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Charlie Kaufman

by stlucas on May 28, 2017

Birth Name: Charles Stuart Kaufman

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 19, 1958

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Charlie Kaufman is an American screenwriter, producer, director, and lyricist.

Charlie is the son of Helen (Friedman) and Myron Kaufman. They were both Jewish. Charlie was raised in Massapequa, New York, and West Hartford, Connecticut.

Charlie’s maternal grandparents were emigrants from Poland.

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Peter Bogdanovich

by stlucas on May 28, 2017

Birth Name: Petar Bogdanović

Place of Birth: Kingston, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 30, 1939

*Serbian (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Peter Bogdanovich is an American director, writer, actor, producer, critic, and film historian.

Peter is the son of Herma (Robinsohn/Robinson) and Borislav Bogdanovich.

Peter’s father was an Orthodox Christian artist from Yuma, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). Peter’s mother was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Jewish family, and later moved to Croatia.

Peter’s paternal grandparents were Antonije Bogdanović and Mara.

Peter’s maternal grandfather was Heinrich “Henry” Robinsohn/Robinson (the son of Schmuel Robinson and Taube Weisenfreund). Heinrich was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

Peter’s maternal grandmother was Rudolfine “Finny” Zwilling (the daughter of Hersch Leib/Hermann Zwilling and Anna Chane Reiza Schmidt). Rudolfine was born in Vienna, Austria, to a father from Lviv, Ukraine, and a mother from Warka, Poland. Hermann was the son of Moses Israel Zwilling and Malie Rize Pordes. Anna Chane was the daughter of Mendel Schmidt and Rechel Moskowicz.

Source: Genealogy of Peter Bogdanovich – http://www.geni.com

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Jean-Pierre Aumont

by follers on May 27, 2017

Birth Name: Jean-Pierre Philippe Salomons

Date of Birth: 5 January 1911

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Date of Death: 30 January, 2001

Place of Death: Gassin, France

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish, Sephardi Jewish

Jean-Pierre Aumont was a French actor. He held the Legion d’Honneur and the Croix de Guerre for his World War II military service.

Jean-Pierre was the son of Suzanne (Cahen), an actress, and Alexandre Abraham Salomons, who owned La Maison du Blanc, a linen department store. His mother’s uncle was stage actor Georges Berr, who was the brother of Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandmother.

His father was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and his mother was born in Paris, France. His ancestry was both Ashkenazi and Sephardi, and his antecedents lived in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Gibraltar, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland, among others.

Jean-Pierre’s paternal grandfather was Philip Salomons (the son of David Philip Salomons and Sellie Coblentz). Jean-Pierre’s grandfather Philip was born in Amsterdam. David was the son of Philip/Pinchas Zelig David Cohen Kampen/Salomons and Marianna/Mata Mozes Coblentz. Sellie was the daughter of Jacob Mozes Coblentz and Betje Pessi Levie Lioni.

Jean-Pierre’s paternal grandmother was Rebecca Daniels (the daughter of Alexander Daniels and Jeannette Le Jeune). Rebecca was born in Amsterdam. Alexander was the son of Abraham Eliazer Daniels and Mirjam Alexander Hartog. Jeannette was the daughter of Salomon/Zelig Isaac/Eizik Weisna/Lejeune/le Jeune and Rebekka Mozes Dusseldorp.

Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandfather was Emile Cahen (the son of Simon Oury Cahen and Célestine Berr). Emile was born in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France. Simon was born in Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, the son of Olry Oury Cerf Marx Cahen Silny and Emilie Meilé Abraham. Célestine was born in Raon-l’Étape, Vosges, Lorraine, the daughter of Israël Seligmann Moyse Berr and Minette Spire.

Jean-Pierre’s maternal grandmother was Cécile Berr (the daughter of Eugène Berr and Esther Eulalie Ascoli). Cécile was born in Lunéville, Lorraine, France. Eugène was born in Raon-l’Étape, Lorraine, the son of Israël Seligmann Moyse Berr and Minette Spire. Esther was born in Épernay, Champagne-Ardenne, France, the daughter of Elias Vitta Ascoli, who was from Lisbon, Portugal, and of Hanna Julie Deutsch, who was from Saarwelligen/Saarwellingen, France.

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David Lewis

by follers on May 27, 2017

Birth Name: David Losz

Date of Birth: June 23 or October, 1909

Place of Birth: Svisloch, Russian Empire

Date of Death: May 23, 1981

Place of Death: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

David Lewis was a Canadian labour lawyer and politician. He was Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), from April 24, 1971 to July 7, 1975, carrying it into the 1972 and 1974 federal elections. He was a Member of Parliament from Ontario, from June 18, 1962 to April 8, 1963, and again from November 8, 1965 to July 8, 1974.

David was born in Svisloch, Russian Empire, the son of Rose (Lazarovitch) and Moishe Losz, a labour activist. His family moved to Canada in 1921, settling in Montréal, Québec. David is the father of politician and public speaker Stephen Lewis, and the grandfather of documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis.

David was the first Jewish person to lead a major (relatively) political party in Canada. Andrew Scheer, who was elected leader of the Conservative Party in 2017, is the only other person of Jewish background to do so.

David’s maternal grandfather was Usher Lazarovitch.


Paul Adelstein

by stlucas on May 25, 2017

Birth Name: Paul C. Adelstein

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 29, 1969

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Paul Adelstein is an American television and film actor.

Paul is the son of Doris May (Forgash) and Harvey M. Adelstein. Paul’s parents are Jewish. Paul was married to actress Liza Weil, with whom he has a daughter. Liza is also Jewish.

Paul’s maternal grandfather was Louis Forgash. Louis was born in Austria.

Paul’s maternal grandmother was Sally Berger (the daughter of Isaac Berger and Doris). Sally was born in either Austria or Poland.

Sources: Paul’s mother, Doris May Forgash, on the 1940 U.S. Census – http://www.familysearch.org


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