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Lee Unkrich

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Birth Name: Lee Edward Unkrich

Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 8, 1967

*English, German (father, who converted to Judaism)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Lee Unkrich is an American director, film editor, and screenwriter.

Lee is the son of Emilie (Leuchtag) and Robert Unkrich. His father, who has English and German ancestry, converted to Judaism. His mother is from an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Lee had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Lee is married to Laura Century, who is also Jewish. The couple has three children.

Lee’s paternal grandfather was Lewis S. Unkrich (the son of Julius H. Unkrich and Edith M. Carter). Julius was the son of German parents, Simon Unkrich and Sophia. Edith was the daughter of Fred L. Carter, whose own mother was English, and of an English mother.

Lee’s paternal grandmother was Gladys H. Stone (the daughter of Hubert J. Stone and Cora/Corra Ada Kibby). Hubert was the son of Canadian parents. Cora was the daughter of Halium D. Kibby and Martha.

Lee’s maternal grandfather was Leo Leopold Leuchtag (the son of Emil Leuchtag and Ethel Kurcz/Kirtz). Emil was born in Hungary, the son of Herman Leuchtag and Augusta Hutz. Ethel was also born in Hungary, the daughter of Leopold Lipot Kirtz and Rosa Hollander, who were from Huncovce and Hrabušice, Slovakia.

Lee’s maternal grandmother was Helen Francis Schuster (the daughter of Isaac Schuster and Martha Jacobs). Martha was the daughter of Jacob Jacobs and Hannah Frank.

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Greg Rucka

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Greg Rucka – “Whiteout” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Mann’s Village Theater – Westwood, CA. USA – Keywords: Greg Rucka – False – – Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Birth Name: Gregory A. Rucka

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 29, 1969

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Greg Rucka is an American comic book writer and novelist.

Greg is the son of Corrina J. “Corry” (Schnitzer/Schnitze) and Noel/Noel Michael Rucka. Greg’s parents were Jewish.

Greg’s paternal grandparents were Arthur “Art” Rucka and Nettie L. Arthur was born in Czechoslovakia.

Greg’s maternal grandfather was Bernard/Bernad Schnitzer (the son of Benjamin “Benny” Schnitzer and Jeanetta “Jenny” Rosenthal). Benjamin was from Hungary. Jeanetta was from Austria.

Greg’s maternal grandmother was Mary Breitbart (the daughter of Hersch/Harry Breitbart and Bessie). Mary was born in Austria. Hersch was born in either Austria or Kozova, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine, the son of Bernard Shimon Dov Breitbart.

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Willie Garson

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Birth Name: William Garson Paszamant

Place of Birth: Highland Park, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 20, 1964

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Willie Garson is an American actor.

Willie is the son of Muriel (Schwartz) and Donald M. Paszamant. Willie’s parents were Jewish. Willie has a son.

Willie’s paternal grandfather was John/Jeno Paszamant/Pazamont/Paszomant/Peszamant (the son of David Peszamant and Lina Sterks). John was from Aranyosmeggyes, Hungary (now Medieșu Aurit, Romania).

Willie’s paternal grandmother was Adele/Adel Weiszfeld (the daughter of Zernabh Weiszfeld and Rose Zerger). Adele was born in either Budapest, Hungary, or Nagyszombat, Hungary (now Trnava, Slovakia).

Willie’s maternal grandparents were David M. Schwartz and Edith Sachsman. David was from Austria. Edith was born in New York, to parents from Russia.

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Karl Marx

by follers on July 5, 2017

Date of Birth: 5 May, 1818

Place of Birth: Trier, Kingdom of Prussia

Date of Death: 14 March, 1883

Place of Death: London, United Kingdom

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
(raised Lutheran)

Karl Marx was a Prussian-born philosopher, economist, journalist, sociologist, political theorist, and revolutionary socialist. Along with German philosopher Friedrich Engels, he published the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto.

Karl was the son of Henrietta/Henriette (Pressburg) and Heinrich Marx (born Herschel Mordechai), a lawyer and vineyards owner.

His father was born in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany. His mother was born in Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands.

Karl’s parents were both from Jewish families. His father converted to Lutheranism during Karl’s early years, because of anti-Semitism, and changed his name from Herschel to Heinrich. The rest of the family also converted, and Karl was subsequently raised in the Lutheran religion.

Karl’s paternal line had been rabbis in Trier (now Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) since 1723.

Karl’s mother was from a prosperous business family that later founded the company Philips Electronics. She was an aunt of Benjamin Philips (1830–1900), a wealthy banker and industrialist, a great-aunt of industrialists Anton Philips and Gerard Philips, and a great-great-aunt of businessperson Frits Philips.

Karl was also a third cousin, once removed, of German Romantic poet Heinrich Heine, who was also from a Jewish family.

Karl’s paternal grandfather was Marx Levy/Levi Halevi ben Samuel ha-Levi Mordechai (the son of Samuel Schmuel Mordechai ha-Levi and Malka Spira). Karl’s grandfather Marx was the rabbi of Trier. Karl’s great-grandfather Samuel was born in Postoloprty, Usti nad Labem, in the Czech lands, and was the son of Mordechai Marx. Malka was the daughter of Loeb Elia haLevi Spira and Saerel Krotoschin.

Karl’s paternal grandmother was Chaje Eva Lwow (the daughter of Moses/Moïse Mosche ben Josua Heschel Lwów Levoff Lemberg and Bella Eger of Furth). Karl’s great-grandfather Moses was the son of Joshua Heschel Lwow, who was born in Westhoffen, Alsace, France, and of Merle Worms, who was born in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Bella was the daughter of Meir Rabbi Eger, who was born in Furth, Germany, and of Esther Moses.

Karl’s maternal grandfather was Isaac Hijman “Chaim” Jitschak Preßburg (the son of Hirschl Michl Heymann Preßburg, ben Meir Michael, and of Heintje/Hendrina Isaac Kutsch Stoekoetz). Karl’s grandfather Isaac was born in Preßburg, now Slovakia, and was a Dutch rabbi. Hirschl was the son of Michel Lazar/Eliezer Simon Freistadt, who was born in Gyor, Gyõr-Moson-Sopron, Hungary, and of Rachel Levia Helene/HaLevi Pressburg Austerlitz, who was born in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Heintje was the daughter of Isaac Kutsch.

Karl’s maternal grandmother was Nanette Salomon Cohen (the daughter of Salomon Shlomo David Cohen-Chazzan and Sara Chaya-Sara Marcus Brandes). Nanette was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Salomon was the son of David Cohen Chazzan and Fijtje Abraham van Minden. Sara was born in Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany, the daughter of Marcus Mordechai Eliaser Brandeis.

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Michael Schur

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Birth Name: Michael Herbert Schur

Place of Birth: Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 29, 1975

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, possibly other

Michael Schur is an American television producer and writer.

Michael is the son of Anne (Herbert) and Warren Michael Schur. He has a sister, Stephanie. They were raised in West Hartford, Connecticut. Michael’s father is Jewish.

Michael is married to producer and writer J. J. Philbin, whose father is television personality Regis Philbin.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was Norman Warren Schur (the son of Isaac H. Schur and Martha Reinherz). Isaac was born in Russia. Martha was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Russia.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Marjorie Tas (the daughter of Emile Tas and Helen Teschner). Emile was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, of Dutch Jewish and German Jewish descent, and was the son of Levie Tas and Mathilda Büchenbacher. Helen was born in New York, of Slovak Jewish and German Jewish descent, and was the daughter of Jacob Teschner and Goldine Strauss. Michael’s grandmother Marjorie had Czech Jewish and Austrian Jewish ancestry farther back.

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