Bianca Brigitte Van Damme

by madman on August 17, 2017

Ryan Guzman, Bianca Van Damme – 9th Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards – Arrivals – The Palazzo Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA – Photo Credit: PRN / PRPhotos.com 

Birth Name: Bianca Bree Van Varenberg

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 17, 1990

Ethnicity: Belgian (Flemish), Puerto Rican, 1/8th Jewish

Bianca Brigitte Van Damme is an American actress. She is the daughter of Gladys Elena Portugues, a former professional female bodybuilder and actress, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, an actor, martial artist, screenwriter, producer, and director. Her brother is actor Kris Van Damme.

Bianca’s father was born in Brussels, Belgium, and is of Belgian (Flemish), and one quarter Jewish, descent. Bianca’s mother, who is from New York City, is usually described as being of Puerto Rican descent.

Bianca’s paternal grandparents are Eugène Van Varenberg and Eliana.

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John Jay

by follers on August 2, 2017

Date of Birth: December 23, 1745

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, British America

Date of Death: May 17, 1829

Place of Death: Bedford, New York, U.S.

*75% mix of Dutch, Frisian, and Belgian Flemish
*25% French Huguenot

John Jay was an American statesman, diplomat, and Patriot. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. A signatory of the Treaty of Paris, he was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, from September 26, 1789 to June 29, 1795, and the second Governor of New York, from July 1, 1795 to June 30, 1801.

He was also the 6th President of the Continental Congress, from December 10, 1778 to September 28, 1779, U.S. Minister to Spain, from September 27, 1779 to May 20, 1782, U.S. Secretary of Foreign Affairs, from May 7, 1784 to March 4, 1789, and again from July 27, 1789 to September 15, 1789, and U.S. Secretary of State (Acting), from September 15, 1789 to March 22, 1790.

He was a Federalist Party candidate for President of the United States in 1788-89, 1796, and 1800.

Chief Justice Jay was the son of Mary (Van Cortlandt) and Peter Jay. With his wife, Sarah Livingston, he had six children.

Chief Justice Jay’s paternal grandfather was Augustus Jay (the son of Pierre Jay and Judith François). Augustus was a French Huguenot, who was born in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.

Chief Justice Jay’s paternal grandmother was Anna Maria Bayard (the daughter of Balthazar Bayard and Marritje Loockermans). Anna was born in New York. Balthazar was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the son of Samuel Bayard and Anna Stuyvesant. Marritje was the daughter of Govert Loockermans and Ariaentje Jans, who had Dutch and Belgian (Flemish) ancestry.

Chief Justice Jay’s maternal grandfather was Jacobus van Cortlandt (the son of Oloff Stevense van Cortlandt and Annetje Loockermans). Jacobus was born in New York, and was a wealthy merchant, who was Mayor of New York City, from 1710 to 1711, and again from 1719 to 1720. Jacobus’ brother, Stephanus Van Cortlandt, was the first native-born Mayor of New York City. Oloff was born in Wijk bij Duurstede, Utrecht, the Netherlands, the son of Steven Cornelissen van Cortlandt and Fijchgen Catherine Oloffs. Annetje was born in Turnhout, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium, the daughter of Jacob Lokermans and Maeyken Nicasius.

Chief Justice Jay’s maternal grandmother was Eva Maria de Vries (the daughter of Pieter Rudolphus de Vries and Margareta Hardenbroeck). Eva was born in New York. Pieter was born in Franeker, Franekeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. Margareta was born in Elberfeld, Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, the daughter of Adolph Hardenbroeck, who was of Dutch descent, and of Maria Caterburg, who was Dutch.

Source: Genealogy of Chief Justice Jay – https://www.geni.com


Cécilia Attias

by madman on July 30, 2017

Sarkozy Family – French President Nicolas Sarkozy Official Nomination Ceremony – May 16, 2007 – Elysee Palace – Paris, France – Photo Credit: Pixplanete / Prphotos

Birth Name: Cécilia María Sara Isabel Ciganer-Albéniz

Place of Birth: Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Date of Birth: November 12, 1957

*Ashkenazi Jewish, possibly other (father)
*Spanish/Catalan, Belgian/Flemish (mother)

Cécilia Attias is a French model and public relations executive.

Cécilia is the daughter of Diane Teresita (Albéniz de Swert) and André Ciganer (born Aron Chouganov). Her father was born in Bălți, Moldova.

Cécilia is married to Moroccan events producer Richard Attias, the executive chairman of Richard Attias and Associates, who is Jewish. She has two children with her former husband, French television host and producer Jacques Martin, and a son with her former husband, politician, and former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Cécilia’s father has been described as descended from various ethnic groups (Russian Jewish, Russian-Romanian, Romani, among others).

Given Cécilia’s father’s birth surname, Chouganov, he was more likely of Russian or Jewish descent than Moldovan/Romanian. Her father’s adopted name, Ciganer, can mean Romani. It is not clear if her father had any connection to the name before changing his birth name.

Cécilia’s maternal grandfather was Alfonso Albéniz Jordana (the son of Isaac Albéniz and Rosina Jordana y Lagarriga). Alfonso was a diplomat, and was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Isaac was born Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz i Pascual, and was a pianist and composer. He was born in Camprodon, Girona, Spain, and was the son of Ángel Lucio Albéniz Gauna, who was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava, Spain, and of María de los Dolores Pascual.

Cécilia’s maternal grandmother was Rosalia/Rosalie Augusta Maria de Sweert (the daughter of Carolus Alphonsius de Swert and Maria Philomena Beijers). Rosalia was born in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sources: Genealogies of Cécilia Attias (focusing on her mother’s side) – https://www.geni.com


Birth Name: Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Date of Birth: November 16, 1894

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Date of Death: 27 July, 1972

Place of Death: Schruns, Austria

*German, as well as Greek and Russian, and Danish, Belgian [Flemish and Walloon], Lithuanian, and Polish (father)
*Japanese (mother)

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was an Austrian-Japanese politician and philosopher. He served as the founding president of the Paneuropean Union for 49 years.

Richard was born in Tokyo, Japan, the son of Mitsuko “Mitsu” (Aoyama) and Heinrich Johann Maria von Coudenhove-Kalergi, a count and diplomat. His mother was born in Tokyo, Japan. His father was born in Vienna, Austria, of German, as well as Russian, Danish, Belgian (Flemish and Walloon), Lithuanian, and Polish, descent.

Richard’s paternal grandfather was Franz Karl von Coudenhove (the son of Franz Ludwig Graf von Coudenhove and Katharina Jakobine Augusta von Löwenstern). Richard’s grandfather Franz was born in Vienna, Austria. Richard’s great-grandfather Franz was born in Bingen am Rhein, Germany, the son of Georg Ludwig von Coudenhoven and Sophia von Hatzfeld, and had German and Belgian ancestry. Katharina was born in Tartu, Estonia, the daughter of Paul Ludwig Johann von Löwenstern, from Vana-Antsla, Estonia, and of Christiane Friederike von Gersdorff, from Königsberg, Prussia.

Richard’s paternal grandmother was Marie/Maria Kalergi (the daughter of Johannes/Joannou/Johan Ivan Emanuilovich Kalergis and Maria von Nesselrode). Richard’s grandmother Marie was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Johannes was the son of Manuel Kalergi/Kalergis and Charlotte Jörgensen. The Kalergi family was of at least part Greek origin. Richard’s great-great-grandfather Manuel is sometimes cited as Russian, though he might have had Greek ancestry. Charlotte’s surname is Danish or Norwegian.

Richard’s great-grandmother Maria, a pianist, was born in Warsaw, Poland, the daughter of Karl Friedrich Joseph Fedor Karlovich von Nesselrode, a diplomat, who had German ancestry, and of Tekla/Thekla von Gorska h. Nałęcz, who was of Polish and Lithuanian descent; Richard’s great-great-grandfather Karl’s mother, Josepha von Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg, is said to have been a practicing Protestant who was born Jewish. This does not appear to be accurate.

Richard’s maternal grandparents were Kihachi Aoyama and Tsuneko “Tsune” Iwata.

Sources: Genealogies of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi – https://www.geni.com


Danielle Savre

by bablah on July 2, 2017

Danielle Savre – Starlight Music Jam: A Pre-AMA Live Music Showcase Benefitting Starlight Children’s Foundation  Photo Credit: Joyce Chow / PRPhotos.com 

Birth Name: Danielle Kathleen Savre

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 26, 1988

Ethnicity: English, Flemish, Italian, Norwegian, some German

Danielle Savre is an American actress and singer.

Her paternal grandfather was Eugene/Eugine Harris Savre (the son of Edward Eugene Savre and Nancy Pearl Finch). Edward was the son of Eric/Erick Savre, who was born in Nes kommune, Buskerud fylke, Norway, and of Julia E. Tenold, who was born in Illinois, to Norwegian parents. Nancy was the daughter of George Finch and Ida D. Remore.

Danielle’s paternal grandmother is Betty J. Callow.

Danielle’s maternal grandfather is James Augustus Guardino.

Danielle’s maternal grandmother is Marie Clementine Mervilde/Mervelde (the daughter of Adolph Mervelde/Mervilde and Bertha). Adolph was from Bellem, Belgium.

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