Pawel Szajda

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Pawel Szajda – “Under the Tuscan Sun” Hollywood Premiere – Photo Credit: Lee Roth / RothStock / PR Photos

Birth Name: Pawel B. Szajda

Place of Birth: Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 13, 1982

Ethnicity: Polish

Pawel Szajda is an American film and television actor.

Pawel is the son of Teresa Maria (Sypko) and Jozef M. Szajda. Pawel’s parents are both Polish. His siblings are Barbara, Marcin, Adam, and Phil. Pawel spoke Polish at home.

Pawel’s maternal grandfather was Albin Sypko (the son of Roman Sypko and Rozalia “Rosa” Zebranowicz). Albin was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., to Polish parents, and was raised in Poland.

Pawel’s maternal grandmother was Konstancja Jarosz (the daughter of Jan Jarosz and Anna Liszka). Konstancja was born in Poland.

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Ryan Sypek

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Birth Name: Ryan Edward Sypek

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 6, 1982

*50% French-Canadian
*25% Polish
*25% Portuguese

Ryan Sypek is an American actor.

Ryan is the son of Muriel (Dumas) and Edward S. Sypek. Ryan’s father has Polish and Portuguese roots. Ryan’s mother is of French-Canadian descent.

Ryan’s paternal grandfather was Edward Joseph Sypek (the son of Albert Sypek and Frances Wilczynska). Albert was born in Poland, the son of John Sypek and Victoria Kucimierz. Frances was also from Poland, the daughter of Florian Wilczynska/Wilczynski and Regina Szinlej.

Ryan’s paternal grandmother was Gilda S. Domingos (the daughter of Manuel Domingos and Georgiana/Josena). Manuel and Georgiana were from Portugal.

Ryan’s maternal grandfather was Herve J. Dumas (the son of Alphonse Dumas and Eveline/Evelyn Pelletier). Alphonse and Eveline were French-Canadian.

Ryan’s maternal grandmother was Lucienne B. Guimond (the daughter of Charles Guimond and Pamela Neveu). Charles was from Québec, Canada, the son of Georges Guimond and Eleanore Rousseau. Pamela was also born in Québec, Canada, the daughter of Theodule Neveu and Olivine Guay.

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Photo by s_bukley/www.bigstockphoto.com


Alexandra Socha

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Alexandra Socha – Amazon’s Fall 2016 Comedy TV Series Celebration  Photo Credit: Lisa Holte / PRPhotos.com

Place of Birth: Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 10, 1990

Ethnicity: Polish, Italian, possibly English, possibly other

Alexandra Socha is an American actress.

Alexandra is the daughter of Joan (Malatesta) Storey and Thaddeus “Thad” Socha.

Alexandra’s paternal grandfather was Chester B. Socha, Sr. (the son of John Socha and Constance). John and Constance were born in Illinois, to parents from Poland.

Alexandra’s paternal grandmother was named Stella.

Alexandra’s maternal grandfather was Richard J. “Dick” Malatesta (the son of Joseph Malatesta and Rose Carcioffo).

Alexandra’s maternal grandmother was Geraldine “Geri” Weed.

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Stacy Haiduk

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Stacy Haiduk – 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominees Reception Photo Credit: Tommaso Boddi / PR Photos

Birth Name: Stacy Lynne Haiduk

Place of Birth: Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 24, 1968

*Czech, Polish (father)
*English, French (mother)

Stacy Haiduk is an American actress. Stacy is married to actor Bradford Tatum.

Stacy is the daughter of Lucy Maude (Stout) and Michael “Mike” P. Haiduk. Stacy’s father was of Polish and Czech descent. Stacy’s mother has English and French ancestry.

Stacy’s paternal grandfather was Frank Haiduk (the son of Steve Haiduk and Frances Skubnik). Frank was born in Czechoslovakia/Bohemia, to a father from Austria and a mother from Bohemia. Frances was the daughter of Joseph Skubnik.

Stacy’s paternal grandmother was Victoria Skalski (the daughter of John Skalski and Frances Krol). Victoria was born in Janów, Poland.

Stacy’s maternal grandfather was Cyril L. Stout (the son of George Robert Stout and Lucy Jane Stewart). George was born in Illinois, to a father from Lincolnshire, England, Robert Stout, and a mother from Ohio, Sarah Jane Graham. Lucy was the daughter of George B. Stewart and Lydia S. Brewer.

Stacy’s maternal grandmother was Lucile F. Malott (the daughter of James Isaac Malott and Maude/Maud Fombelle/Fombell). James was the son of George Connor Malott and Harriett Frances Piatt. Maude was the daughter of James Theophilus Fombelle/Fombell and Dulcena Andromeda Hazen.

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Annie Ilonzeh

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Birth Name: Annette Ngosi Ilonzeh

Place of Birth: Grapevine, Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 23, 1983

*Igbo Nigerian (father)
*Polish (maternal grandfather)
*English (maternal grandmother)

Annie Ilonzeh is an American actress.

Annie is the daughter of Annette Louise (Osmianski) and Christian Osita Ilonzeh. Annie’s sisters are Christina, Emily, Jennifer, and Laura.

Annie’s father is Nigerian and has Igbo roots, as Annie has stated. Annie’s mother is American, and is of half Polish and half English descent.

Annie has stated:

I come from an interracial family: My father is from Nigeria, and so he is African American, and my mother is American and white, so I rarely see skin color. It’s never an issue for me.

Annie’s maternal grandfather was Chester P. Osmianski (the son of Michael/Michal Francis Osmianski and Mary Agnes Prezelenski/Przelenski). Michael was born in Poland. Mary Agnes was born in West Virginia, to parents from Poland.

Annie’s maternal grandmother was Laura May Bullock (the daughter of Francis “Frank” J. Bullock and Laura May Finlay). Annie’s great-grandparents Francis and Laura were English.

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Photo by Starfrenzy/www.bigstockphoto.com