Priscilla Ahn

by stlucas on March 17, 2017

Birth Name: Priscilla Natalie Hartranft

Place of Birth: Fort Stewart, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 9, 1984

*German, possibly other (father)
*Korean (mother)

Priscilla Ahn is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

Priscilla was born in Fort Stewart, Georgia, the daughter of Kay Y. (Ahn) and Harry Thomas Hartranft. She has a younger brother. They were raised in Pennsylvania. Priscilla’s father is from Pennsylvania, U.S., and his surname is of German origin. Priscilla’s mother is Korean.

Priscilla is married to actor Michael Weston.

Source: http://www.halfkorean.com

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Denyce Lawton

by madman on March 13, 2017

Birth Name: Denise-Marie Lawton

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Date of Birth: May 2, 1978

*African-American (father)
*Korean (mother)

Denyce Lawton is a Korean-born American actress, producer, and model. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, to an African-American father and a Korean mother. She was raised in a military family, in South Korea, Japan, and Germany. Her family later lived in Neptune, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

Source: http://www.halfkorean.com

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Kim Il-sung

by follers on February 16, 2017

Birth Name: Kim Sŏng-ju

Date of Birth: 15 April, 1912

Place of Birth: Mangyongdae, P’yŏng’yang-bu, P’yŏng’annam-do, Japanese Korea

Date of Death: 8 July, 1994

Place of Death: Pyongyang, North Korea

Ethnicity: Korean

Kim Il-sung was a Korean political figure. He has been Eternal leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, since September 5, 1998.

From roughly 1948 to 1994, he actively led North Korea. Kim was the son of Kang Pan-sok and Kim Hyong-jik, a Korean independence activist. His family moved to Manchuria around 1920, and he later returned to the Korean Peninsula.

He was the father of Kim Jong-Il, who ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011, and the grandfather of Kim Jong-un, who has ruled North Korea from roughly 2011.

His titles include Premier of North Korea, from 9 September, 1948 to 28 December, 1972, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea, from 30 June, 1949 to 11 October, 1966, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, from 4 July, 1950 to 24 December, 1991, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, from 11 October, 1966 to 8 July, 1994, Chairman of the National Defence Commission, from 27 December, 1972 to 9 April, 1993, and President of North Korea, from 28 December, 1972 to 8 July, 1994, his death.

Kim’s paternal grandparents were Kim Bo-hyon (the son of Kim Ung-Woo/Ung-u and Lady Ri) and Bo Ik Li. Kim’s great-grandfather was the son of Kim Song-ryong and Na Hyon-jik.

Kim’s maternal grandparents were Kang Don-uk and Wi Don-sin.

Source: Genealogy of Kim Il-sung – https://www.geni.com

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Syngman Rhee

by Manila on January 18, 2017

Birth Name: Yi Seungman

Date of Birth: April 18, 1875

Place of Birth: Neungnae-dong, Daegyeong-ri, Masan-myeon, Pyeongsan County, Hwanghae Province, Joseon (now North Korea)

Date of Death: July 19, 1965

Place of Death: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Ethnicity: Korean

Syngman Rhee was a South Korean statesman. He served as the first President of South Korea, from July 24, 1948 to April 26, 1960, his resignation. He also served as the President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Exile, from September 11, 1919 to March 21, 1925.

He was the son of Yi Gyeong-seon and Kim Gim-hae. He was married to Park Seungseon and Austrian-born Franziska (or Francesca in Italian) Maria Barbara Donner.

President Rhee’s paternal grandparents were Yi Chang-rok (the son of Yi Hwang and Lady Hong) and Lady Shin. Yi Hwang was the son of Yi Choe-gwon.

President Rhee’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandfather, Yi Jing-ha. However, Yi Jing-ha was the eighth great-grandson of Prince Yangnyeong, whose father, Taejong of Joseon, ruled as the King of Joseon, from November 28, 1400 to September 9, 1418. Taejong’s patrilineal ancestry can be further traced back to his 58th great-grandfather, Yi Alpyeong, who was the founder of the Gyeongju clan.

Source: Genealogy of Syngman Rhee (focusing on his father’s side) – https://www.geni.com


JinJoo Lee

by wanderer on January 14, 2017

Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea

Date of Birth: November 15, 1990

Ethnicity: Korean

JinJoo Lee is South Korean musician. She is the guitarist of the pop rock band DNCE.

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