Dustin Pedroia

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Major League Baseball All Star Game Red Carpet Parade - July 15, 2008

Birth Name: Dustin Luis Pedroia

Place of Birth: Woodland, Yolo, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 17, 1983

Ethnicity: Spanish (maternal grandmother), Swiss-Italian (great-grandfather), Portuguese, French-Canadian, English, Mexican

Dustin Pedroia is an American professional baseball player. He is a second baseman, with the Boston Red Sox, of Major League Baseball (MLB). His uncle (mother’s brother) is football defensive coordinator Phil Snow. Dustin is married to Kelli, with whom he has three children.

Dustin’s paternal grandfather was Melvin Raymond Pedroia (the son of Caesar John Pedroia and Beatrice Rosella Loranger). Caesar was born in California, the son of Giovanni/John Pedroia and Madelena Marie Bonetti, Swiss parents from Brione sopra Minusio, Ticino, Switzerland, of Swiss-Italian descent. Beatrice was born in California, and had French-Canadian, English, and Mexican ancestry, the daughter of Beaumont Peter Loranger and Margaret Tutt.

Dustin’s paternal grandmother was born with the surname Machado. She likely has Portuguese ancestry.

Dustin’s maternal grandparents are Phil Snow and Isabel Martinez (the daughter of Juan Martinez and Isabel). Dustin’s great-grandparents Juan and Isabel were Spanish.


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Sara Bareilles

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Birth Name: Sara Beth Bareilles

Place of Birth: Eureka, Humboldt, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 7, 1979

*37.5% Italian [including Swiss-Italian]
*37.5% Portuguese [including Azorean]
*12.5% French
*12.5% mix of English and German

Sara Bareilles is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and author.

Sara’s father is of one quarter French, one quarter Italian, and half Swiss-Italian, descent. Sara’s mother is of three quarters Portuguese (including Azorean) and one quarter English/German ancestry. Sara lived in Italy for a year, speaks Italian, and was raised Catholic.

Sara’s paternal grandfather was Melvin J. Bareilles (the son of John Bareilles and Florence M. Brizoni). Melvin was born in California. John’s parents were French. Florence’s parents were Italian.

Sara’s paternal grandmother was Mary M. Biasca (the daughter of Henry Emilio Biasca and Anna Maria Biasca). Sara’s grandmother Mary was born in California, to Swiss immigrants, of Swiss-Italian descent.

Sara’s maternal grandfather was Bernard S. Capellas (the son of Antonio Santos “Tony” Capellas and Leanora/Leonora Franca). Bernard was born in Hawaii. Antonio’s parents, Manuel S. Capellas and Francisca Costa, were both of Portuguese descent, from Ponta Delgada, St. Miguel, in the Azores. Leanora was born in Hawaii, the daughter of Paulino Franca and Balbina de Conceicao Ferraz/Ferreis, who were Portuguese immigrants.

Sara’s maternal grandmother was Betty Jean Miller (the daughter of Edgar Floyd Miller and Margaret Dias). Betty was born in Hawaii. Edgar was born in Virginia, and had English and German ancestry; he was the son of Monroe Miller and Sarah Eunice Dolinger. Margaret was born in Hawaii; Margaret’s father, Louis Dias, was a Portuguese immigrant, while Margaret’s mother, Mary Simao, was born in Hawaii, to Portuguese parents.

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Catherine Deneuve

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Birth Name: Catherine Fabienne Dorléac

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Birth: 22 October, 1943

Ethnicity: French, as well as 1/16 Swiss-Italian

Catherine Deneuve is a French actress, singer, model, and producer. She is fluent in French, Italian, and English, and is semi-fluent in German.

Catherine is the daughter of actress Renée Simonot (born Renée Jeanne Deneuve) and Georges Maurice Edmond Dorléac. She has two children, actor Christian Vadim, with her former partner, director and screenwriter Roger Vadim; and actress and singer Chiara Mastroianni, with her former partner, actor Marcello Mastroianni.

Catherine’s paternal grandfather was Alphonse Dorleac (the son of Gabriel Jean Dorleac and Armance Landry). Gabriel was the son of Jean Vedian Dorleac and Jeanne Marie Bouffartigue. Armance was the daughter of Louis Landry and Françoise Marguerite Chamot.

Catherine’s paternal grandmother was Berthe Marie Smout (the daughter of Rodolphe Smout and Alexandrine Jaquet). Rodolphe was the son of Marie-Elisabeth Joseph Smout.

Catherine’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Sevère Deneuve (the son of Jean Sevère Deneuve and Joséphine Delphine Clémentine Gournay). Joséphine was the daughter of Charles François Joseph Gournay and Céleste Catherine Paimparay.

Catherine’s maternal grandmother was Antoinette Jeanne Schenardi (the daughter of Antoine Joseph Schenardi and Nelly Jeanne Dehais). Antoine was the son of Pierre Dominique Schenardi, who was born, c. 1803, in Roveredo, Switzerland, and of Nymphe Valentine Eulalie David. Nelly was the daughter of Georges Pierre Dehais and Marie Joséphine Véronique Tafournel.

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