Lindsay Ellingson

by madman on January 11, 2017

Birth Name: Lindsay Marie Ellingson

Place of Birth: San Bernardino, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 19, 1984

Ethnicity: Norwegian

Lindsay Ellingson is an American model. She is the daughter of Julie Marie (Evans) and Gary Allen Ellingson. Lindsay has written that her ancestors are from Norway on both sides.

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Katherine Kelly Lang

by andrew on January 2, 2017

Birth Name: Katherine Kelly Wegeman

Place of Birth: Hollywood, California, U.S

Date of Birth: July 25, 1961

Ethnicity: German, 1/4 Norwegian, some English

Family Background: Katherine Kelly Lang is an American actress. She is known for her role on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful

She is the daughter of Keith R. Wegeman and Judy Lang (Judith Hylah Lang).

Katherine’s paternal grandparents were Alvin August Carl Wegeman (the son of  Otto A. Wegemann and
Lisaina G. Lange) and Bessie Pearl Williams (the daughter of  Peter Oswald Williams andBergit Pearl Bean). Alvin was of German descent. Bessie was of Norwegian descent.

Katherine’s maternal grandfather was Charles Lang (Charles Bryant Lang, Jr., the son of Charles Bryant Lang, Sr. and Mary Gertrude Jones). Charles was a prominent cinematographer. Charles Sr. was the son of German parents, George Lang and Margaretha. Mary Gertrude was the son of a Canadian father, whose parents were born in New York, and of an English mother.

Katherine’s maternal grandmother was Hylah Stocoum (the daughter of ? Stocoum/Stocum and ? Milaty). “Stocum” and “Milaty” surnames are of German origin.

Genealogy of Katherine’s father

Genealogy of Katherine Kelly Lang.

Katherine’s maternal grandfather, Charles Lang, on the 1930 U.S. Census.

Katherine’s maternal great-grandmother, Mary Gertude Jones, on the 1880 U.S. Census.

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Dan Bilzerian

by madman on December 30, 2016

Birth Name: Brandon Dan Bilzerian

Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida, United States

Date of Birth: December 7, 1980

*25% Armenian
*25% French-Canadian
*25% Swiss-German
*25% Norwegian

Dan Bilzerian is an American social media personality and professional poker player.

Dan is the son of Terri Lee (Steffen) and Paul Bilzerian (Paul Alec Bilzerian), a corporate takeover specialist. His father is of half Armenian descent, with his other roots including French-Canadian, and possibly other. His mother has Swiss-German and Norwegian ancestry.

Dan’s paternal grandfather was Oscar A. Bilezerian (the son of Alexander Bilezerian and Lucy/Lusen Danielian/Dunelian). Oscar was born in Massachusetts, to Armenian parents.

Dan’s paternal grandmother was Joan S. Barrie (the daughter of Leon H. Barrie and Marie Claire Eveline Lachance). Leon was the son of Henry G. Barrie and Aileen L. Marie Claire was the daughter of Joseph H. Lachance and Georgiana Chartier.

Dan’s maternal grandfather was Harry Allen Steffen (the son of Samuel Steffen and Rose Susan Garber). Samuel was the son of Johannes “John” Steffen, who was born in Emmental, Switzerland, and of Magdalena J. Amstutz, who was born in Kidron, Ohio, of Swiss-German descent. Rose was the daughter of Israel Garber and Barbara Ann Suter, who were both of Swiss-German descent.

Dan’s maternal grandmother was Lois Jane Lanning (the daughter of Alfred Lanning and Alice Theoline Strand). Alfred was the son of Peder Sylversen Lanning, whose parents were Norweigan, and of Marta Olsdatter Gulden, who was Norwegian. Alice was the daughter of Helmer Parelius E. Strand and Emma Elvina Tollefson, who were both born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents.

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Nico & Vinz

by madman on December 25, 2016

Birth Name:
*Kahouly Nicolay Sereba (Nico)
*Vincent Dery (Vinz)

Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway (both)

Date of Birth:
*1 December, 1990 (Nico)
*24 August, 1990 (Vinz)

*Ivorian, Norwegian (Nico)
*Ghanaian (Vinz)

Nico & Vinz is a Norwegian music duo, consisting of Nicolay “Nico” Sereba and Vincent “Vinz” Dery.

Nico’s father is from the Ivory Coast and his mother is Norwegian. Vinz is the son of Dagaare-speaking Ghanaian immigrants.


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Machine Gun Kelly

by Manila on December 25, 2016

Birth Name: Richard Colson Baker

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, United States

Date of Birth: April 22, 1990

*English, possibly other (father)
*Norwegian, small amounts of German and Scottish (mother)

Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper and actor. He was raised by his father, James Colson Baker, after his mother, Sonia Alane (Kjos) Waring, left them.

Machine Gun Kelly’s maternal grandfather is Raymond Allen Kjos (the son of Theron Norman Kjos and Hilda Amalia Bratberg). Theron Norman was the son of Carl Throndsen Kjos and Mina/Minnie Solberg. Hilda was the daughter of Martinus “Martin” Carlsen Bratberg, a Norwegian immigrant, from Østre Toten, Oppland, and of Regina/Gina Amalia Sundby, who was of Norwegian descent.

Machine Gun Kelly’s maternal grandmother is Ada Delores Nelson (the daughter of Adolph Nelie Nelson and Doris Esther Rank). Adolph was the son of Gudmund Nilsen Østebøe, later Gudmund Nelson, a Norwegian immigrant, of Vikedal, Rogaland, and of Martha Larsdatter Lund, who was of Norwegian descent. Doris was of German and Scottish descent, and was the daughter of Lloyd William Ernst Rank and Janet/Jeanette Mae “Nettie” Gordon.

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