.


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Orson Chaplin

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Birth Name: Orson Belisario M. Chaplin Salkind

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England

Date of Birth: 1987

*Ashkenazi Jewish, Mexican (father)
*English, Irish, 1/16th Scottish (mother)

Orson Chaplin is an American actor and rapper. Among his first cousins are actresses Carmen ChaplinKiera ChaplinOona Chaplin, and circus performer and actor James Thiérrée. Among his aunts and uncles are/were actress Geraldine Chaplin and actor Sydney Chaplin.

Orson is the son of Jane Cecil Chaplin and Ilya Salkind (born Ilya Juan Salkind Dominguez), a film and television producer, who is known for producing the live-action Superman films. His mother has English, Irish, and one sixteenth Scottish, ancestry. His father was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to a Jewish father and a Mexican mother. Orson’s father, paternal grandfather, and paternal great-grandfather were all successful international film producers. He was raised partly in Florida, Switzerland, and California.

Orson’s paternal grandparents were Alexander Salkind (the son of Mikhail Salkind and Maria Gerschikov) and Berta Domínguez. Alexander was born in Danzig, Poland, to Jewish parents from Kiev, Ukraine, who flead the Russian revolution. The family lived in Leningrad, Berlin, and Paris, before fleeing to Cuba in 1939, and later Mexico. Berta was Mexican.

Orson’s maternal grandfather was actor Charlie Chaplin (born Charles Spencer Chaplin, the son of Charles Chaplin and Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill, both of whom were entertainers). Charlie was born in England. His documented ancestry was English and some Irish. Orson’s great-grandfather Charles was the son of Spencer Chaplin and Ellen Elizabeth Smith. Hannah was the daughter of Charles Frederick Hill and Mary Ann Terry.

Orson’s maternal grandmother was Oona O’Neill, an actress (the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill [Eugene Gladstone O’Neill] and writer Agnes Boulton). Oona was born in Warwick Parish, Bermuda. Eugene was born in New York City, New York, the son of actor James O’Neill, who was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, and of Ella O’Neill (born Mary Ellen Quinlan), who was born in New Haven, Connecticut, to Irish parents, Thomas Joseph Quinlan and Bridget Lundigan. Agnes was born in London, the daughter of Edward William Boulton, an artist, who was American, of English and Scottish descent, and of Cecil Maud/Maude Williams.

Charlie is often stated to have had some degree of Romani (Gypsy) ancestry. It does not appear that this ancestral claim has ever been documented/verified. Charlie was sometimes believed to have been Jewish (especially during his lifetime), but his parents were not of Jewish heritage, although Orson is of Jewish descent through his paternal grandfather.

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Joe Shuster

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Birth Name: Joseph Shuster

Date of Birth: July 10, 1914

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Death: July 30, 1992

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, United States

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Joe Shuster was a Canadian and American comic book artist. Along with Jerry Siegel, he created the DC Comics superhero Superman (Clark Kent).

Joe was the son of Ida (Kotlarsky/Katharske) and Julius Shuster/Shusterowich. His father was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to Jewish parents from the Russian Empire. His mother was born in Kiev, Ukraine, then also in the Russian Empire, to a Jewish family. His family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., around 1924.

He was related to Canadian comedian Frank Shuster.

Joe’s paternal grandparents were Jacob Isaak Schustirowitz (the son of Izaak Schustirowitz and Anna Macen) and Rosa Galoen (the daughter of Levie Galoen and Hanna Jankelevitz). Jacob was born in Sevastopol, then in the Russian Empire.

Joe’s maternal grandparents were Shimon/Simon Kotlarsky and Chissie/Chisela Rovinsky.

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Martin Landau

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"City of Ember" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 20, 1928

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Martin Landau is an American film and television actor.

Martin is the son of Selma (Buchman) and Morris Landau. His father was born in Chortkiv, Ukraine, to a Jewish family. His mother was born in New York, of Russian Jewish descent. Martin’s daughter is actress Juliet Landau.

Martin’s father smuggled Jews out of Europe during World War II.

Martin’s paternal grandparents were Nathan Landau (the son of Kalman Landau and Beile Rachel) and Rose Goldeck or Rebecca Zuckerman. Nathan was born in Horodenka. Rebecca was born in Austria.

Martin’s maternal grandparents were James Buchman (the son of Hersch Scheuer and Eva Sahlachter) and Berthe/Bertha Scheuer (the daughter of Sigmund Scheuer and Esther Mayer). James was born in Russia or Germany. Berthe was born in New York, to parents from Germany.

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