Sam Kerr

by ethnic on October 8, 2018

Birth name: Samantha May Kerr

Place of Birth: East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Date of Birth: 10 September, 1993

*English-Scottish, Indian (father)
*possibly Anglo-Australian (mother)

Sam Kerr is an Australian professional soccer player.

Her mother is a white Australian. Her father is an Anglo-Indian, who was born in Calcutta, India, to an English father and an Indian mother. A picture of Sam’s parents can be seen here.

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Ace Bhatti

by madman on October 3, 2018

Ace Bhatti – 2012 Next Stop LAX Pilot Season Party – Arrivals – 1714 N. Mcadden Place – Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: Next Stop LAX Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Kai He / PR Photos

Birth Name: Ahsen Rafiq Bhatti

Place of Birth: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 13 September, 1969

Ethnicity: Indian

Ace Bhatti is an English actor. He is the son of Khalida Khanum.


Olivia Colman

by madman on August 10, 2018

Olivia Colman – Moet British Independent Film Awards 2015 – Arrivals – Old Billingsgate Market – London, UK – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

Birth Name: Saran Caroline Colman

Place of Birth: Acle, Norfolk, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 30 January, 1974

Ethnicity: English, some Welsh, as well as 1/64th Indian, distant Scottish and French

Olivia Colman is an English actress.

Olivia is the daughter of Mary and Keith Colman. She is married to Ed Sinclair, with whom she has three children.

Through her mother, Olivia’s six times great-grandfather was merchant and politician John Bristow, MP.

Olivia’s paternal grandparents are Percy Colman and Caroline.

Olivia’s maternal grandfather was Alexander Graham Leakey (the son of Alexander Bazett Leakey and Gwladys Elizabeth/Eliza Thomas). Olivia’s grandfather Alexander was born in Willesden, Middlesex, England. Olivia’s great-grandfather Alexander was the son of Peter Nettleton Leakey and Mary Emily Louisa Bazett, who was born in Kumaul, West Bengal, India, and whose own mother, Harriot Slessor, was the daughter of an English father, William Edward Slessor, and of an Indian mother. Olivia’s great-grandmother Gwladys was born in Maesteg, Glamorganshire, Wales, the daughter of William Hopkin Thomas and Eliza Arundel.

Olivia’s maternal grandmother is named Patricia Wiggins.

Sources: Family histories of Olivia Colman –

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Geraldine Viswanathan

by follers on July 16, 2018

Geraldine Viswanathan – Universal Pictures’ “Blockers” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Regency Village Theatre, 961 Broxton Avenue – Westwood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: /

Date of Birth: June 20, 1995

*Tamil Indian (father)
*Swiss-German (mother)

Geraldine Viswanathan is an Australian actress. She is known for her role in the film Blockers (2018).

She speaks Tamil. Also, she has said:

I’m fluent in Swiss German, my Mum is from Switzerland. I lived in Basel for 2 years.


Nik Dodani

by madman on June 27, 2018

Nik Dodani – 2nd Annual AutFest International Film Festival – Arrivals – Writers Guild Theater,135 South Doheny Drive – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Photography by E /

Birth Name: Nikhil J. Dodani

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 19, 1993

Ethnicity: Indian

Nik Dodani is an American actor, comedian, and activist. He is the son of Amrita Jawahar Jotwani and Jawahar Bhagwandas Dodani.