Gregório Duvivier

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Birth Name: Gregório Byington Duvivier

Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: 11 April, 1986

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese (including Azorean Portuguese and Madeiran), Indigenous (Tupi, Tupiniquim), possibly other], Belgian (Flemish, Walloon), English, French, German, Hungarian, Scottish, as well as distant Dutch, Italian, Powhatan Native American, Spanish (Andalusian, Castilian, Extremaduran), and Welsh

Gregório Duvivier is a Brazilian actor, comedian, and poet.

His father, Edgar Duvivier, is a visual artist. His mother, Olivia Maria Lustosa Byington, is a singer.

Gregório was married to actress, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and comedian Clarice Falcão, until their divorce.

Gregório’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his eleventh great-grandfather, Michel-Ogier de Juprelle.

Gregório’s paternal grandfather was Edgar Duvivier (the son of Eduardo Duvivier and Aminta Terville de Castro). Eduardo was the son of Teodoro Luís Maria Gonzaga Duvivier, whose own father, Joseph Clément Duvivier, was a Belgian emigrant, from Liège, and whose own mother, Agathe Joséphine d’Amerval, was a French emigrant, from Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and of Amália de Sá Wagner. Aminta was the daughter of Gualberto Júlio de Castro and Maria Clara Rodrigues Terville.

Gregório’s paternal grandmother was Ivna Thaumaturgo Mendes de Moraes (the daughter of Miguel Salazar Mendes de Moraes and Alita Thaumaturgo de Azevedo). Miguel was the son of Feliciano Mendes de Moraes and Luísa Cora Salazar. Alita was the daughter of politician Gregório Taumaturgo de Azevedo and Maria da Glória Rodrigues Ferreira.

Gregório’s maternal grandfather is Carlos Amadeo Botelho Byington (the son of Alberto Jackson Byington Júnior and Elisa Cândida de Arruda Botelho). Alberto was the son of an American electrical engineer, Albert (later Alberto) Jackson Byington, of Elmira, New York, and of philanthropist and social activist Pearl (later Pérola) Ellis McIntyre, whose own parents, Robert Dickson McIntyre and Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Ellis, were American emigrants, from Richmond County, North Carolina and Copiah County, Mississippi, respectively. Elisa was the daughter of Carlos Amadeu de Arruda Botelho and Brazília Whitaker de Oliveira Lacerda.

Gregório’s maternal grandmother was Elisa Lima Lustosa (the daughter of parents surnamed Lustosa and Lima).

Source: Genealogy of Gregório Duvivier –

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Elvy Yost

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Elvy Yost – 2017 Women’s Choice Award Show – Arrivals – Avalon Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Keywords: Vertical, Purple Carpet Event, Celebration, Party, Social Event, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Attending, Annual Event, Person, Person, Celebrity, Celebrities, Topix, Bestof, California Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: 

Birth Name: Laura Vivian Yost

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 23, 1987

*Hungarian (mother)

Elvy Yost is an American actress.

Elvy is the daughter of Zsoka Elisabet (Barkacs) and David Arthur Yost. Elvy’s mother has Hungarian ancestry. Elvy’s mother is pictured here.

Sources: Birth record of Elvy Yost –

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Clark James Gable

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Clark James Gable (Clark Gable III) – Vikki Lizzi’s Birthday Bash Hosted by H.H. Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg Lippe – Private Residence – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Keywords: Clark James Gable (Clark Gable III) Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – – Photo Credit: Gordon Vasquez /

Place of Birth: Malibu, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 20, 1988

Ethnicity: German, along with 1/8th Hungarian, 1/8th Italian, 1/8th Ashkenazi Jewish, English, Irish, Scottish, Swiss-German, and remote Belgian

Clark James Gable is an American actor, model, and television presenter. He is the son of Tracy (Yarro), a hairdresser, and John Clark Gable, an actor. His stepfather is singer and musician Jason Scheff.

Clark’s father is of German, one quarter Hungarian, Irish, English, Swiss-German, and remote Belgian, descent. Clark’s mother’s ancestry is one quarter Italian, one quarter German, one quarter Ashkenazi Jewish, and one quarter a mix of English, Scottish, and some German.

Clark’s paternal grandfather was actor Clark Gable (the son of William Henry Gable and Adeline Hershelman). Clark’s grandfather Clark was born in Ohio. William was of German, some Swiss-German, distant Irish, and remote Belgian, descent, and was the son of Charles Gable and Nancy Ann Stainbrook. Adeline was the daughter of John J. Hershelman, whose parents were German, and of Rosetta Clark, whose parents were Irish.

Clark’s paternal grandmother was actress Kay Williams (born Kathleen Gretchen Williams; the daughter of Jackson Franklin “John” Williams and Joan/Johanna Arelia Dechannel/Dechanell/Dehmel). Kay was born in Pennsylvania. Jackson had German and English ancestry, and was the son of George R. Williams and Alice Barbara Markey. Joan was born in Pennsylvania, to Hungarian parents, Mike Dezambo and Mary.

Clark’s maternal grandfather was Ralph James Yarro (the son of Ralph James Yarro/Inorio and Ruth Mate Kiehne). Clark’s great-grandfather Ralph was born in Connecticut, to Italian parents, Vito Vincenzo Inorio and Carolina/Caroline Primicerio/Pirmcero/Primeceo/Premcharico, from Naples. Ruth was born in Minnesota, to German parents, Ludwig Paul Herman Kiehne and Martha Tangerman.

Clark’s maternal grandmother was Linda Larae Lachman (the daughter of Earl Israel Lachman and Leah June Green). Earl was born in Maryland, to Russian Jewish parents, Herman/Hyman Chiam Lachman and Mary Goldman Finkelstein. Leah was born in Utah, to a Mormon family, and was the daughter of Amasa Lyman Green, whose father was English, and of Ada Lenora Cutler, whose mother was Scottish.

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Gracie Dzienny

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11/17/2012 – Gracie Dzienny – 2012 Halo Awards – Arrivals – Hollywood Palladium, 6215 West Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood, CA, USA – Keywords: 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards – Arrivals Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 26, 1995

Ethnicity: Polish (paternal grandfather), French-Canadian, Hungarian, Northern Irish, German, English

Gracie Dzienny is an American actress.

Gracie is the daughter of Tara and Michael “Mike” Dzienny.

Gracie’s paternal grandfather was Arnold S. Dzienny (the son of Stanley Dzienny and Helen Jazwiecki). Stanley was born in Poland, the son of Andrew Dzienny and Pelagia Wroblewski. Helen was born in Ohio, of Polish descent.

Gracie’s paternal grandmother was Ann M. Cousino (the daughter of Dennis Cousino and Isabell M. Bubenko). Dennis was the son of Lawrence C. Cousino and Julia E. Scofield. Isabell was the daughter of Hungarian parents, Matthew/Matthars Bubenko and Elizabeth Kustarau.

Gracie’s maternal grandfather was Donald E. Anderson (the son of Harold Anderson and Margaret). Harold’s father was from Northern Ireland. Margaret was born in Ohio.

Gracie’s maternal grandmother is named Una W. Stiebler.

Sources: Obituary of Gracie’s paternal great-grandmother, Isabell M. (Bubenko) Cousino –

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Myla Dalbesio

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Myla Dalbesio – New York City Ballet 2017 Spring Gala – Arrivals – David H. Koch Theater, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 20 Lincoln Center Plaza – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Lisa Holte /

Place of Birth: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 31, 1987

Ethnicity: Hungarian (maternal grandfather), German, Scottish, English, Dutch, 1/8 Italian, 1/8 Polish

Myla Dalbesio is an American model, artist, beauty pageant titleholder, and writer. Myla was named Miss Wisconsin Teen USA in 2004.

She is the daughter of Nancy (Vasy) and John Anthony DalBesio. Myla was raised in Racine, Wisconsin.

Myla’s paternal grandfather was James Dominic DalBesio, Jr. (the son of James DalBesio, Sr. and Anna Breitenfeld). Myla’s great-grandfather James was born in Italy, the son of Domenick DalBesio/DalBesia and Lucia Ruialdo. Anna was the daughter of German parents, Ferdinand Breitenfeld and Minnie Schultz.

Myla’s paternal grandmother was Doris Ann Kenyon (the daughter of Dwight May Kenyon and Ann Maleszewski). Dwight was the son of James I. Kenyon and Eliza C. McRae, who was Canadian. Ann was born in Poland.

Myla’s maternal grandfather was Stephen J. “Steve” Vasy (the son of John Vasy and Julia/Jullia Votjko). Stephen was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Hungary.

Myla’s maternal grandmother was Marjorie Ruth VanBussum (the daughter of Elmer Willet VanBussum and Grace C. Strobe). Elmer and Grace were born in Wisconsin.


Obituary of Myla’s father –

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