Jamie Gray Hyder

by stlucas on January 22, 2018

Jamie Gray Hyder – Leica Store Los Angeles Grand Opening – Arrivals – Leica Los Angeles – West Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: April 27, 1985

*Lebanese (father)
*German, English, Scottish (mother)

Jamie Gray Hyder is an American actress and model.

Jamie is the daughter of Cynthia Marie “Cindy” (Armentrout) and George Edward Hyder. Jamie has a sister, Callie.

Jamie has stated that she has Lebanese ancestry on her father’s side. Jamie’s mother is mostly of English, German, and Scottish descent.

Jamie’s maternal grandfather was Norman Gilbert Armentrout (the son of John Dallas Armentrout and Anna Sue King). John was the son of Michael J. Armentrout and Sarah Jane Gunter. Anna was the daughter of Joseph Henry King and Sarah Margaret Craft.

Jamie’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Craig Drummond (the daughter of Roy Raymond “Jake” Drummond/Drummon and Leona Pearl Dudding). Roy was the son of John T. Drummond and Lucy V. Starks. Leona was the daughter of George T. Dudding and Louvenia Alice Jones.

Source: Obituary of Jamie’s maternal grandmother, Dorothy (Drummond) Armentrout – http://www.arrittfuneralhome.com


Alexander Koch

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Alexander Koch – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Miss Golden Globe 2014 Party – Arrivals – Fig & Olive Restaurant, 8490 Melrose Place – West Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos 

Birth Name: Alexander John Koch

Place of Birth: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 24, 1988

*Lebanese, German, possibly other (father)
*Italian, 1/4 English (mother)

Alexander Koch is an American actor.

Alexander is the son of Joya Dean (Gravina) and Joseph William Koch. They are pictured here and here. His sisters are Ashleigh and Michelle.

Alexander has stated:

[My surname is of] German descent, but my background’s all mixed up: German, Lebanese, amongst other things. I’m a mutt, which is always the best.

Alexander’s maternal grandfather was the son of Leopold/Leopoldo Gravina and Angelina/Angeline DeFelice. Leopold was likely born in Italy. Angelina was also likely born in Italy, and was the daughter of Gaudiose DeFelice and Giovannina Corpolongo.

Alexander’s maternal grandmother was Evelyn Caroline Bonino (the daughter of John B. Bonino and Mary Ann/Anne Simm). Evelyn was born in Indiana. John was Italian. Ann was from England.

Source: Genealogy of Alexander Koch (focusing on his mother’s side) – http://www.geni.com


Marc Scibilia

by Manila on December 23, 2017

Birth Name: Marc Antony Scibilia

Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 20, 1986

*Italian (father)
*Syrian Arab (maternal grandfather)
*Lebanese Arab (maternal grandmother)

Marc Scibilia is an American singer and songwriter.

His father, Robert Francis Scibilia, is of Italian descent. His mother, Jeannine A. (Sawma), is of Lebanese and Syrian descent.

Marc is married to Mindy Skelton.

Marc’s paternal grandfather was Anthony J. “Tony” Scibilia (the son of Francesco “Frank” Scibilia and Anna Antonuccio). Frank was an Italian emigrant, from Messina, Sicily, and was the son of Antonio “Anthony/Tony” Scibilia and Maria “Mary” Carilli. Anna was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Giuseppe “Joseph/Joe” Antonuccio and Antonina “Nancy” Bessina.

Marc’s paternal grandmother was Jeanette A. Desiderio (the daughter of Camillo Desiderio and Giustina Paolini). Camillo was an Italian emigrant, from Moscufo, Pescara, Abruzzo, and was the son of Antonio Desiderio and Filomena Di Clemente. Giustina was also an Italian emigrant, from Moscufo, and was the daughter of Nicola Paolini and Serafina Tebo.

Marc’s maternal grandfather was Tafe Joseph Sawma (the son of Moses Sawma and Kaffa Esmer). Moses and Kaffa were Syrian emigrants.

Marc’s maternal grandmother was Jeanette Aboujaoude (the daughter of Assad Aboujaoude and Saleme Koury). Jeanette was a Lebanese emigrant, from Brummana, Mount Lebanon.

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Alanna Masterson

by madman on November 26, 2017

Alanna Masterson – 34th Annual PaleyFest LA – Opening Night Presentation: “The Walking Dead” TV Series – Arrivals – The Dolby Theatre – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Birth Name: Alanna V. Masterson

Place of Birth: Long Island, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 27, 1988

*Lebanese (father)
*Irish (mother)

Alanna Masterson is an American actress. She is the daughter of Carol Anne Masterson, a manager, and Joe Reaiche (Joseph Anthony Reaiche), an Australian Rugby League football player. Her brother is actor Jordan Masterson, and her half-brothers are actors Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson; Danny is married to actress Bijou Phillips.

Alanna’s father was born in Australia, to Lebanese parents. Her mother is of Irish descent.

Alanna’s paternal grandfather was Frank J. Masterson (the son of Patrick Masterson and Mary Mulligan). Frank was born in New York, to Irish parents.

Alanna’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Boylan (the daughter of Peter J. Boylan and Mary Josephine Mulledy). Peter was the son of Irish parents, Dennis Boylan and Annie. Mary Josephine was also the daughter of Irish parents, Malachy Mulledy, from Longford, and Mary Margaret Lennon.


Khrystyne Haje

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Birth Name: Khrystyne Kamil Haje

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 21, 1968

*Lebanese (father)
*Polish (mother)

Khrystyne Haje is an American actress.

Khrystyne is the daughter of Reta/Rita F. (Oranson) and Kamil N. Haje. Khrystyne’s parents are described as having Lebanese and Polish ancestry.

Khrystyne’s paternal grandparents were Nayef Haje and Victoria Majdalani (the daughter of Jubran Majdalani and Marie). Nayef and Victoria had Lebanese roots.

Khrystyne’s maternal grandparents were Charles T. Oranson/Orankiewcz and Eva Diurls. Charles and Eva were born in Poland, and possibly had Czech roots.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/