Place of Birth: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Date of Birth: 18 November, 1981

*French (father)
*Ivorian (mother)

Thierry Dusautoir is a French rugby union player. He captained the France team for a 56 Test Matches record.

Thierry was born in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, to a French father, Bertrand Dusautoir, and an Ivorian mother, Kekane Gbeuly. His paternal family is from Pas-de-Calais, in Northern France. Thierry’s paternal grandparents owned a coffee and cocoa plantation in Divo, Ivory Coast, where Thierry spent his childhood. He moved with his family to Périgueux, France, when he was ten yeard old.

He did not take up rugby until he was sixteen; before that, his favourite sport was judo.

Thierry’s paternal grandfather was Jean Dusautoir (the son of Alphonse Ernest Dusautoir and Jeanne Albertine Joséphine Duquenoy-Martel). Alphonse was born in Saint-Pierre-lès-Calais, France, and was the son of Alphonse Magloire Dusautoir and Delphine Maria Henry. Thierry’s great-grandmother Jeanne was the daughter of Joseph Duquenoy, who served as Mayor of Calais, and of Louise Marguerite Martel.

Thierry’s paternal grandmother was named Simone Calac.

Source: Family history of Thierry Dusautoir – https://www.rfgenealogie.com


Benjamin Jealous

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Benjamin Jealous – National Action Network’s 14th Annual Convention at Washington Convention Center in Washington on April 11, 2012 – Washington Convention Center – Washington, DC, USA – Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos

Birth Name: Benjamin Todd Jealous

Place of Birth: Monterey, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 18, 1973

*English (father)
*African-American (mother)

Benjamin Jealous, also known as Ben Jealous, is an American civic leader and politician. He served as President and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), from September 1, 2008 to November 1, 2013.

Benjamin is the son of Ann Fredericka (Todd) Jealous, a psychotherapist, author, and activist, and Fred Jealous, who was also a civil rights activist.

Benjamin’s father, who is from Maine, is white, and from a family with deep roots in New England, going back to the 1600s. Benjamin’s mother, who is from Virginia, is black.

He has two children with his former wife, NAACP lawyer Lia Epperson.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2014) stated that Benjamin’s genetic ancestry is:

*80% European
*18.2% Sub-Saharan African
*0.5% Middle Eastern and North African
*0.2% East Asian / Native American

In his 2016 book about the show, Finding Your Roots, Season 2: The Official Companion to the PBS Series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrote that Benjamin’s European ancestry was mostly Northern European, and that his African DNA matches southeastern Bantu (Mozambique, Angola), as well as Benin and Togo, the Ivory Coast, and Ghana, and smaller amounts from Cameroon, Congo, and Senegal.

Benjamin’s paternal grandfather was Sargent Jealous (the son of Lionel Frederick Jealous and Evelyn Sargent). Sargent was born in Maine. Lionel was the son of Francis Hugh Jealous and Charlotte G. Evelyn was the daughter of Harry Edward Sargent and Anna Laura “Annie” Trask.

Benjamin’s paternal grandmother was Annette Smith (the daughter of Joseph Cummings Smith and Ethel Maude/Maud Locke). Annette was born in New Hampshire. Joseph was the son of Leonard Wood Smith and Lucy J. Youngman. Ethel was the daughter of Levi M. Locke and Fannie M. Smith.

Benjamin’s maternal grandmother was named Mamie Bland. Mamie was born in Virginia. Mamie’s grandfather was Edward David Bland, a politician in Virginia (who was black). Ben’s maternal great-great-great-grandfather, Peter G. Morgan, was also an influential black politician in the late 1800s.

Sources: Information about Benjamin’s appearance on Who Do You Think You Are?, 2014 – https://blogs.ancestry.com

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Nico & Vinz

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Birth Name:
*Kahouly Nicolay Sereba (Nico)
*Vincent Dery (Vinz)

Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway (both)

Date of Birth:
*1 December, 1990 (Nico)
*24 August, 1990 (Vinz)

*Ivorian, Norwegian (Nico)
*Ghanaian (Vinz)

Nico & Vinz is a Norwegian music duo, consisting of Nicolay “Nico” Sereba and Vincent “Vinz” Dery.

Nico’s father, Wolou Raymond Sereba, is from the Ivory Coast, and his mother is Norwegian. Vinz is the son of Dagaare-speaking Ghanaian immigrants.

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com

Photo by Prphotos


Jonathan Tah

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Jonathan Tah During The Uefa Champions League Game Between Bayer

Birth Name: Jonathan Glao Tah

Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany

Date of Birth: 11 February 1996

*German (father)
*Ivorian (mother)

Jonathan Tah is a German footballer. He plays as a centre back for Bayer Leverkusen. His father is German and mother is from Ivory Coast.

Photo by vverve/Bigstock.com


Anna Deavere Smith

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SANTA BARBARA - DEC 6: Anna Deavere Smith at the "Selma" & Lege

Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1950

Ethnicity: African-American (including Igbo Nigerian, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, and Senegal), English

Anna Deavere Smith is an American actress, playwright, and professor. Her parents were both African-American.

Anna’s paternal grandparents were Deaver Young Smith (the son of Stanley Smith and Mary) and Virginia S. Biggs (the daughter of Calvin H. Biggs and Julia A.). Stanley was the son of Mary Smith. Calvin was the son of Basil Biggs and Mary Jane Jackson.

A DNA test taken by the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2014) stated that Anna’s genetic ancestry is:

*50.7% European
*48.9% African

In his 2016 book about the show, Finding Your Roots, Season 2: The Official Companion to the PBS Series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrote that Anna has African ancestors from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, as well as Angola, Cameroon, Congo, and Sengal, and that 41% of her European ancestry is from Great Britain, with remote Scandinavian, Finnish, Russian, Italian, and Greek. Her African ancestry is also Igbo, from Nigeria.

Source: Genealogy of Anna Deavere Smith (focusing on her father’s side) – https://www.geni.com

Photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

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