Beau Willimon

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Birth Name: Pack Beauregard Willimon

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 26, 1977

*English, German, Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Slovak (mother)

Beau Willimon is an American playwright, producer, and screenwriter. He is known as the creator of Netflix series House of Cards. He has a brother, Chas. They were raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

Beau is the son of Nancy (Morrow) and Henry Pack Willimon, Jr. Beau’s mother has Slovak ancestry. Beau’s father is of English, German, and Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Beau has stated that his surname “Willimon” is a modification of the German surname “Wilheim”.

Beau’s paternal grandfather is Henry Pack Willimon, Sr. (the son of William Henry Willimon and Alice Maud/Maude Pack). William was the son of Robert Charles Willimon and Martha Caroline Ashmore. Alice was the daughter of Charles Henry Alexander Pack and Ann Eliza Walker.

Beau’s paternal grandmother was Betty Jane Oberndorfer (the daughter of Martin Levy and Hilda M. Oberndorfer). Beau’s grandmother Betty was of mostly or entirely Jewish background. Hilda was the daughter of William Philip Oberndorfer, who was born in Virginia, to parents from Bavaria, Germany, and of Colista J. Hopwood/Hoppwood.

Beau’s maternal grandfather was Emil Edwin Morrow (the son of Joseph Morrow and Victoria Korpala/Kolpola). Joseph’s original surname was likely “Budinszky”, and he was born in either Czechoslovakia or Austria. Victoria was born in Czechoslovakia, and her surname is Slovak.

Beau’s maternal grandmother was Josephine A. Skrovan (the daughter of John Skrovan and Sophia Rozboril). John was born in Gbely, Slovakia, the son of Mathias/Matthew Skrovan and Maria Bartal. Sophia was also born in Gbely, the daughter of Antonius Rozboril and Elisabetha Knotek.


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Rebecca Wisocky

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Birth Name: Rebecca A. Wisocky

Place of Birth: York, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 12, 1971

Ethnicity: Polish, German, some English and Austrian, possibly Slovak

Rebecca Wisocky is an American actress.

Rebecca is the daughter of Sally A. (Samok) and Ronald “Ron” J. Wisocky.

Rebecca’s mother has Polish and German, along with some English and Austrian, ancestry, with roots in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and Wels, Austria. Rebecca’s father is of Polish and possibly Slovak descent.

Rebecca’s paternal grandfather was John Joseph Wisocky. His surname is likely Polish.

Rebecca’s paternal grandmother was Helen W. Pazucha (the daughter of Matej/Matey Pazucha and Helen Karabin). Matej and Helen were both born in Czechoslovakia, possibly of Polish and Slovak background.

Rebecca’s maternal grandfather was Michael Samok. His surname is likely Polish.

Rebecca’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy J. Kromer. Her parents were Harry Franklin Kromer (the son of Frank Kromer and Pauline Stoneburner) and Bertha Mae Berger/Borger (the daughter of Edward Borger and Catharine Anne Mixsell). Edward’s parents were Jacob Borger and Elizabeth George. Catharine’s parents were Peter Mixsell and Susanna Kerchner.

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Taylor Hall

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Birth Name: Taylor Strba Hall

Place of Birth: Calgary, Canada

Date of Birth: November 14, 1991

Ethnicity: Slovak, English, possibly other

Taylor Hall is a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger. He plays for the New Jersey Devils.

Taylor is the son of Kim (Strba) and Steven Hall. His father is Australian. His mother is likely of Slovak ancestry.

Taylor’s paternal grandparents were Lloyd V. Hall and Sadie M.

Sources: Obituary of Taylor’s paternal grandfather, Lloyd V. Hall –

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Evan Longoria

by bearboy on March 27, 2017

Birth Name: Evan Michael Longoria

Place of Birth: Downey, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 7, 1985

*Mexican, English, Dutch (father)
*Slovak, Ukrainian (mother)

Evan Longoria is an American professional baseball player.

Evan is the son of Mary Ellen “Ellie” (Kristoff) and Michael Allan “Mike” Longoria. His father is of Mexican, English, and Dutch, descent. His mother has Slovak and Ukrainian ancestry.

Evan’s paternal grandfather was Alfred Lincoln Longoria (the son of Alfred Muses Longoria and Mary Louise Mata). Evan’s great-grandfather Alfred was the son of ? Longoria and ? Moses.

Evan’s paternal grandmother was Irene Flora Osterhoudt (the daughter of Charles Robt Osterhoudt and Sylvia G. Booth). Charles was the son of Frank Osterhoudt and Ethel Johnson. Sylvia was Canadian.

Evan’s maternal grandfather was John Edward Kristoff (the son of John Edward Kristoff/Kristofsky and Mary Zirney). Evan’s great-grandfather John was likely the son of Andrew Kristofsky and Anna Jarko/Jurko, who were Slovak immigrants. Mary was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, the daughter of John Zirney and Julia Bosko, both from Austria, possibly also of Slovak descent.

Evan’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Uram (the daughter of Harry K. Uram and Anna Turek). Harry and Anna were born in Ukraine.


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Brant Daugherty

by madman on January 18, 2017

Birth Name: Brant David Daugherty

Place of Birth: Mason, Ohio, United States

Date of Birth: August 20, 1985

*Irish, possibly other (father)
*Slovak, Italian (mother)

Brant Daugherty is an American actor and dancer. He is the son of Mary Beth (Hirt) and David Daugherty, an art teacher.

Brant’s maternal grandfather was Andrew/Ondrej J. Hirt (the son of Ondrej M. Hirt and Mary Syc). Brant’s grandfather Andrew was born in Pohorela, Slovakia.

Brant’s maternal grandmother was Florence Eleanor Tessari (the daughter of Antonio Tessari and Elizabeth/Elizabetta Menegatti). Antonio was born in Brazil, to Italian parents. Elizabeth was Italian.

Source: Obituary of Brant’s maternal grandfather, Andrew/Ondrej J. Hirt –

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