Gregório Duvivier

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Birth Name: Gregório Byington Duvivier

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: 11 April, 1986

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese (including Azorean Portuguese and Madeiran), Indigenous (Tupi, Tupiniquim), possibly other], Belgian (Flemish, Walloon), English, French, German, Hungarian, Scottish, as well as distant Dutch, Italian, Powhatan Native American, Spanish (Andalusian, Castilian, Extremaduran), and Welsh

Gregório Duvivier is a Brazilian actor, comedian, and poet.

His father, Edgar Duvivier, is a visual artist. His mother, Olivia Maria Lustosa Byington, is a singer.

Gregório was married to actress, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and comedian Clarice Falcão, until their divorce.

Gregório’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his eleventh great-grandfather, Michel-Ogier de Juprelle.

Gregório’s paternal grandfather was Edgar Duvivier (the son of Eduardo Duvivier and Aminta Terville de Castro). Eduardo was the son of Teodoro Luís Maria Gonzaga Duvivier, whose own father, Joseph Clément Duvivier, was a Belgian emigrant, from Liège, and whose own mother, Agathe Joséphine d’Amerval, was a French emigrant, from Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and of Amália de Sá Wagner. Aminta was the daughter of Gualberto Júlio de Castro and Maria Clara Rodrigues Terville.

Gregório’s paternal grandmother was Ivna Thaumaturgo Mendes de Moraes (the daughter of Miguel Salazar Mendes de Moraes and Alita Thaumaturgo de Azevedo). Miguel was the son of Feliciano Mendes de Moraes and Luísa Cora Salazar. Alita was the daughter of politician Gregório Taumaturgo de Azevedo and Maria da Glória Rodrigues Ferreira.

Gregório’s maternal grandfather is Carlos Amadeo Botelho Byington (the son of Alberto Jackson Byington Júnior and Elisa Cândida de Arruda Botelho). Alberto was the son of an American electrical engineer, Albert (later Alberto) Jackson Byington, of Elmira, New York, and of philanthropist and social activist Pearl (later Pérola) Ellis McIntyre, whose own parents, Robert Dickson McIntyre and Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Ellis, were American emigrants, from Richmond County, North Carolina and Copiah County, Mississippi, respectively. Elisa was the daughter of Carlos Amadeu de Arruda Botelho and Brazília Whitaker de Oliveira Lacerda.

Gregório’s maternal grandmother was Elisa Lima Lustosa (the daughter of parents surnamed Lustosa and Lima).

Source: Genealogy of Gregório Duvivier –

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Dennis Chun

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Place of Birth: Hawaii

Date of Birth: March 18, 1952

Ethnicity: Chinese, Madeiran Portuguese, Native Hawaiian, possibly other Asian

Dennis Chun is an American actor. He is the son of Gladys (Lindo) and actor Kam Fong (Kam Tong Chun).

Dennis’ paternal grandparents Chin Chau Chun and Mary Powers.

Dennis’ maternal grandfather was Jess Perry/Perreira Lindo (the son of Antone Perreira Lindo and Maria Da Luz). Antone and Maria were Portuguese, from the island Madeira.

Dennis’ maternal grandmother was Lily Y. Waiolama. Lily was of Native Hawaiian and Asian descent.

Sources: Obituary of Dennis’ father –

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Jeremiah Fraites

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Birth Name: Jeremy Caleb Fraites

Place of Birth: possibly Ramsey, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1986

Ethnicity: German, Portuguese, English, possibly other

Jeremiah Fraites is an American musician, composer, song-writer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is the drummer of the folk rock band The Lumineers. Other members of the band are Neyla Pekarek and Wesley Schultz.

Jeremiah is the son of Kathleen “Kathy” (Sayre) and Joel Ira Fraites. He is married to Francesca.

Jeremiah’s paternal grandfather was Stanley Vernon Fraites (the son of Joseph Fraites and Alice Augusta Veira). Stanley was born in New York, to parents from St. Kitts, and had Portuguese ancestry. Joseph was the son of Joseph Fraites and Mary. Alice was the daughter of Jose/Joseph Veira/Vena and Maria/Mary Rier Baptista, who were from Madeira, Portugal.

Jeremiah’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Robert Sayre (the son of Louis James Sayre and Gertrude Elizabeth Simkins). Thomas was born in New Jersey. Louis was the son of Edwin Wetheril Sayre and Maria Leaming Crowell. Gertrude was the daughter of Jonathan Simkins and Ella Long Fredericks.

Jeremiah’s maternal grandmother was named Ruth Matilda Bowman.

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Phil Mickelson

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NCAA Football - Pacific Life Holiday Bowl- Texas vs Arizona State University- December 27,2007

Birth Name: Philip Alfred Mickelson

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1970

Ethnicity: Portuguese (Azorean, Madeiran), Italian (Sicilian), Finland-Swedish, possibly 1/32 Polish

Phil Mickelson is an American professional golfer. His father is of half Swedish and half Portuguese (Azorean) descent. His mother is of half Portuguese (Madeiran) and half Italian (Sicilian) ancestry. Phil is married to Amy McBride, with whom he has three children.

Phil’s paternal grandfather was William Albert Mickelson (the son of Filip Wilhelm Mickelsson and Olga Maria Nordstrom/Jansson). Phil’s grandfather William was born in Mariehamn, Aland, Finland, of mostly Swedish ancestry. Filip was was the son of Josef Wilhelm Michelsson/Mickelson and Rosalie/Rosalia Tarnoffsky/Sonoski, whose father, Ignatius Tarnoffski, may have been Polish. Olga was born in Eckero, Aland, Finland, and was the daughter of Johan Viktor/Victor Nordstrom and Maria Johansdotter Nordström.

Phil’s paternal grandmother was Marie V. Peres (the daughter of Joseph Peres and Maria Rodriques). Phil’s grandmother Marie V. was born in California, to Portuguese parents. Joseph was the son of Manuel R. Silveira and Theresa Emilia Silveira, who were from the Aozres. Phil’s great-grandmother Maria was from Sao Jorge, in the Azores, and was the daughter of Manuel Rodrigues and Maria de Gloria Faustina.

Phil’s maternal grandfather was Alfred “Al” Gomes Santos (the son of John Gomes Santos and Mary Concepcion Dias). Alfred was born in California, to Portuguese parents, a father from Paul do Mar, Madeira, and a mother from San Pedre, Funchal, Madeira. John was the son of A. Santos and J. Jardin. Mary Concepcion was the daughter of Jose “Joseph” Dias and Maria Andrade “Mary” de Jesus.

Phil’s maternal grandmother is C. Jennie Navarra (the daughter of Girolamo Navarra and Adelina Pollaci). Jennie’s parents were Italian, her father from Castellammare del Golfo, Trapani, Sicily, and her mother from Palermo, Sicily. Girolamo was the son of Vincenzo Navarra and Concetta Fodera. Adelina was the daughter of G. Pollaci and C. Fodeare.

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Dave Franco

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"Now You See Me" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: David John Franco

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 12, 1985

*Portuguese/Madeiran, Swedish (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Dave Franco is an American actor. His brothers are Tom and actor James Franco.

Dave is the son of Betsy (Verne) and Douglas Eugene Franco. His father ran a Silicon Valley business, and his mother is a writer and actress. Dave’s father was of half Portuguese/Madeiran and half Swedish descent. Dave’s mother is Jewish (of Russian Jewish, German Jewish, Polish Jewish, and Lithuanian Jewish descent). Dave has said that he is proud to be Jewish.

Dave is married to actress Alison Brie.

Dave’s paternal grandfather was Daniel Franco, Jr. (the son of Daniel Franco and Eugénia Baptista). Dave’s grandfather Daniel was born in Illinois, to Portuguese emigrants, from the Madeira islands. Dave’s great-grandfather Daniel was the son of João Franco and Maria de Mendonça. Dave’s great-grandmother Eugénia was the daughter of João Baptista and Carlota de Freitas.

Dave’s paternal grandmother is Marjorie J. Peterson (the daughter of Claus Fredolph Peterson and Martha Louise Rehn). Dave’s grandmother Marjorie Franco was born in Illinois, and is a children’s author. Claus was born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, Carl Magnus Peterson and Amelia Bernadette Ackerman. Martha was also born in Illinois, to Swedish parents, Edward Anderson Rehn and Anna Louise Knall.

Dave’s maternal grandfather was Daniel Surad Verovitz/Verne (the son of Carroll Verovitz and Bessie G. Surad). Daniel was born in Ohio. Carroll was born in Chicago, Illinois. Carroll’s father, Harry/Harris David Verovitz, was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Carroll’s mother, Mary Harris, was born in Ohio, to a German Jewish father and a Polish Jewish mother. Bessie was born in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of Philip Surad and Mary Shank, who were Jewish emigrants from Russia.

Dave’s maternal grandmother was Marcella Ruth “Mitzie” Levine (the daughter of Emanuel “Manuel” Levine and Jessie Bialosky). Marcella was born in Ohio, and owned the Verne Art Gallery, a prominent art gallery in Cleveland. Emanuel was a noted judge in Cleveland; he was born in Vilna, Lithuania, to Jewish parents, David J. Levine and Michelle Corban. Jessie was born in Ohio, the daughter of Louis Bialosky and Rebecca Shapiro, who were Polish Jewish immigrants.

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