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Mark Romanek

by stlucas on March 19, 2018

Mark Romanek – 54th Annual Times BFI London Film Festival – “Never Let Me Go” Premiere – Arrivals – Odeon, Leicester Square – London, UK – Keywords: LMK73-22790-141010 Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – 0 – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Birth Name: Mark L. Romanek

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1959

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Mark Romanek is an American filmmaker.

Mark is the son of Shirlee (Moscovitz/Moskovitz) and Marvin Romanek. Mark’s parents are Jewish.

Mark’s paternal grandparents were William A. Romanek and Bessie Katz. William and Bessie were born in Russia.

Mark’s maternal grandparents were Meyer Moskovitz and Lizzie/Libby. Meyer was born in Romania. Lizzie was from Lithuania.

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Trevor Wright

by stlucas on February 17, 2018

Trevor Wright – 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards – Arrivals – Marriott Marquis – New York City, NY, USA – Keywords: – False – – Photo Credit: Anthony G. Moore / PR Photos

Birth Name: Trevor Christopher Wright

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 23, 1980

*English, possibly other (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (maternal grandfather)
*Czech/Bohemian, German (maternal grandmother)

Trevor Wright is an American actor.

Trevor is the son of Rise Leigh (Barish) and Steven Christopher Wright. He was raised in La Jolla, California.

Trevor’s paternal grandfather was Donald James Wright (the son of Glenn Wright).

Trevor’s paternal grandmother was JoRuth East (the daughter of Ted B. East). Ted likely was the son of Henry Y. East and Martha/Mattie.

Trevor’s maternal grandfather was Fred Barish (who likely was the son of Samuel Barish and Sadie Fitch). Fred was born in Pennsylvania, to Jewish parents from Romania.

Trevor’s maternal grandmother was Georgi Ann/Georgiana Chesak (who likely was the daughter of George John Chesak and Alice Elizabeth/Marie Kastel). George was the son of John H. Chesak, whose parents were from Bohemia, and of Tena Hurt, who was born in Bohemia. Alice was the daughter of Adam/Allen J. Kastel, who was from Germany, and of Josephine Bauman, whose parents were from Alsace-Lorraine, France.

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Chantal Claret

by madman on February 4, 2018

Birth Name: Chantal Claret Goldstrom

Place of Birth: Berkeley, Alameda, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 21, 1982

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Chantal Claret is an American singer and songwriter. She is the lead singer of the rock band Morningwood.

Chantal is the daughter of Monique (Leb) and Foster David Goldstrom. Chantal has stated:

My mom was a Romanian refugee & my father’s father is a WWII German Jew refugee.

Chantal’s paternal grandparents’ surnames were Goldstrom and Klein.

Chantal’s maternal grandparents were Joseph Leb and Erna Coca.

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Photo by kathclick/


Mark Ivanir

by madman on January 27, 2018

Mark Ivanir – “Johnny English Reborn” UK Premiere – Arrivals – Empire Leicester Square – London, UK – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos 

Birth Name: Mark Alexandrovich Ivanir

Place of Birth: Chernivtsi, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union

Date of Birth: September 6, 1968

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Mark Ivanir is a Ukrainian-born Israeli actor. He is the son of Maya Malka (Surkis), a teacher of German, and Alexander “Sasha” Ivanir, a teacher of English. His father was born in Vyzhnytsia.

Mark’s paternal grandparents were Zalman Ivanir and Berta Kurtz (the daughter of Hersh Kurtz and a woman surnamed Hazenfratz).

Mark’s maternal grandfather was Meshulam Surkis (the son of Yacov Surkis and Perl). Meshulam was a writer, journalist, and actor of the Yiddish language. He was born in Berehomet.

Mark’s maternal grandmother was Esther Wohl (the daughter of Menahem Mendl Wohl). Esther was born in Chernivtsi.

Source: Genealogy of Mark Ivanir –


Gillian Zinser

by stlucas on January 8, 2018

Birth Name: Gillian Amalia Zinser

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: November 4, 1985

*German (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Gillian Zinser is an American actress.

Gillian is the daughter of Dale B. Appleman and Volker A. Zinser. Her father was born in Berlin, Germany, and was likely an ethnic German. Her mother is Jewish.

Gillian’s maternal grandfather was Irving L. Appleman (the son of Harron Appleman and Anna Weisman). Harron was born in Romania, the son of Ela Appleman. Anna was from Poland.

Gillian’s maternal grandmother was Harriet B. Birkenholtz (the daughter of Samuel “Sam” Birkenholtz/Birkenhotz and Ray Hornig). Samuel was born in Galicia, Austria, the son of Simon Birkenholtz and Fanny Levon. Ray was born in Galicia, the daughter of Hav Hornig and Rose Herbst.

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Photo by Joe Seer/