Sharleen Spiteri

by bablah on June 27, 2017

Sharleen Spiteri – 58th Annual BFI London Film Festival – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos 

Birth name: Sharleen Eugene Spiteri

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

Date of Birth: 7 November, 1967

*Maltese, Italian (father)
*Irish, German (mother)

Sharleen Spiteri is a Scottish singer and songwriter. She is known as the frontwoman of the band Texas. She was born in Glasgow, to Eddie and Vilma Spiteri. Spiteri is a Maltese last name.



Allie Gonino

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Allie Gonino – Growze Store Opening Party Hosted by Mischa Barton – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Birth Name: Alyssa Jean Gonino

Place of Birth: Tarrant, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 30, 1990

*Italian (paternal grandfather)
*English, Irish, German, Swiss-German (paternal grandmother)
*Cherokee Native American, some English, Irish, and French Huguenot (mother)

Allie Gonino is an American actress.

Allie is the daughter of Linda Joyce (Henderson) and Vincent John Gonino, Jr.

Allie has stated that she has Italian and Cherokee Native American roots. Allie’s other roots are German, Swiss-German, English, and Irish. Allie’s German and Swiss roots can be traced back to Johann Conrad Dieffenbach, who was born, c. 1660, in Germany, and his wife, Maria Barbara Christeler, who was born, c. 1670, in Bern, Switzerland.

Allie’s paternal grandfather was Vincent “Vince” John Gonino, Sr. (the son of Agostino/Augustus Joseph Gonino and Louisa Maria Sylvestro). Agostino was born in Italy, the son of Vincent Gonino. Louisa was born in New York, the daughter of Italian parents, John Sylvestro/Silvestro and Silvia Di Sylvestro.

Allie’s paternal grandmother was Virginia Jean Deffenbaugh (the daughter of Clarence Roth Deffenbaugh and Hazel Ellen Hartley). Clarence was the son of Wilbert Dayton “Wilbur” Deffenbaugh and Christina/Christena “Tena” Hartsough/Hartsack. Hazel was the daughter of Grant Hartley and Minerva “Minnie” Douglas.

Allie’s maternal grandfather was William “Bill” Lawrence Henderson, Jr. (the son of William Lawrence Henderson, Sr., and Lillian Oliver Gott).

Allie’s great-grandfather William, who was listed as white on the 1920 U.S. Census, was the son of Andrew Jackson Henderson and Martha Ellen Daugherty, who had some French Huguenot ancestry through the surname “Prevatte”.

Allie’s great-grandmother Lillian, who is listed as a Native American on the 1920 U.S. Census, was the daughter of Walter Duncan Gott and Lillian Adda Pennel.

Allie’s maternal grandmother was Geneva Sue Butler (the daughter of Gee/Geet Dick Butler and Mae Nichols). Geneva, as well as her parents, was also listed as a Native American on the 1940 U.S. Census.

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Diana-Maria Riva

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Diana-Maria Riva – 2nd Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards Benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Photo Credit:

Birth Name: Diana-Maria Uhlenbrock

Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 22, 1969

*German, Swiss-German, some English (father)
*Dominican Republic (mother)

Diana-Maria Riva is an American actress.

Diana is the daughter of Maria (Riva) and Christopher “Chris” B. Uhlenbrock. Diana’s father has German, Swiss-German, and some English ancestry. Diana’s mother has her roots in the Dominican Republic.

Diana’s paternal grandfather was Albert J. Uhlenbrock (the son of Clemens/Clement “Clem” B. Uhlenbrock and Adelaide “Ada” M. Overmole). Clemens was born in Ohio, to parents from Germany. Adelaide was also born in Ohio, the daughter of Alexander Overmole, who was English, and of Anna Wessling, whose parents were Prussian/German.

Diana’s paternal grandmother was Sylvia J. Woeber (the daughter of Joseph Henry Woeber/Woebber and Marie/Maria H. Suer). Joseph was the son of Henry Amos Woeber/Woebber, whose parents were German, and of Josephine Keller, whose father was German and whose mother was from Switzerland. Marie was the daughter of Bernard Suer and Kunegunde/Kunigunda Brendel/Brendle, who were from Prussia/Germany.

Diana’s maternal grandparents were Luis Octavio Riva Valez and Ines del Carmen Saleta.

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Celina Jade

by stlucas on June 23, 2017

Birth Name: Celina Horan

Place of Birth: Hong Kong, China

Date of Birth: June 10, 1985

*English, Irish, German, French [including French-Canadian] (father)
*Chinese (mother)

Celina Jade is a Chinese-born American actress, model, singer, songwriter, and martial artist.

Celina is the daughter of Christina (Hui) and Roy Horan (born Roy Horan, III), an American actor and martial artist. Celina’s father is of English, Irish, German, and French/French-Canadian descent. Celina’s mother is from Hong Kong, China.

Celina has stated:

I grew up very confused! My mom is Hong Kong-Chinese and she speaks Cantonese to me. My father speaks English to me. My parents speak Mandarin to each other.

Celina’s paternal grandfather was Roy Horan, Jr. (the son of Roy Horan, Sr. and Helen Demarest). Celina’s great-grandfather Roy was the son of Michael James Horan, whose father was Irish, and of Ida Wetterschreck/Wettschreck, who was German. Celina’s great-grandmother Helen was the daughter of Samuel A. Demarest and Bertha O. Carpenter.

Celina’s paternal grandmother was Eileen Mary Buckley (the daughter of Andrew Wright Buckley and Florence Audette/Andette/Audet). Andrew was born in Rhode Island, to parents from England. Florence was the daughter of Ephrem/Ephraim Audette and Odile/Odeal Patenaude, who had French-Canadian roots.

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Larry Hagman

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Larry Hagman – 20th Annual Night of 100 Stars Awards Gala Photo Credit: Glenn Harris / PR Photos

Birth Name: Larry Martin Hagman

Date of Birth: September 21, 1931

Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.

Date of Death: November 23, 2012

Place of Death: Dallas, Texas, U.S

Ethnicity: Swedish, German, English

Larry Hagman was an American actor, director, and producer. He was known for his rolles on the television series Dallas and I Dream of Jeanie. Larry was the son of Benjamin Jack Hagman and Broadway actress Mary Martin.

Larry’s paternal grandfather was William Louis/Lewis Hagman/Hageman (the son of Charles/Carl/Karl Otto Hagman and Bertha Christina Larsen/Lars0n/Johnson). William was born in Wisconsin, to Swedish parents. Bertha was the daughter of ? Larson and Katherine.

Larry’s paternal grandmother was Hannah/Johanna Margaret/Marquardt. Hannah was born in Germany, the daughter of Wilhelm Marquardt and Auguste Lasetzki.

Larry’s maternal grandfather was Preston Martin (the son of James A. Martin and Geraldine Hearon). Preston was born in Mississippi. James was the son of Jackson Martin and Nancy Ann Sawyer. Geraldine was the daughter of Stephen/Stephan Hearon and Elizabeth Black.

Larry’s maternal grandmother was Juanita Pressley.

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