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Shannon Kook

by madman on October 21, 2017

Birth Name: Shannon Xiao Lóng Kook-Chun

Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of Birth: February 9, 1987

*Hakka Chinese (father)
*Cape Coloured (mother)

Shannon Kook is a South African actor.

Shannon has stated:

I was born in Johannesburg but I grew up in Cape Town too, because that’s where my mom’s from. My dad’s from Mauritius; he’s Hakka-born Chinese. My mom is Coloured. In South Africa that’s the technical term. That’s the proud ethnic term that we call ourselves. But “colored” in other regions of the world is a racist, misunderstood word. Coloured people have a mix of Malay, some black, some Indian descent. They look Guyanese or Dominican, some look black, some look white.

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Bryan Habana

by andrew on August 29, 2016

Birth Name: Bryan Gary Habana

Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa

Date of Birth: 12 June, 1983

Ethnicity: Cape Coloured

Bryan Habana is a South African rugby union player. He is the son of Faith and Bernard James “Bernie” Habana. He is an Afrikaans-speaker.

A picture of Bryan with his father can be seen here.

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Marais Viljoen

by Manila on August 28, 2016

Date of Birth: December 2, 1915

Place of Birth: Robertson, Cape Province (now Western Cape), South Africa

Date of Birth: January 4, 2007

Place of Death: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

*96.2890625% Afrikaner (50.390625% French, 26.7578125% German, 13.8671875% Dutch, 4.8828125% Belgian [3.125% Walloon, 1.7578125% Flemish], 0.390625% Swiss-German)
*2.1484375% African (0.78125% Angolan, 0.78125% Guinean, 0.390625% Mozambican, 0.1953125% Khoikhoi)
*0.9765625% Indonesian
*0.390625% Indian
*0.1953125% Danish

Marais Viljoen was a South African politician. He was the President of the Senate, from 22 January, 1976 to 19 June, 1979, and State President of South Africa, from August 21, 1978 to October 10, 1978 (acting), and from June 4, 1979 to September 4, 1984.

He was the son of Magdalena Debora “Lenie” (de Villiers) and Gabriel Francois Viljoen. He was married to Dorothea Maria Brink, until her death. The couple had a daughter.

Marais’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandfather, François Villion.

A few of Marais’ distant ancestors were slaves, from Africa (Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea), India, and Indonesia. His maternal seventh great-grandmother, Krotoa (also known as Eva), was a Khoikhoi interpreter.

Some research suggests that Marais has remote Italian ancestry. It is not clear if this Italian ancestry has been verified/documented.

Marais’ paternal grandfather was Petrus Jacobus Viljoen (the son of Hendrik Christoffel Viljoen and Elisabet Johanna du Toit). Hendrik was the son of Johannes Willem Viljoen and Helena Catharina van der Merwe. Elisabet was the daughter of Petrus Jacobus du Toit and Rachel Rossouw.

Marais’ paternal grandmother was Anna Susanna Johanna Wentzel (the daughter of Johannes Jacobus Wentzel and Anna Margaretha Maree). Marais’ great-grandfather Johannes was the son of Carel David Wentzel and Maria Sophia Hoebert. Marais’ great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Johannes Maree and Catharina Elizabeth Groenewald.

Marais’ maternal grandfather was Johannes Hendrikus de Villiers (the son of Petrus Johannes de Villiers and Magdalena Debora Retief). Petrus was the son of Petrus de Villiers and Magdalena de Villiers. Marais’ great-grandmother Magdalena was the daughter of Petrus Retief and Maria Elizabeth Redelinghuys/Redelinghuis.

Marais’ maternal grandmother was Hester Debora Francina Marais (the son of Daniel Johannes Marais and Johanna Maria Siebrits). Daniel was the son of Johannes Stephanus Marais and Hester Deborah/Debora Naude. Marais’ great-grandmother Johanna was the daughter of Bartholomeus Hubertus Siebrits and Engela Cornelia Jordaan.

Marais’ matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandmother, Maria van Aelwyk, of Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Xavier Naidoo

by Manila on March 9, 2016

Radio Regenbogen Awards 2015

Birth Name: Xavier Kurt Naidoo

Place of Birth: Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany (now part of Germany)

Date of Birth: October 2, 1971

*German, Indian (father)
*Egyptian (mother)

Xavier Naidoo is a German singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor. His father, Rausammy Naidoo, is a South African immigrant, of German and Indian descent. His mother, Eugene, is also a South African immigrant, of Egyptian descent.


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Francois Hougaard

by Manila on January 5, 2016

Place of Birth: Paarl, Cape Province (present-day Western Cape), Africa

Date of Birth: April 6, 1988

Ethnicity: Afrikaner (Dutch, French, German, possibly other), Danish

Francois Hougaard is a South African rugby union rugby player. Francois is the son of Ilse (de Klerk) and Rikus Hougaard.

Francois’ paternal grandfather was Francois Johannes Hougaard (the son of Petrus Wilhelm Johan Hougaard and Heletta Gertruida Basson). Petrus was the son of Francois Johannes Hougaard and Cecilia Maria Smith. Francois Johannes’ paternal grandfather, Pieter Hougaard, was a Danish immigrant, from Copenhagen.

Francois’ paternal grandmother was Melba Lötter.

Francois’ maternal grandfather was Paul Randolph de Klerk.

Francois’ maternal grandmother was Bettie Setzkorn (the daughter of Edward Christian Louis Setzkorn and Margaretha Maria Fredericke “Girley” Schroeder). Edward was the son of Christian Johannes Setzkorn and Emma Elizabeth Kniese.

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