Coco Vandeweghe

by stlucas on March 21, 2017

Birth Name: Colleen Hutchins Mullarkey

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 6, 1991

Ethnicity: Irish, Belgian/Flemish, Austrian, German, Manx, English

Coco Vandeweghe is an American professional tennis player. She was born in New York City, New York, the daughter of Robert “Bob” Kennish Mullarkey and Tauna Kay (Vandeweghe).

Coco’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Francis Xavier Mullarkey (the son of James Mullarkey and Florence). Thomas was born in New York, to parents from Ireland.

Coco’s paternal grandmother was Theresa Ann Mall (the daughter of John Sylvester Mall and Laura Kennish).

John’s parents were Alois Mall and Clara Holz. John was born in Colorado, to an Austrian father, and an American mother of German ancestry.

Laura’s parents were William Kennish (the son of Robert Kennish and Dora H. Skeels) and Martha Elizabeth Harshman (the daughter of Frank Nathan Harshman and Laura Ellen Bullard). Robert was born in the Isle of Man, to an English father and a Manx mother.

Coco’s maternal grandmother was Miss America 1952, Colleen Kay Hutchins. Colleen’s mother’s surname was Perry.

Coco’s maternal grandfather was basketball player Ernest Maurice “Ernie” Vandeweghe, Jr. His parents were Ernest Maurice Van de Weghe, Sr. and Mary Smith (the daughter of Rufus Smith). Ernest Maurice, Sr. was born in New York, to a father from Belgium, of Flemish descent, and a mother from Germany.

Coco’s uncle (mother’s brother) is basketball executive Kiki Vandeweghe.

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Louis Michel

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Birth Name: Louis Hortense Omer Charles Michel

Place of Birth: Tienen, Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Date of Birth: 2 September, 1947

Ethnicity: Belgian (both Flemish and Walloon)

Louis Michel is a Belgian politician. He had served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, from 12 July 1999 to 18 July 2004, and as the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, from 22 November 2004 to 17 July 2009.

Louis’ father, Charles Louis Michel, was born in Hoegaarden, Flemish Brabant. Louis’ mother, Irma Euphrasie Louise Piraux, was born in Zétrud-Lumay, Jodoigne, Walloon Brabant. Louis is married to Martine Simone Yolande Ghislaine Pierre.

Louis’ son, Charles Michel, is the Prime Minister of Belgium.

Louis’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandfather, Henri Michel.

Louis’ paternal grandfather was Jean Baptiste Michel (the son of Charles Louis Michel and Antoinette Loosen). Charles Louis was the son of Lambert Michel and Trinette Vansumsen. Antoinette was the daughter of Guilielmus Loosen and Bertile Ulens.

Louis’ paternal grandmother was Marie Emilie Hortense Depus (the daughter of Lambert Depus and Maria Catherine Drappier). Louis’ great-grandfather Lambert was the son of Joseph Depus and Barbe Vandenbosch. Maria Catherine was the daughter of François Drappier and Victoire Joseph Flabas.

Louis’ maternal grandfather was Omer Joseph Piraux (the son of Édouard Pireaux and Irma Léopoldine Joseph Ziebor). Édouard was the son of Antoine Joseph Piraux and Clémentine Joseph Fontaine. Louis’ great-grandmother Irma was the daughter of Aloïse Ziebor and Marie-Louise Philomène Pireau.

Louis’ maternal grandmother was Marie Julie Dellisse (the daughter of Jean Joseph Dellisse and Marie Thérèse Defoer). Jean Joseph was the son of Melchior Dellisse and Régine Dendas. Marie Thérèse was the daughter of an unknown father and Julienne Defoer.

Louis’ matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandmother, Marie Catherine Leclercq.

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Iris Mittenaere

by Manila on January 29, 2017

Place of Birth: Lille, France

Date of Birth: 25 January, 1993

Ethnicity: French, some Belgian (Flemish)

Iris Mittenaere is a French model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe 2016.

Her father, Yves Mittenaere, is a history and geography professor. Her mother, Laurence Druart, is a schoolteacher.

Iris’ paternal grandparents are Johnny Mittenaere (the son of Marcel Mittenaere and Madeleine Verheu) and Christiane Canivet. Madeleine was Belgian, from Halluin, Nord, and was likely the daughter of Arnold Adolf (or Arnold Joseph in French) Verheu and Maria Magdalena (or Marie-Madeleine in French) Vanwambeke, both of Tiegem, Anzegem, West Flanders.

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Rose Bertram

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Birth Name: Stephanie Rose Bertram

Place of Birth: Kortrijk, Belgium

Date of Birth: October 26, 1994

*Belgian [possibly Flemish] (father)
*Portuguese, Senegalese (mother)

Rose Bertram is a Belgian model. She was born in Kortrijk, Belgium, to a Belgian father and a Cape Verdean mother. Her maternal grandfather was from Senegal and her maternal grandmother was born in Portugal. Rose’s mother is pictured here. Rose, her mother, and grandmother, are pictured here.

Rose was raised in the Dutch part of Belgium. She moved to Ghent with her family at the age of eleven. She speaks fluent Dutch, French, and English.

Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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John Mellencamp

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Birth Name: John J. Mellencamp

Place of Birth: Seymour, Indiana, United States

Date of Birth: October 7, 1951

Ethnicity: German, Scottish, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, Welsh, French, remote Belgian/Flemish

John Mellencamp, also known as John Cougar Mellencamp, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, painter, and actor.

John is the son of Marilyn Joyce (Lowe) and Richard Lee Mellencamp.

John has said (starting at 51:40 here) that his great-grandmother was black, married to one of his German immigrant ancestors. It is not clear if this is accurate. He may have been referring to his paternal great-great-grandmother Martha Felmet/Phemlot, who is listed as “white” on at least some records, but could have had black ancestry.

John’s paternal grandfather was Harry Perry Mellencamp (the son of Johann/John Herman/Henry Louis Mellencamp/Mollenkamp/Melloncamp and Caroline/Carolyn “Carrie” Mary Mackey). John’s great-grandfather Johann was born in Columbus, Indiana, to German parents, from Enger, Germany, Johann/John Herman Friedrich/Louis Mellencamp/Mollenkamp and Anna Maria Bramsche. Caroline was the daughter of John Henry Mackey, who was German, and of Anna Maria Angelica Munte, who was likely of German descent as well.

John’s paternal grandmother was Laura L. Noblitt (the daughter of John Franklin Noblitt and Martha Ella/Ellen Ehlers/Ellers/Ellerson/Ellis). John’s great-grandfather John Noblitt was the son of Joel Vandeveer Noblitt and Elizabeth Codey McCalister/McCallister, and had Irish, French, English, Scottish, and Belgian (Flemish) ancestry. Martha was the daughter of Frederick James Ehlers, who was German, from Prussia, and of Martha Felmet/Phemlot, who was from North Carolina or Kentucky.

John’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Harrell Lowe (the son of Joseph Heber Lowe and Mary Louisa Belnap). John’s great-grandfather Joseph was born in Franklin, Idaho, to Scottish parents, Thomas Lowe and Eliza Galloway. Mary Louisa was the daughter of Gilbert Rosel Belnap, who was Canadian, and of Adaline Knight, and had English, and some Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), ancestry.

John’s maternal grandmother was Bessie E. Lowry (the daughter of Charles Clinton Lowry and Cora Ethel Whitsett). Bessie had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Welsh, and English, ancestry. Charles was the son of John Alvin Lowry and Martha Ellen Whitsitt. Cora was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Whitsett and Hannah Margaret Morrison.

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