Jaco Pastorius

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Birth Name: John Francis Anthony Pastorius III

Date of Birth: December 1, 1951

Place of Birth: Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States

Date of Death: September 21, 1987

Place of Death: Wilton Manors, Florida, United States

*German, Irish (father)
*Finnish, Swedish, distant Sami (mother)

Jaco Pastorius was an American musician, composer, and producer. He was the son of Verna Katarina “Stephanie” (Haapala) and John Francis Pastorius.

Jaco’s paternal grandfather was John Francis Anthony Pastorius (the son of Francis Joseph Pistorius/Pastorius and Winifred/Winnifred “Winnie” Malley/Melley). Jaco’s great-grandfather Francis was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to German parents, Johann/John Nikolaus/Nicholas Pistorius/Pastorius and Margarethe/Margaret Fritzen. Winifred was born in Coaldale, Pennsylvania, to Irish parents; her father was named Condy Melley.

Jaco’s paternal grandmother was Rose Gertrude Carr (the daughter of John Vincent Carr and Sarah Gertrude Zink). John was the son of John Carr and Rose Harkins, and was most likely of Irish ancestry. Sarah was the daughter of George Zink, who was born in Upper Merion, Pennsylvania, to German parents, and of Mary Jane Mullholland, who was likely the daughter of Irish parents.

Jaco’s maternal grandfather was David Haapala (the son of Antti “Andrew” Olofsson Haapala/Haapalainen and Josephina Gustavsdotter Bucht). Antti was born in Nedersotkamo, Oulu, Finland, the son of Olof Andersson Haapalainen and Caisa Isakdotter Nykänen. Josephina was born in Korpijärvi, Norrbotten, Sweden, the daughter of Gustaf Isaksson Bucht and Maria Cajsa Nilsdotter Oradd. Josephina had ancestors who lived in Finland.

Jaco’s maternal grandmother was Kaisa Eriika Isojärvi (the daughter of Heikki Pekanpoika Isojärvi and Briita Kaisa Jaakontytär Karjalainen). Jaco’s grandmother Kaisa was born in Kuolajärvi, Lappi, Finland. Heikki was the son of Pekka Ollinpoika Isojärvi and Maria Ollintytär Maajaakkola. Briita was the daughter of Jaakko Jaakonp Karjalainen and Maria Sigfridint Pitkä Tiermas.

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Nico Rosberg

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2010 Formula 1 Racing - Circuito de Jerez - Testing - February 12, 2010

Birth Name: Nico Erik Rosberg

Place of Birth: Wiesbaden, Hesse, West Germany

Date of Birth: 27 June, 1985

*Finnish (father)
*German (mother)

Nico Rosberg is a German Formula One driver.

Nico born in Wiesbaden, Hesse, West Germany, and brought up in Monaco. His father is Finnish Formula One driver Keke Rosberg. His mother, Sina, is German.

He speaks fluent French, Italian, German, English, and some Spanish.

Nico holds German and Finnish citizenship, and has competed under both the Finnish and German flag.


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Aino Jawo

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Primark's King of Prussia Store Opening Celebration at Skybox Event Center in Philadelphia - November 19, 2015

Birth Name: Aino Neneh Jawo

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: Juli 7, 1986

*Gambian (father)
*Finnish (mother)

Aino Jawo is a Swedish singer. She is known as one half of the Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop, alongside Caroline Hjelt.

Aino’s father is Gambian and her mother is Finnish. They met in Stockholm. Aino went to a Finnish school and can speak Finnish.


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Parker Mack

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LOS ANGELES - OCT 9: Parker Mack at the Haunted Hayride 8th Ann

Birth Name: Parker Mack Klebenow

Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri

Date of Birth: October 25, 1996

*81.25% German
*12.5% Finnish
*6.25% mix of Scottish and English

Parker Mack is an American actor, musician, director, and writer.

Parker’s paternal grandfather is Larry R. Klebenow (the son of Harvey Bernhardt Robert Klebenow and Lydia Herdt). Harvey was of German descent, the son of Richard Carl August Klebenow and Florentine/Florentina Christina Barttelt/Bartelt. Lydia’s parents, John Herdt and Maria/Marie Reichert, were ethnic Germans from Russia.

Parker’s paternal grandmother is Lois J. Nierman (the daughter of Henry E. Nierman and Laura Amelia Lambring). Henry was of German descent, the son of Phillip Nierman and Lucinda Dickmeyer. Laura was also of German ancestry, the daughter of Johann Friedrich Gerhard Lambring and Minnie Eggersman.

Parker’s maternal grandfather is Richard Franklin Fishbaugh (the son of Daniel Thomas Fishbaugh and Ruth Marie Weber). Daniel was of German descent, the son of Hiram Henry Fishbaugh and Mary Jane Foltz. Ruth was also of German ancestry, the daughter of Augustus Weber and Laura Baker.

Parker’s maternal grandmother is Donna Marr F. Mack (the daughter of Wayne I. Mack, who was born Vaino Ilmari Mackey, and of Minnie Rosena Turnbull). Vaino was born in Ohio, the son of Onni E. Mackey, who was born in Finland, and of Emma S. Huntus, who was born in Ohio, to Finnish parents. Minnie was the daughter of James Lewis Turnbull, who had Scottish and English ancestry, and of Anna Edith Felger, who was of German descent.

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Gus Hall

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Birth Name: Arvo Kustaa Halberg

Date of Birth: October 8, 1910

Place of Birth: Cherry Township, Minnesota, U.S.

Date of Death: October 13, 2000

Place of Death: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Ethnicity: Finnish

Gus Hall was an American politician. He was the leader and chairman of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), as General Secretary of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA, from 1959 to 2000.

He was the Communist Party’s nominee for President of the United States in 1972, 1976, 1980, and 1984.

Gus was the son of Sanna/Susanna/Susan Kaisa Juho-Heikintytar (Hautakangas/Hauta-aho) and Matti/Matt Mikko/Mike Kustaanpoika Halperi/Halberg. His parents were Finnish immigrants, from Lapua.

Gus’s paternal grandparents were Gustaf/Kustaa Mikonpoika Halperi/Hallberg (the son of Mikko Mikelinpoika Harsila and Maija Reetta Antintytar Leschell) and Sanna Valpuri.

Gus’s maternal grandparents were Juho Heikki Juhonpoika Hautakangas and Sanna Maria Alasaari/Alasaaren.