Isabel Preysler

by andrew on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: María Isabel Preysler Arrastia

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: 18 February, 1951

Ethnicity: Spanish, Filipino (Kapampangan), Austrian

Isabel Preysler is a Spanish and Filipino socialite and television host.

She is the daughter of Carlos Preysler Perez de Tagle and Beatriz Arrastía Reinares. Her father had Spanish and distant Austrian ancestry. Her mother had Spanish and Filipino (Kapampangan) ancestry.

Isabel’s son, with singer Julio Iglesias, is singer Enrique Iglesias.




Reginald Arvizu

by madman on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: Reginald Arvizu

Place of Birth: Los Angeles County, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 2, 1969

*Mexican (father)
*French-Canadian, English (mother)

Reginald Arvizu, also known as Fieldy, is an American musician. He is the bassist of the metal band Korn.

Reginald is the son of Sheri L. (Picard) and Reginald Arvizu.

Reginald’s paternal grandparents were Reginald Arvizu (the son of Julian L. Arvizu and Mary Romero) and Louise Ybarra (the daughter of Ynocente Ybarra and Ruth Contreras). Julian and Mary were both born in California, to Mexican parents. Ynocente and Ruth were Mexican immigrants.

Reginald’s maternal grandfather was Roy Joseph Picard (the son of Albert Joseph Picard and Marie Yvonne Lavigne). Albert was born in Michigan, to French-Canadian parents, Joseph Picard and Olivine Cossette. Marie was the daughter of Dolphis Lavigne, who was French-Canadian, and Alphonsine Cloutier, whose parents were French-Canadian.

Reginald’s maternal grandmother was Joyce Ann Noble (the daughter of Frank Dewey Noble and Marie Alice Stephens). Frank was the son of L. Noble and Margaret Park/Parker. Marie was the daughter of John M. Stephens and Lorena.

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Marriage record of Reginald’s great-grandparents

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Elizabeth Vargas

by stlucas on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: Elizabeth Anne Vargas

Place of Birth: Bergenfield, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 6, 1962

*Puerto Rican [Spanish, Italian, possibly other] (father)
*Swedish, Irish, German (mother)

Elizabeth Vargas is an American television journalist and host. She was born in Bergenfield, New Jersey, to a Puerto Rican-American father, Rafael “Ralf” Vargas, and an American mother, Anne (Lammers). Elizabeth has a sister, Aimie, and a brother, Christopher Otis. Elizabeth was previously married to musician Marc Cohn. They have two children.

Rafael is said to have Spanish and Italian ancestry. Anne is of Swedish, German, and Irish descent.

Elizabeth’s paternal grandfather was originally from Puerto Rico.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather was Otis S. Lammers (the son of George A. Lammers and Ida S. Johnson). George was born in Minnesota, to a father from Germany and a mother from Sweden. Ida was born in Sweden, to Swedish parents.

Elizabeth’s maternal grandmother was Lois Brennan (the daughter of James R. Brennan and Sarah L.). Both James and Sarah were born in Minnesota, to parents from Ireland.


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Cecilia Bolocco

by madman on February 12, 2017

Birth Name: Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: May 19, 1965

*Arbëreshë/Albanian, Chilean [Spanish, Basque, Indigenous, distant Portuguese], Italian, 1/32 English (father)
*German (mother)

Cecilia Bolocco is a Chilean actress, TV host, and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Chile 1987 and Miss Universe 1987.

Cecilia is the daughter of Rose Marie Fonck Assler and Enzo Bolocco Cintolesi, a businessman. Her sister is journalist Diana Bolocco. Cecilia is married to politician, and former President of Argentina, Carlos Menem, with whom she has a son.

Cecilia’s paternal grandfather was Víctor Bolocco Olave (the son of Carlos Bolocco Pasquini and Lucinda Olave Triday). Carlos was born in Milan, Lombardy, Italy, and was said to be of Arbëreshë (Albanian) descent. Lucinda was the daughter of José Antonio Olave Ramírez and Juana Triday Moreno.

Cecilia’s paternal grandmother was Emilia Cintolesi Echenique (the daughter of Emilio Cintolesi and Blanca Echenique).

Source: Genealogy of Cecilia Bolocco –


Juan-Luc Mélenchon

by Manila on February 12, 2017

Birth Name: Jean-Luc Antoine Pierre Mélenchon

Place of Birth: Tangier, Tangier International Zone (now Morocco)

Date of Birth: 19 August, 1951

*75% Spanish (Castilian and Valencian)
*25% Italian (Neapolitan and Sicilian)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a French politician. He is the French member of the European Parliament. He previously served as the Minister of Vocational Education, from 27 March 2000 to 6 May 2002. He also previously represented Essonne in the French Senate, from 2 October 1986 to 24 September 1995, and from 1 October 2004 to 7 January 2010.

Jean-Luc’s father, Georges Mélenchon, is a postmaster. Jean-Luc’s mother, Jeanine Bayona, is a primary school teacher. Jean-Luc was married to Bernadette Abriel and Pascale Le Néouannic.

Juan-Luc’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fifth great-grandfather, Francisco Melenchón.

Jean-Luc’s paternal grandfather was Antonio Miguel Melenchón Martínez (or Antoine Mélenchon in French, the son of Bernabé Melenchón y Castillejo and María de los Dolores Martínez Hurtado). Antonio was a Spanish immigrant, from Mula, Murcia. Bernabé was the son of Bernabé Melinchón y Talavera and Josefa Castillejo y Toledo. Dolores was the daughter of Manuel Martínez Espín and María Hurtado Martínez.

Jean-Luc’s paternal grandmother was Aimée Canicio (the daughter of François Canicio and Joaquina Serrano Avargues). François was the son of Spanish immigrants Francisco Pedro José (or François in French) Canicio Sepulcre, of Novelda, Alicante, and of María Josefa (or Joséphine in French) Cardona Crespo, of Benissa, Alicante. Joaquina was the daughter of Spanish immigrants Juan Francisco Serrano Castillo, of Elche, Alicante, and of María Rita Avargues Garcela, of Calp, Alicante.

Jean-Luc’s maternal grandparents were Francisco Bayona (or François in French) and Jeanne Emmanuelle Caserta (the daughter of Jean Caserta and Caterina, or Catherine in French, Alaimo). Jean-Luc’s grandfather Francisco was a Spanish immigrant, from Valencia, Valencia. Jean was the son of Italian immigrant Emmanuel Caserta, of Ustica, Palermo, and of Catherine Volto, who was half-Sicilian and half-Neapolitan. Caterina was also born in Ustica, to Francesco (or François in French) Alaimo and Caterina (or Catherine in French) Licciardi.

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