Travis Milne

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Birth Name: George Travis Darold Milne XI

Place of Birth: Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Date of Birth: July 18, 1986

Ethnicity: Scottish, Norwegian, possibly Irish, English, and Czech

Travis Milne is a Canadian actor.

Travis is the son of Patricia Flatla and George Milne X.

Travis’s father’s surname is of Scottish origin. Travis’ mother’s surname is Norwegian. Travis’ other roots are said to be English, Irish, and Czech.

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Kaitlin Sandeno

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Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan – 2015 Orange County Christmas Spectacular Concert and Ball – Arrivals – The Arboretum at Christ Cathedral – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Kazuki Hirata / /

Birth Name: Kaitlin Shea Sandeno

Place of Birth: Mission Viejo, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 13, 1983

Ethnicity: Norwegian, Cornish, possibly other

Kaitlin Sandeno is an American competition swimmer. She is an Olympic gold medalist, world champion, and former world record-holder.

Kaitlin’s maternal grandparents have the surnames Angove and Madden.


Allen Craig

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Birth Name: Allen Thomas Craig

Place of Birth: Mission Viejo, Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 18, 1984

Ethnicity: German, Scottish, English, Norwegian or Danish, possibly other

Allen Craig is an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder.

Allen’s paternal grandparents were Harold Thomas Craig (son of Harley R. Craig and May/Mae Pasley) and Juanita Ruth Hollonbeck (daughter of Arthur Allen Hollonbeck and Mabel Maria Purvis).

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Brian Van Holt

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Brian Van Holt – “The Bridge” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – DGA Theater – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Birth Name: Brian Edward Van Holt

Place of Birth: Waukegan, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 6, 1969

Ethnicity: Norwegian (paternal grandmother), Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, English, possibly Dutch

Brian Van Holt is an American actor. He is the son of Barbara L. (Frailey) and Keith Ole Van Holt.

Brian has said:

I’m actually Scotch-Irish. My nickname is Dutch, but my family’s part of the McGregor clan. No one really knows where ‘Van Holt’ came from.

Brian’s paternal grandmother was of Norwegian descent. His paternal grandfather had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), German, English, and possibly Dutch, ancestry. Brian’s mother is of at least part Irish descent.

Brian’s paternal grandfather was Stewart Grier Van Holt (the son of George Washington Van Holt and Martha Mae “Mattie” Grier). Martha was the daughter of Robert Stewart Grier and Kathryn Earle Pierce.

Brian’s paternal grandmother was Cora Beatrice Evanson (the daughter of Oscar Evenson and Amelia/Emelia Otilie Larson). Oscar was born in Wisconsin, to Norwegian parents, Martin Evenson and Marie Erickson. Amelia was also born in Wisconsin, also to Norwegian parents, Ole Larson and Amanda Swenson.

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Mageina Tovah

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Mageina Tovah – HBO’s “Hung” Los Angeles Premiere Season 2 – Arrivals – Paramount Pictures Studio – Los Angeles, CA. USA – Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Birth Name: Mageina Tovah Begtrup

Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 26, 1979

*Norwegian (paternal grandfather)
*English, German (paternal grandmother)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Mageina Tovah is an American actress.

Mageina is the daughter of Barbara Helen (Goldblatt) and Robert Begtrup. Mageina’s father has Norwegian, English, and German roots. Mageina’s mother has Hungarian Jewish and Austrian Jewish ancestry.

Mageina’s paternal grandfather was Olaf Neumann Thune “Oley” Begtrup (the son of Oscar Nielsen Begtrup and Sophie Johanna Thune). Oscar born in Trondheim, Norway, the son of Olaf Nielsen/Jensen and Magdalene Susanna Begtrup. Sophie was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Norwegian parents, Lars Knudson Thune and Kari Endresdatter Boyum.

Mageina’s paternal grandmother was Julia Margaret “Peggy” Rinker (the daughter of George Ernest Rinker and Effie B. Sidles). George was the son of Robert Franklin Rinker, I and Julia Ann Brinkley. Effie was the daughter of John Alexander Sidles and Elvira Bradley.

Mageina’s maternal grandfather was Marvin Daryl Goldblatt (the son of William Goldblatt and Helen Klein). William was the son of Samuel Goldblatt and Pearl Schwartz, who were from Austria. Helen was the daughter of Yechiel Klein and Mulvina.

Mageina’s maternal grandmother was Elaine Rita Klein (the daughter of Armin Klein and Elsie Kovacz). Armin was born in Hungary, the son of Martin Klein and Betty. Elsie was also born in Hungary, the daughter of Adolf Kovacz and Rose Lustig.

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