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Salvador Allende

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Birth Name: Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens

Date of Birth: June 26, 1908

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Death: September 11, 1973

Place of Death: Santiago, Chile

Ethnicity: Chilean (Spanish, Basque, Indigenous), 1/4 Belgian

Salvador Allende was a Chilean physician and politician. A member of the Socialist Party of Chile, he served as President of Chile, from 3 November, 1970 until 11 September, 1973, his death. He was also Minister of Health and Social Welfare, from 28 August, 1938 to 2 April, 1942, and President of the Senate of Chile, from 27 December, 1966 to 15 May, 1969.

President Allende was the son of Laura Gossens Uribe and Salvador Allende Castro. He was married to Hortensia Bussi, until his death, with whom he had three children.

President Allende was a first cousin, once removed, of writer Isabel Allende.

President Allende’s paternal grandfather was José Ramón Allende Padín (the son of José Gregorio Allende Garcés and Salomé Padín Ruiz). President Allende’s great-grandfather José was the son of Pedro Allende Olmos de Aguilera and Petronila Garcés Honorato. Salomé was the daughter of Vicente Padin and a woman whose surname was Ruiz.

President Allende’s paternal grandmother was Eugenia Castro del Fierro (the daughter of Salvador Castro Arangua and Ana María Fierro Talavera). Salvador was the son of José Antonio de Castro de la Fuente and Juana Maria Arangua de la Puente. Ana was the daughter of Tadeo Fierro and Salvador Castro Arangua.

President Allende’s maternal grandfather was Arsenio Gossens Bousnard (the son of Arsenio/Arcenio Gossens and Juana Bousnard). President Allende’s grandfather Arsenio was Belgian.

President Allende’s maternal grandmother was Luisa Uribe. Luisa was born in Concepción, Chile.

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Patricio Aylwin

by madman on December 23, 2017

Birth Name: Patricio Aylwin Azócar

Date of Birth: November 26, 1918

Place of Birth: Viña del Mar, Chile

Date of Death: April 19, 2016

Place of Death: Santiago, Chile

Ethnicity: Chilean (Spanish, Indigenous), 1/8th English, remote Portuguese

Patricio Aylwin was a Chilean politician, lawyer, author, professor, and former senator. A member of the Christian Democratic Party, he served as President of Chile, from 11 March, 1990 to 11 March, 1994.

President Aylwin was the son of Laura Rosa Azócar Álvarez and Miguel Antonio Aylwin Gajardo.

President Aylwin’s paternal grandfather was Ricardo Patricio Aylwin Fernández (the son of Richard Camille Aylwin Juelmes and Martina Fernández Brito). Richard was born in London, England, the son of Robert Aylwin Patrick and Elizabeth Juelmes. Camille was the daughter of Manuel Fernández and Rosalía Brito.

President Aylwin’s paternal grandmother was Domitila Gajardo Valenzuela (the daughter of Miguel María Gajardo Valenzuela and Trinidad Valenzuela Cervero).

President Aylwin’s maternal grandfather was Eliseo Azócar Ferrada (the son of Pedro Fernando Azócar Pinochet and Margarita Ferrada Rodríguez). Pedro was the son of Fernando Azócar Azócar and Martina Pinochet Orellana. Margarita was the daughter of Severino Ferrada Arias and Concepción Rodríguez Landaeta.

President Aylwin’s maternal grandmother was Eloísa Álvarez Montero (the daughter of José Luis Álvarez de la Fuente and María del Carmen Montero González). José was the son of Pedro Antonio Alvarez Jurado, who was born in Mendoza, Argentina, and Gregoria de la Fuente y de la Fuente. María was the daughter of José Antonio Montero Rojas, and of a woman surnamed González.

Source: Genealogy of Patricio Aylwin –


Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle

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Birth Name: Eduardo Alfredo Juan Bernardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: June 24, 1942

Ethnicity: Chilean (Spanish, some Basque, possibly other), 1/4 Austrian, small amounts of Portuguese, French, and Italian

Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle was a Chilean politician and civil engineer. A member of the Christian Democratic Party, he served as President of Chile, from 11 March, 1994 to 11 March, 2000.

President Ruiz-Tagle is the son of María Ruiz-Tagle Jiménez and Eduardo Frei Montalva (Eduardo Nicanor Frei Montalva), who served as President of Chile, from 3 November, 1964 to 3 November, 1970.

President Ruiz-Tagle’s paternal grandfather was Eduard Frei Schlinz (the son of Eduard Frey and Genoveva Schlinz). Eduard was born in Feldkirch, Austria.

President Ruiz-Tagle’s paternal grandmother was Victoria Montalva Martínez (the daughter of Francisco Nicanor Montalva Frías and Irene Martínez y Martínez). Francisco was the son of Santiago Montalva Martínez and Domitila Frías Bueras. Irene was the daughter of Rafael Martínez Contador and Concepción Martínez Fernández.

President Ruiz-Tagle’s maternal grandfather was Alfredo Ruiz-Tagle Adriazola (the son of José Luis Ruiz-Tagle Irarrázaval and Emiliana Adriazola Martel). José was the son of Juan de Dios Ruiz-Tagle Portales and Rosa Irarrázaval Alcalde. Emiliana was the daughter of José María Adriasola Campillo and Luisa Martel y Ortiguren.

President Ruiz-Tagle’s maternal grandmother was Claudia Jiménez Pérez de Arce (the daughter of Manuel Jesús Jiménez Molina and Cesárea Pérez de Arce Alvarado). Manuel was the son of Juan Jiménez y González and Claudia de los Santos Molina y Asenjo. Cesárea was the daughter of José María Pérez de Arce Henríquez and Gertrudis Alvarado Lopetegui.

Source: Genealogy of Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle –


Ricardo Lagos

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Birth Name: Ricardo Froilán Lagos Escobar

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: 2 March, 1938

Ethnicity: Chilean (Spanish [including Andalusian, Castilian, Extremaduran], possibly other), remote Greek

Ricardo Lagos is a Chilean lawyer, economist, and politician. He served as the 34th President of Chile, from 11 March, 2000 to 11 March, 2006, among other duties.

His father, Froilán Lagos Sepúlveda, was a farmer, from Chillán, Ñuble, who died when he was eight years old. His mother, Rita Emma Escobar y Morales, was a centenarian, from Rengo, Cachapoal, who died at the age of 108.

President Lagos is married to Luisa Durán de la Fuente. He has a daughter with Luisa, and two children with his former wife, Carmen Weber Aliaga.

President Lagos’ paternal grandfather was Juan Pablo Lagos Fernández (the son of parents surnamed Lagos and Fernández).

President Lagos’ paternal grandmother was Carmen Sepúlveda Poblete (the daughter of Fermín Sepúlveda Carriel and Silveria María Poblete Sepúlveda). Fermín was the son of Juan Francisco Sepúlveda Palma and María Isabel Carriel Hernández.

President Lagos’ maternal grandfather was Ricardo Camilo Escobar Gajardo (the son of Juan Manuel Escobar González and Leonor Gajardo Díaz).

President Lagos’ maternal grandmother was Carmen Margarita de Jesús Morales Labarca (the daughter of José de Jesús Morales Tulleres and Margarita Labarca Latorre).

Source: Genealogy of Ricardo Lagos –

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Sebastián Piñera

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Birth Name: Sebastián Miguel Juan Piñera Echenique

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: 1 December, 1949

Ethnicity: Chilean (Spanish [Andalusian, Aragonese, Asturian, Canary Islander, Cantabrian, Castilian, Extremaduran, Leónese, Valencian], Basque, Galician, Indigenous, remote Catalan), Italian, Portuguese (including Azorean), as well as remote Breton, French, German, Indigenous Bolivian and Indigenous Peruvian (Aymara and Quechua)

Sebastián Piñera is a Chilean politician and businessperson. He has served as President of Chile, since 11 March, 2018. He previously held the position, from 11 March, 2010 to 11 March, 2014. He has also been Senator for Eastern Santiago, from 11 March, 1990 to 11 March, 1998, and Leader of National Renewal, from 26 May, 2001 to 10 March, 2004.

He is the son of Manuel José Piñera Carvallo and María Magdalena Echenique Rozas.

President Piñera is married to Cecilia Morel, with whom he has four children.

President Piñera’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandfather, Bartolomé de Piñera.

President Piñera’s paternal grandfather was José Manuel Piñera Figueroa (the son of Bernardino Piñera Aguirre and María Luisa Figueroa Vial). Bernardino was the son of Peruvian emigrant, José Piñera Lombera, of Lima, whose own father, Manuel Antonio Piñera Gutiérrez, was a Spanish emigrant, from Ubiarco, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria; and of Mercedes Aguirre Carvallo. María Luisa was the daughter of José Manuel Figueroa Vela and Pilar Vial Formas.

President Piñera’s paternal grandmother was Elena Carvallo Castillo (the daughter of Uldarico Carvallo Fernández and Julia Castillo Goñi). Uldarico was the son of Francisco Carvallo Gómez and Mercedes Fernández Carvallo. Julia was the daughter of Ángel Castillo Pareja and Mónica Goñi Prieto.

President Piñera’s maternal grandfather was José Miguel Echenique Correa (the son of José Miguel Echenique Gandarillas and María Mercedes Correa Errázuriz). President Piñera’s great-grandfather José Miguel was the son of José Francisco Echenique Tagle and Irene Gandarillas Valdés. María Mercedes was the daughter of Bonifacio Correa Albano and María Mercedes Errázuriz Valdivieso.

President Piñera’s maternal grandmother was Josefina María Rozas Ariztía (the daughter of Nicanor Rozas Rozas and Josefina Ariztía Pinto). President Piñera’s grandmother Josefina was born in Santiago, Chile. Nicanor was the son of Carlos Martínez de Rozas Urrutia Mendiburu and Amelia Manuela Rozas García-Olivos. President Piñera’s great-grandmother Josefina was the daughter of Jorge Ricardo Ariztía Urmeneta and Luisa Pinto Garmendia, whose father, Francisco Antonio Pinto, served as the 4th President of Chile, from 8 May, 1827 to 16 July, 1829, and from 19 October, 1829 to 2 November, 1829.

President Piñera’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandmother, Antonia Torres Valenzuela.

Source: Genealogy of Sebastián Piñera –