Naheed Nenshi

by stlucas on January 27, 2017

Birth Name: Naheed Kurban Nenshi

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: February 2, 1972

Ethnicity: Indian

Naheed Nenshi is a Canadian politician. He is currently serving as the 36th Mayor of Calgary, Alberta, Canada since October 25, 2010. He was reelected in 2013.

Naheed was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Noorjah and Kurbanali Hussein Nenshi, who moved to Canada from Tanzania. He was raised in Calgary, Alberta. He is an Ismaili Muslim and has an older sister, Shaheen.

His mother’s surname is likely Esmail.

His parents are pictured here


Obituary of Naheed’s father –

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Luciano Narsingh

by dlxzvs on January 22, 2017

Birth Name: Luciano Narsingh

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 13 September 1990

Ethnicity: Indo-Surinamese, Afro-Surinamese

Luciano Narsingh is a Dutch association football player. He plays for Premier League club Swansea City, as a right winger.

His father is Indo-Surinamese and his mother is Afro-Surinamese.


Jamie Cullum

by andrew on January 14, 2017

Birth Name: Jamie Paul J. Cullum

Place of Birth: Southend On Sea, Essex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 20 August, 1979

*English, Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Indian, Burmese, possibly some Spanish (mother)

Jamie Cullum is a British jazz singer, songwriter, pianist, and radio host. He is the son of Yvonne and John Cullum.

Jamie has stated:

My dad was born in Jerusalem; his mother managed to get out of Nazi Germany. My mum was born in Burma and when the Japanese invaded came over to the UK when she was five. Her father was Indian, her mother was Burmese. You know, dark-skinned kids in the middle of Wales in the Fifties.

He has also said, “My mother was born in Burma but my grandfather on her side was Indian-Spanish. So I have this quite exotic mix…”

Jamie’s paternal grandfather was Harry Cullum, a British Army officer.

Jamie’s paternal grandmother, Irma, was a Jewish refugee from Prussia. She lost her relatives in Holocaust. Irma is pictured here.

Jamie’s maternal grandparents were named Leonard and Hazel.

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Preity Zinta

by wanderer on January 9, 2017

Place of Birth: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Date of Birth: 31 January, 1975

Ethnicity: Rajput Indian

Preity Zinta is an Indian actress. She was born in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India, the daughter of Nilprabha and Durganand Zinta. She has appeared in Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, and English-language films.

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Manish Dayal

by follers on January 6, 2017

Birth Name: Manish Sudhir Patel

Place of Birth: Orangeburg, South Carolina, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 17, 1983

Ethnicity: Gujarati Indian

Manish Dayal is an American actor and producer. His parents are from Gujarat, India. He uses his grandfather’s name, “Dayal”, as his stage surname.

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