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Jeffrey Wahlberg

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*Irish, Swedish, some French-Canadian, English, and Scottish (father)
*Dominican (mother)

Jeffrey Wahlberg is an American actor. He is the nephew of actors and musicians Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg.

Jeffrey’s mother is Dominican.

Jeffrey’s paternal grandfather was Donald Edward Wahlberg (the son of Axel Simon Wahlberg and Mary Madeline Bradley). Donald was born in Massachusetts. Axel was born in Boston, to Swedish parents, Axel Gustaf/Gustave Wahlberg and Ida Albertina Nordstrom/Peterson. Mary Madeline was the daughter of Dennis J. Bradley, whose parents were Irish, and of Sarah A. Doherty, who was Irish.

Jeffrey’s paternal grandmother is Alma Elaine Donnelly (the daughter of Arthur Ambrose Donnelly and Leone Floyd Brisbois). Alma was born in Massachusetts. Arthur was born in Boston, to Canadian parents, Walter John Donnelly and Sarah Agnes Duffy, and had Irish, and one eighth Scottish, ancestry. Leone was the daughter of Edward Brisbois and Ellen Floyd “Nellie” McKittrick, and was of Irish, French-Canadian, and English descent.

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Alek Skarlatos

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Alek Skarlatos – “The 15:17 to Paris” World Premiere – Arrivals – SJR Theater at Warner Bros. Studios, 4000 Warner Boulevard, Bldg. #4 – Burbank, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / 

Birth Name: Aleksander Reed Skarlatos

Place of Birth: Roseburg, Oregon, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 10, 1992

*Greek (father)
*German, French-Canadian, English, Azorean Portuguese (mother)

Alek Skarlatos is an American actor, television personality, and U.S. Army National Guard soldier. He was one of the people who stopped a gunman on a Paris-bound train travelling from Amsterdam via Brussels in August 2015.

Alek is the son of Heidi Ann (Neuburger) Hansen and Emanuel Skarlatos. His father was born in Greece. His mother is American, and has German, French-Canadian, English, and Azorean Portuguese ancestry. Alek was raised in Sacramento, California.

Alek’s maternal grandfather was Nicholas J. Neuburger (who likely was the son of David Grandon “Dave” Neuburger and Theresa/Teresa Marie Marse/Masse). David was the son of John H. Neuburger, whose parents were German, and of Elizabeth Foster. Theresa was born in Canada, the daughter of Louis Masse and Rose Renaud.

Alek’s maternal grandmother was Nancy Joan Soto (the daughter of Leland Joseph Soto, Sr. and Evelyn Alice Podd). Leland was the son of Manuel Soto, whose parents were Azorean Portuguese, and of Minnie Rose, whose parents were also Azorean Portuguese. Evelyn was the daughter of Arthur Robert/Roberts Podd, whose mother was English, and of Irma/Erma.

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Cameron Jebo

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Cameron Jebo – 2016 InfoList Pre-Oscar Soiree and Birthday Party for Jeff Gund – Arrivals – OHM Nightclub – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Birth Name: Thomas Cameron Jebo III

Place of Birth: Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 31, 1990

Ethnicity: English, Slovak, German, Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, possibly other

Cameron Jebo is an American actor.

Cameron is the son of Susan “Susie” (Dopyera) and Thomas Cameron Jebo. He is married to Nicole Leigh Wright.

Cameron’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Cameron Jebo (the son of Howard James Jebo and Cecily Agnes Cameron). Howard was the son of Hiram E. Jebo and Celia A. Parkhill. Cecily was the daughter of Charles Cameron, who was Canadian, and of Harriett.

Cameron’s paternal grandmother was Nancy Lee Austin (the daughter of Frank Lee Austin and Loretta Ruth Retan). Cameron’s great-grandfather Frank was the son of Frank Lee Austin and Mary Madgalene Busby. Loretta was the daughter of Lewis Elton Retan, whose father was Canadian, and of Dora A. Sisson.

Cameron’s maternal grandfather was Kenneth Newell Dopyera (the son of Robert Andrew Dopyera/Dopjera and Edith Fowler). Robert was born in Dolná Krupá, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia), the son of Jozef Dopyera/Dopjera and Katherine Zonenfeldt/Zonnenfeldt.

Cameron’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Jean “Pat” Harrington (the daughter of Eugene “Gene” Harrington and Dorothy Moynier). Dorothy was the stepdaughter of Abel Augustin Moynier, Jr. and Flora Alberta.

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Tad Hilgenbrink

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Tad Hilgenbrink – Autograph Party for “The Hills Run Red” and “Trick R Treat” – Dark Delacacies – Burbank, CA. USA – Keywords: Tad Hilgenbrink – False – – Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Birth Name: Tad M. Hilgenbrinck

Place of Birth: Quincy, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 20, 1981

Ethnicity: Dutch, German, French-Canadian, English

Tad Hilgenbrink is an American actor.

Tad is the son of Deena M. (Brown) Kroeger and Stephen A. “Hilg” Hilgenbrinck.

Tad’s paternal grandfather was Clarence Noel Hilgenbrinck, Jr. (the son of Clarence Herman Hilgenbrinck, Sr. and Katherine/Catherine Ebertsch). Tad’s great-grandfather Clarence was the son of Herman B. Hilgenbrinck, whose father was Dutch, and of Elizabeth Ellen/Ella Pastorious/Pastorius, whose father was German. Katherine was German.

Tad’s paternal grandmother was Gloria Madonna Barron (who likely was the daughter of Arthur Barron and Rosia Lafleur). Arthur was the son of French-Canadian parents, Clifford Barron and Mary Lavigne. Rosia was the daughter of Aldolphus Lafleur, who was Canadian.

Tad’s maternal grandfather was Thomas A. “Al” Brown (the son of Raymond L. Brown and Velma M. Harker). Raymond was the son of Hannibal A. Brown and Orpha Sue Barton.

Tad’s maternal grandmother is/was named Carol Jenkins.

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Norbert Leo Butz

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Norbert Leo Butz – “Dead Accounts” New York City Premiere – Arrivals – Gotham Hall – New York City, NY, USA – Keywords: Theatrical Performance, USA, New York City, Broadway, Premiere, After Party, Katie Holmes, Attending, Celebrities, Gotham Hall Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco / PR Photos

Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 30, 1967

*German (father)
*French-Canadian, Irish (mother)

Norbert Leo Butz is an American actor and singer.

Norbert is the son of Elaine (Bourisaw) and Norbert Butz. His father is of German ancestry. His mother is of French-Canadian and Irish descent.

Norbert is married to actress Michelle Federer. He has a daughter with Michelle and two daughters from a previous marriage.

Norbert’s paternal grandfather was Norbert Butz (the son of Clemens Butz and Rosina Mattes). Norbert’s grandfather Norbert was born in Rosswangen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Norbert’s paternal grandmother was Mamie Marie Kernweiss (the daughter of John Kernweiss and Maria Jost). Mamie was born in Missouri, to parents from Temesvár, Hungary (now Timișoara, Romania), who were likely ethnic Germans.

Norbert’s maternal grandfather was Leo Archibald Bourisaw (the son of Rousan Joseph Bourisaw and Henore Roussin). Leo was born in Missouri. Rousan was the son of Theodule/Todjular Bourassa and Hannah Boyer. Henore was the daughter of Louis Simeon Roussin and Felicia Thibault.

Norbert’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Shea (the daughter of Patrick Joseph Shea and Mary Ann Kenny). Margaret was born in Missouri. Patrick was the son of Simon Shea and Hanora Grogan. Mary Ann was the daughter of Michael Kenny, who was born in County Cork, Ireland, and of Catherine Tracy, who was also Irish.

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