Reginald Arvizu

by madman on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: Reginald Arvizu

Place of Birth: Los Angeles County, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 2, 1969

*Mexican (father)
*French-Canadian, English (mother)

Reginald Arvizu, also known as Fieldy, is an American musician. He is the bassist of the metal band Korn.

Reginald is the son of Sheri L. (Picard) and Reginald Arvizu.

Reginald’s paternal grandparents were Reginald Arvizu (the son of Julian L. Arvizu and Mary Romero) and Louise Ybarra (the daughter of Ynocente Ybarra and Ruth Contreras). Julian and Mary were both born in California, to Mexican parents. Ynocente and Ruth were Mexican immigrants.

Reginald’s maternal grandfather was Roy Joseph Picard (the son of Albert Joseph Picard and Marie Yvonne Lavigne). Albert was born in Michigan, to French-Canadian parents, Joseph Picard and Olivine Cossette. Marie was the daughter of Dolphis Lavigne, who was French-Canadian, and Alphonsine Cloutier, whose parents were French-Canadian.

Reginald’s maternal grandmother was Joyce Ann Noble (the daughter of Frank Dewey Noble and Marie Alice Stephens). Frank was the son of L. Noble and Margaret Park/Parker. Marie was the daughter of John M. Stephens and Lorena.

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Reginald’s paternal grandfather, Reginald Arvizu, on the 1930 U.S. Census

Reginald’s paternal grandmother, Louise Ybarra, on the 1940 U.S. Census

Marriage record of Reginald’s maternal grandparents

Marriage record of Reginald’s great-grandparents

Marriage record of Reginald’s great-grandparents

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Jaime Camil

by stlucas on February 21, 2017

Birth Name: Jaime Federico Said Camil Saldaña da Gama

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: July 22, 1973

*Mexican [Egyptian, possibly other] (father)
*Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other] (mother)

Jaime Camil is a Mexican actor, singer, and host. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico, the son of a Mexican father, Jaime Camil Garza, and a Brazilian mother, Cecilia Saldanha da Gama.

His father has Egyptian ancestry. His mother, who was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, has Portuguese roots. His half-sister is actress Issabela Camil.

Jaime speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.

His parents are pictured here.


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Issa Lish

by stlucas on February 21, 2017

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: May 3, 1995

*Japanese (father)
*Mexican (mother)

Issa Lish is a Mexican model. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to a Japanese father and a Mexican mother.

She speaks fluent Spanish and English, and some Japanese.


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Carla Esparza

by fraciscovargas1545 on February 19, 2017

Birth Name: Carla Kristen Esparza

Place of Birth: Torrance, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 10, 1987

*Irish, English, Scottish (father)
*Mexican, Ecuadorian (mother)

Carla Esparza is an American professional mixed martial artist. She competes in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


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Eugenio Derbez

by madman on February 3, 2017

Birth Name: Eugenio González Derbez

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: September 2, 1961

Ethnicity: Mexican, some French

Eugenio Derbez is a Mexican actor, comedian, director, writer, entrepreneur, and producer. He is the son of Silvia Derbez (Lucille Silvia Derbez Amézquita), an actress, and Eugenio González Salas, a publicist.

Eugenio’s maternal grandparents were Marcel Derbez Gilly (the son of Victor Derbez and Teresa Gilly) and María de la Luz Amézquita.

Source: Genealogy of Eugenio Derbez (focusing on his mother’s side) –

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