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Annaliese Dayes

by stlucas on October 24, 2017

Annaliese Dayes – Vin + Omi Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Show VIP Afterparty at Andaz London Liverpool Street on September 11, 2017 – Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, 40 Liverpool Street – London, UK – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Hackney, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: October, 1986

*Afro-Jamaican (father)
*Afro-Saint Lucian, Afro-Barbadian, Afro-Grenadian, Afro-Vincentian (mother)

Annaliese Dayes is a British model, television personality, and presenter. Annaliese is known for being a contestant on the fifth season of Britain’s Next Top Model and on the eighteenth season of America’s Next Top Model.

Annaliese is the daughter of Roslyn (Gurley) and Byron C. “Ron” Dayes. Annaliese’s parents have Afro-Caribbean ancestry; her father has Jamaican roots and her mother was born in Saint Lucia.

On her mother’s side, Annaliese is the niece of Saint Lucian-born writer Rudy Gurley. According to Rudy, his family also has roots in Barbados, Grenada, and Saint Vincent and Grenadines, all in the Caribbean.

Annaliese’s father is pictured here. Annaliese’s mother is pictured here.


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Marland Yarde

by andrew on December 12, 2016

Place of Birth: Castries, Saint Lucia

Date of Birth: 20 April, 1992

Ethnicity: Saint Lucian (Afro-Caribbean)

Marland Yarde is a Saint Lucian-born English rugby union player.

Marland was born in Castries, Saint Lucia. He moved to England as a nine-year-old. Marland’s father is named Scotland Yarde.

Saint Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Saint Lucia’s population is predominantly of African and mixed African-European descent, with a small Indo-Caribbean minority.


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Nathalie Emmanuel

by wanderer on January 10, 2016

People's Choice Awards 2016 - Arrivals

Birth Name: Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel

Place of Birth: Southend-On-Sea, Essex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 2 March, 1989

*English, Saint Lucian (father)
*Dominican (mother)

Nathalie Emmanuel is a British actress. Her father is of half English and half Saint Lucian descent. Her mother is from Dominica. Both Saint Lucia and Dominica are Caribbean countries whose majority population is black/biracial black.


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Dudley O’Shaughnessy

by ethnic on December 2, 2011

Birth Name: Dudley Jumaane O’Shaughnessy

Place of Birth: Tower Hamlets, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 17 October, 1989

*Afro-Saint Lucian, with some Irish (father)
*English (mother)

Dudley O’Shaughnessy is a British actor, model, and boxer. HIs mother’s surname is Priest.

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Rio Ferdinand

by ethnic on March 21, 2008

Birth Name: Rio Gavin Ferdinand

Place of Birth: Lambeth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 7 November, 1978

*Afro-Saint Lucian (father)
*Irish (mother)

Rio Ferdinand is a British professional footballer and television pundit.

Rio is the son of Janice (Lavender) and Julian Ferdinand. Rio’s father is of Saint Lucian descent. Rio’s mother is of Irish descent.

A picture of Rio’s father can be seen here.

The majority of the population of Saint Lucia are descendants of African slaves, with a minority made up of people of mixed Indian, European, and African descent.

Rio’s brother, Anton Ferdinand, is a professional footballer. Rio is a cousin of Les Ferdinand, who was capped 17 times by the England national team, and of Kane Ferdinand, who represented Ireland at the youth level.

Source: Rio’s family history –

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