Richard Russell, Jr.

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Birth Name: Richard Brevard Russell, Jr.

Date of Birth: November 2, 1897

Place of Birth: Winder, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Death: January 21, 1971

Place of Death: Washington D.C., U.S.

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, distant Swiss-German and French Huguenot

Richard Russell Jr. was an American politician. A member of the Democratic Party, he was a Member of the Georgia House of Representatives, from 1921 to 1931, Governor of Georgia, from June 27, 1931 to January 10, 1933, a U.S. Senator from Georgia, from January 12, 1933 to January 21, 1971, and President pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, from January 3, 1969 to January 21, 1971, his death.

He was a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 1948 and 1952.

Richard was the son of Ina/Blandina (Dillard) and Richard Brevard Russell. His father was a prominent lawyer, and chief justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Richard’s paternal grandfather was William John Russell (the son of Edward William Russell and Susan Sarah Way). Edward was born on San Salvador Island, in the Bahamas, and was the son of John Russell and Mary Hogg. Susan was the daughter of William Way and Drusilla Hines.

Richard’s paternal grandmother was Rebecca Harriet/Harriett Brumby (the daughter of Richard Trapier Brumby and Mary Martha Isabelle/Isabella Brevard). Richard’s great-grandfather Richard Brumby was the son of Thomas Brumby and Susannah/Susanna Greening. Mary Martha was the daughter of Captain Alexander McWhorter Brevard and Rebecca Davidson.

Richard’s maternal grandfather was Fielding Dillard (the son of Fielding Dillard and Martha “Patsey”/”Patsy” Curtis Beadles). Richard’s great-grandfather Fielding was the son of Thomas Dillard and Sarah “Sallie” Mason. Martha was the daughter of Joseph Beadles.

Richard’s maternal grandmother was America Frances Chaffin (the daughter of Lemuel Chaffin and Elizabeth Tharpe/Thorp Maine/Mayne). Lemuel was the son of Isham Chaffin and Patience Atkinson.

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Melissa Haro

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Melissa Haro – 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Party at LAX – Arrivals – LAX at the Luxor Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Photo Credit: PRN / PR Photos

Birth Name: Melissa Rose Haro

Place of Birth: San Jose, Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 5, 1987

*Italian, possibly Spanish (father)
*English, Irish, Scottish, distant French Huguenot (mother)

Melissa Haro is an American model.

Melissa is the daughter of Linda Mardell (Mason) and Dennis Keith Haro. Melissa’s father has Italian roots. Melissa’s mother is mostly of English, Irish, Scottish, and some French Huguenot, descent. Her French roots can be traced back to Leonard Dozier and Elizabeth Dupuy, who were born, c. 1649 and c. 1654, respectively, both in France.

Melissa’s paternal grandparents likely were Candido H. Haro and Carmella Farnese (the daughter of Petro/Pete Farnese and Rose Deluca). Candido was Spanish. Petro was born in Italy. Rose was born in California, to parents from Italy.

Melissa’s maternal grandmother was Patsy Ruth Perrin (the daughter of Henry Stuart/Stewart Perrin and Dessie Ray Trosper). Henry was the son of Seth Thomas Perrin and Viola Hale. Dessie was the daughter of James Loyd Trosper and Sallie M.

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Kristian Bruun

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Birth Name: Charles Kristian Bonnycastle Bruun

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: October 25, 1979

*Norwegian (paternal grandfather)
*Swedish, some English (paternal grandmother)
*English, Scottish, Irish, distant French Huguenot (mother)

Kristian Bruun is a Canadian actor.

Kristian is the son of Hilary Anne (Bonnycastle) and Karl Kristian Brunn.

Kristian’s father was born in Jakobstad, Finland, and was of Norwegian, Swedish, and some English descent. Kristian’s mother is from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, and mostly has English, Scottish, and Irish roots. Some of her Irish roots can be traced back to a man named Stephen Etienne Cassan, a French Huguenot, who was born, c. 1659, in Montpellier, France, and moved to Ireland.

Kristian’s paternal grandfather was Karl Ragnar Bruun (the son of Karl Knudsen Bruun and Thora Amalie Wager). Kristian’s great-grandfather Karl was born in Beiarn, Norway, the son of Norwegian parents, Johannes Irgens Handeln Bruun and Hanna Knudsen. Kristian’s great-grandmother Thora was born in Sweden, the daughter of Norwegian parents, Thron Larsen Wager and Anne Pauline Burud.

Kristian’s paternal grandmother was Kate Harriet Warburton (the daughter of Thomas Harald Warburton and Elli Nordling). Thomas born in Forssa, Finland, to an English father, Thomas Warburton, and a Finnish mother of Swedish descent, Selma Johanna Rönnholm. Elli was born in Pori, Finland, to Finnish parents of Swedish descent, Julius Viktor Nordling and Fanny Lovisa Charlotta Åberg.

Kristian’s maternal grandfather was Charles Humphrey Bonnycastle (the son of Angus Lorne Bonnycastle and Ellen Mary Boulton). Angus was the son of Richard Henry Bonnycastle and Charlotte Kate Isabella Cassan. Ellen was the daughter of Charles Arkoll Boulton and Augusta Latter, who was born in India.

Charles was born in Dauphin, Manitoba,

Kristian’s maternal grandmother was Veronica Millicent Allen Clarke (the daughter of Charles Edward Clarke and Florence Miranda Allen). Charles was the son of John Clarke and Mary Russell. Florence was the daughter of J. K. Allen and Fanny Walbridge.

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John Jay

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Date of Birth: December 23, 1745

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, British America

Date of Death: May 17, 1829

Place of Death: Bedford, New York, U.S.

Ethnicity: Dutch, Frisian, Belgian Flemish, French Huguenot, possibly some German

John Jay was an American statesman, diplomat, and Patriot. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. A signatory of the Treaty of Paris, he was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, from September 26, 1789 to June 29, 1795, and the second Governor of New York, from July 1, 1795 to June 30, 1801.

He was also the 6th President of the Continental Congress, from December 10, 1778 to September 28, 1779, U.S. Minister to Spain, from September 27, 1779 to May 20, 1782, U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs, from May 7, 1784 to March 4, 1789, and again from July 27, 1789 to September 15, 1789, and U.S. Secretary of State (Acting), from September 15, 1789 to March 22, 1790.

He was a Federalist Party candidate for President of the United States in 1788-89, 1796, and 1800.

Chief Justice Jay was the son of Mary (Van Cortlandt) and Peter Jay. With his wife, Sarah Livingston, he had six children.

Chief Justice Jay’s paternal grandfather was Augustus Jay (the son of Pierre Jay and Judith François). Augustus was a French Huguenot, who was born in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.

Chief Justice Jay’s paternal grandmother was Anna Maria Bayard (the daughter of Balthazar Bayard and Marritje/Maritje Loockermans). Anna was born in New York. Balthazar was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the son of Samuel Bayard and Anna Stuyvesant. Marritje was the daughter of Govert Loockermans and Ariaentje Jans, who had Dutch and Belgian (Flemish) ancestry.

Chief Justice Jay’s maternal grandfather was Jacobus van Cortlandt (the son of Oloff Stevense van Cortlandt and Annetje Loockermans). Jacobus was born in New York, and was a wealthy merchant, who was Mayor of New York City, from 1710 to 1711, and again from 1719 to 1720. Jacobus’ brother, Stephanus Van Cortlandt, was the first native-born Mayor of New York City. Oloff was born in Wijk bij Duurstede, Utrecht, the Netherlands, the son of Steven Cornelissen van Cortlandt and Fijchgen Catherine Oloffs. Annetje was born in Turnhout, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium, the daughter of Jacob Lokermans/Loockermans and Maeyken Nicasius.

Chief Justice Jay’s maternal grandmother was Eva Maria de Vries/DeVries (the daughter of Pieter Rudolphus de Vries/DeVries and Margareta/Margarete Hardenbroeck). Eva was born in New York. Pieter was born in Franeker, Franekeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Margareta was born in Elberfeld, Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, the daughter of Adolph/Adolphus Hardenbroeck and Maria/Marritje Caterburg/Caterberg, who was Dutch.

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Jesse Johnson

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Birth Name: Jesse Wayne Johnson

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 7, 1982

Ethnicity: English, French, Irish, Swiss-German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, German, remote Dutch

Jesse Johnson is an American actor. He is the son of actors Patti D’Arbanville (Patricia Mary D’Arbanville) and Don Johnson (Donnie Wayne Johnson). His half-sister is actress Dakota Johnson.

Jesse’s father is of English, with some Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, German, and remote Dutch and French Huguenot, descent. His mother has French, Irish, English, Swiss-German, and German, ancestry.

Jesse’s paternal grandfather is Freddie/Fred Wayne Johnson (the son of Frederick Franklin Johnson and Lena Breckenridge). Jesse’s great-grandfather Frederick was the son of Jesse Bynum Johnson and Bessie Olive Griffin. Lena was the daughter of James C. Breckenridge and Lona Belle Perkins.

Jesse’s paternal grandmother is Eva Lea “Nell” Wilson (the daughter of Marshall Venus Wilson and Florence Leatha Greenway). Marshall was the son of Alexander Wilson and Nellie Florence Eutsler. Jesse’s great-grandmother Florence was the daughter of John M. Greenway and Millie Gold.

Jesse’s maternal grandfather was George Maurice D’Arbanville (the son of Maurice D’Arbanville and Mary Agnes/Anna Sullivan). Jesse’s great-grandfather Maurice was born in Louisiana, to French parents, Charles D’Arbanville and Josephine Biemond. Mary Agnes was born in Ireland, the daughter of Florence Sullivan and Hanora/Hanory Leavy/Leary/O’Leary.

Jesse’s maternal grandmother was Jean Lynn Scott (the daughter of Norman L. Scott and Marion/Marian E. Buck). Norman likely was the son of William Elmer Scott, who had English, and some German, ancestry, and of Daisy Justina Pfaffly, who was of Swiss-German and French descent. Marion was the daughter of Philip H. Buck and Pansy.

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