Amy Sedaris

by stlucas on April 23, 2017

Birth Name: Amy Louise Sedaris

Place of Birth: Endicott, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 29, 1961

*Greek (father)
*English, Scottish (mother)

Amy Sedaris is an American actress, voice actress, author, screenwriter, singer, and comedian. Her brother is comedian David Sedaris.

Amy is the daughter of Sharon Elizabeth (Leonard) and Louis Harry “Lou” Sedaris. Amy’s father is of Greek descent. Amy’s mother, whose family has lived in the United States since the 1600s, had English and Scottish ancestry.

Amy’s paternal grandparents were Heracles “Harry” Sedaris (the son of Elias Siderakos and Georgia Attilakou) and Adamandia Thomakou. Heracles was born in Apidia, Laconia, Greece. Adamandia was also born in Apidia, Laconia, Greece.

Amy’s maternal grandfather was Ray W. Leonard (the son of Frank Leonard and Hattie McDonald). Frank was the son of John Leonard and Sarah.

Amy’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth H. Beebe (the daughter of Kirkham/Kirk P. Beebe and Mary Hitchcock). Kirkham was the son of Martin E. Beebe and Jerusha Brown.

A DNA test of Amy’s brother David, whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2014), stated that David’s genetic ancestry includes:

*42% Italy/Greece
*4% Caucasus
*2% European Jewish

The other results were not displayed.

Source: Genealogy of Amy Sedaris –

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Alexander Payne

by stlucas on April 13, 2017

Birth Name: Constantine Alexander Payne

Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 10, 1961

*75% Greek
*25% German

Alexander Payne is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is the son of Peggy (Constantine) and George Payne. He has two brothers, Nicholas and George.

Alexander’s father is of half Greek and half German descent. His surname, “Payne”, was changed from “Papadopoulos”. Alexander’s mother is of Greek ancestry.

Regarding his Greek background, Alexander has stated:

I’m American, I am Greek-American, but American. However, this crisis affecting Greece I feel that it mobilizes my DNA. Sometimes I’m thinking about things that might help. I believe that the time is right for artists, including Greek artists of the diaspora to make beautiful things. And to do it with the consciousness of their Greekness, to help Greece and care.

Alexander’s paternal grandfather was Nicholas/Nikos/Nick S. Payne (the son of Spiro Papadopoulos and Georgia Michalopoulos). Nicholas was born in Aigio, Achaea, Greece.

Alexander’s paternal grandmother was Clara Rose Hoffman/Hoffmann (the daughter of Joseph Hoffmann, Sr. and Anna). Clara was born in Nebraska, to parents from Germany.

Alexander’s maternal grandparents had roots in Livadeia, Boeotia, and Syros, Greece.

Sources: Alexander’s paternal grandfather, Nicholas “Nick” S. Payne/Papadopoulous, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

Alexander’s paternal grandmother, Clara Rose Hoffman/Hoffmann, on the 1910 U.S. Census –

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Greg Vaughan

by madman on March 21, 2017

Birth Name: James Gregory Vaughan, Jr.

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, United States

Date of Birth: June 15, 1973

Ethnicity: Greek (great-grandfather), English, German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish

Greg Vaughan is an American actor and model. He is the son of Barbara Ann (Alt) and James Gregory Vaughan.

Greg’s maternal great-grandfather, Andrew Arge Brockles, was Greek. The rest of Greg’s ancestry is English, German, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and Scottish. He might also have Welsh ancestry, through his surname, “Vaughan”.

Greg’s paternal grandfather was James Lee “Jimmy” Vaughan (the son of James Lee Vaughan and Pearl Dean Miller). James was the son of Robert Pinkney Vaughan and Lee Emma Whitfield. Pearl was the daughter of John Peter Miller and Margaret Ardelia Lawson.

Greg’s paternal grandmother was Martha Rita Davis (the daughter of Edward E. Davis and Mary Jay Andrews).

Greg’s maternal grandfather was Thomas Edward Alt (the son of William David Alt and Alice Gertrude Nesmith). William was the son of George William Alt, whose parents were German, and Clara Mae McKeen. Alice was the daughter of Thomas Harding Nesmith and Adissa Maria Jones.

Greg’s maternal grandmother was Alethia Ann Brockles (the daughter of Andrew Arge Brockles and Ola Lillian Feltnor). Andrew was born in Corinthia, Greece, the son of Arge Brakoulias. Ola was the daughter of James Minnis Feltnor and Willie I. Wardlow.

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Lianne La Havas

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Birth Name: Lianne Charlotte Barnes

Place of Birth: Wandsworth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: August 23, 1989

*Greek (father)
*Afro-Jamaican (mother)

Lianne La Havas is a British singer and songwriter. She was born in London, England, the daughter of Henry Vlahavas and Lorraine (Barnes).

Henry, a bus driver, is originally from Greece. Lorraine, an Afro-Jamaican postwoman, has roots in Christiana, Manchester Parish. They divorced when Lianne was two years old. Lianne was mostly raised by her maternal grandparents, in Tooting and Streatham, London.

Lianne’s stage name, “La Havas”, is a modification of her father’s surname.

Lianne’s mother is pictured here.


Interview in English –

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Gia Carides

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Place of Birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: June 7, 1964

*Greek (father)
*English (mother)

Gia Carides is an Australian actress. She was born in Sydney, New South Wales, to a Greek father and an English mother. Her sister, Zoe Carides, is also an actress.

She was married to Australian actor Anthony LaPaglia. They have a daughter.


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