Leslie-Anne Huff

by wanderer on February 25, 2017

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Date of Birth: August 25, 1984

Ethnicity: Filipino(mother), English (father)

Leslie-Anne Huff is an American actress. She was born to an American father of English descent and a Filipino mother. She is the youngest child of Larry and Herminia Huff. Her father is from Fort Smith, Arkansas and her mother is a registered nurse from Manila, Philippines. She was highly involved with the Filipino community and co-produced the yearly Pilipino Cultural Night show.



Isabel Preysler

by andrew on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: María Isabel Preysler Arrastia

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: 18 February, 1951

Ethnicity: Spanish, Filipino (Kapampangan), possibly distant Austrian

Isabel Preysler is a Spanish and Filipino journalist, socialite, and television host. Her ancestry is Spanish and Kapampangan Filipino, and possible, distant, Austrian roots.

She is the daughter of Carlos Pérez de Tagle Preysler and Beatriz Arrastía Reinares. Isabel’s son, with singer Julio Iglesias, is singer Enrique Iglesias.

Isabel’s paternal grandparens were Fausto Preysler y Moreno and Carmen Pastor Pérez de Tagle (the daughter of Benito Pérez de Tagle and Carmen Pastor Teves). Benito was the son of Espiridión Pérez de Tagle. Isabel’s great-grandmother Carmen was the daughter of Manuel Pastor y Landero, who was born in Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, and of Eugenia Teves.

Isabel’s maternal grandparents were José Salgado Arrastia (the son of Valentín Arrastia Roncal and Francisca Serrano Salgado) and Teodorica Reinares. Valentín was born in Allo, Navarra, Spain, the son of Justo Arrastia and Crispula Jacoba Roncal Aramendia.

Isabel’s maternal grandfather, José Salgado Arrastia, was also a paternal great-grandfather of American actor Steven R. McQueen, making Isabel and Steven half-first cousins, once removed.

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Tirso Cruz III

by Manila on February 21, 2017

Birth Name: Tirso Silvano Cruz III

Place of Birth: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: April 1, 1952

Ethnicity: Filipino (Ilocano and Tagalog), 1/8 French-Canadian

Tirso Cruz III is a Filipino actor and singer.

Tirso’s father, Tirso Bailey Cruz, Jr. was a club manager, also from Sampaloc, Manila. Tirso’s mother, Elma Acosta Silvano, was born in Wailuku, Hawaii, United States, to Filipino parents.

Tirso is married to Erlinda “Lynn” Erillo Ynchausti.

Tirso’s paternal grandfather was Tirso Cruz y Muñoz (or Tirso Muñoz Cruz, Sr. in Filipino, the son of Félix Cruz and Marcosa Muñoz).

Tirso’s paternal grandmother was María Loreto Bailey y Lagrosa (or María Loreto Lagrosa Bailey in Filipino, the daughter of Louis, later Lewis Edwin, Bailey and Margarita Lagrosa). María Loreto was born in Hong Kong, to an American soldier, from Stowe, Vermont, and to a Filipino mother, from Manila. Lewis was the son of French-Canadian immigrants, Richard Bilodeau, later Bailey, of Saint-Pierre-de-Broughton, Québec, and Exilda Marie Maillé, later Dora McGee, of Montreal, Québec.

Tirso’s paternal grandparents were Thomas Silvano and Petra Verzola Acosta (the daughter of Mauro Acosta and Silvina Verzola).

Tirso’s second half-cousin, once removed, is actress Sunshine Cruz.

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Coco Martin

by Manila on February 19, 2017

Birth Name: Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno

Place of Birth: Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: November 1, 1981

Ethnicity: Filipino (Kapampangan)

Coco Martin is a Filipino actor. He is the son of Ramon S. Nacianceno and Maria Teresa “Marites” Cunanan Pacheco.

Some sources incorrectly stated that Coco’s second given name is Luis, although his full name indicated on his birth certificate is “Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno”.

Coco’s paternal grandparents are “Popoy” Nacianceno and Matilde S.

Coco’s maternal grandfather was Marcelino Trinidad Pacheco (the son of Eligio Roman Pacheco and Maria Salome Sunga Trinidad). Eligio was the son of Emiliano Pacheco y Pineda (or Emiliano Pineda Pacheco in Filipino) and Celedonia Roman y Parás (or Celedonia Parás Roman in Filipino). Maria Salome was the daughter of Silvino Trinidad y Cunanan (or Silvino Cunanan Trinidad in Filipino) and Macaria Sunga y Guintó (or Macaria Guintó Sunga in Filipino).

Coco’s maternal grandmother was Anita Salta Cunanan (the daughter of Melchor Cunanan and Miguela Salta).

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Agot Isidro

by Manila on February 19, 2017

Birth Name: Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro

Place of Birth: Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: July 20, 1966

Ethnicity: Filipino (Cebuano and Tagalog), 1/4 Palestinian

Agot Isidro is a Filipina actress, singer, and songwriter.

Agot’s father, Jose Zamora Isidro, is a businessman, from Marikina, Rizal (now part of Metro Manila). Agot’s mother, Eduarda Nuñez Fteha, was born in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.

Agot was previously married to Manuel “Manu” San Agustin Sandejas.

Agot’s paternal grandparents were Narciso G. Isidro y Santos (or Narciso G. Santos Isidro or Filipino, the son of Sixto Isidro and Álvara Santos), and Amada Zamora y Guevara (or Amada Guevara Zamora in Filipino, the daughter of Eugenio Zamora and Damiana Guevara).

Agot’s maternal grandparents were Ahmad Fteha and Bernabela Nuñez. Ahmad was a Palestinian mining foreman, from Silwan, Jerusalem. Bernabela was Filipina, from Cebu.

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