Eddie Garcia

by Manila on April 21, 2017

Birth Name: Jesús García Verchez

Place of Birth: Sorsogon, Sorsogon, Philippines

Date of Birth: May 2, 1929

Ethnicity: Filipino (Bicolano)

Eddie Garcia is a Filipino actor. His father, Antonio García, was a merchant, from Buhi, Camarines Sur. His mother, Vicenta Verchez, was born in Juban, Sorsogon.

Source: Birth record of Eddie Garcia –


Lena Hall

by stlucas on March 29, 2017

Birth Name: Celina Consuela Gabriella Carvajal

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 30, 1980

*Filipino, Spanish, possibly Chinese (paternal grandfather)
*Swedish (paternal grandmother)
*English, possibly other (mother)

Lena Hall is an American singer and actress. She is known for being the lead singer of the hard rock band The Deafening.

Lena was born in San Francisco, California, the daughter of Carolyn S. (Houser), a ballerina, and Carlos Konrad Carvajal, a choreographer. Lena’s sister, Calliope, is a stylist.

Lena’s paternal grandfather was Carlos Maganti Tagaroma Carvajal. Carlos was a Filipino-American painter from Manila, the son of Filipino parents José Maganti y Arate and Patrocinio “Patring” Tagaroma y Panson.

José Maganti and Patrocinio were Zarzuela actors. José Maganti’s parents were José Maria Garcia and Josefa Arate. Josefa had Spanish ancestry. Patrocinio’s mother was Juanita Panson. Juanita was said to be a Chinese Filipino.

Lena’s paternal grandmother was Rosa Gunhild Juhlin/Guhlin (the daughter of David Konrad Juhlin and Josefina Fagerman). Rosa was born in Gothenburg, Västra-Götaland County, Sweden, to Swedish parents.

Lena’s maternal grandparents were Nancy Ruth Stewart and Harold Lee Houser (the son of William E. Houser and Velva).

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Sarah Ramos

by stlucas on March 17, 2017

Birth Name: Sarah Emily Ramos

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 21, 1991

*Filipino [one quarter], Scottish, German, French, Irish, English (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Sarah Ramos is an American actress. She is the daughter of Sharon (Biederman) and Steve Ramos, Jr. She has a brother.

Sarah’s father is of one quarter Filipino descent, with his other roots being Scottish, German, French, Irish, and English. Sarah’s mother is Jewish (of Polish Jewish and Ukrainian Jewish descent).

Sarah’s paternal grandfather was Steve Ramos (the son of Esteban Zafra Ramos and Bertha Aveline Rose). Esteban was born in Cebu, the Philippines, the son of Portacio Ramos and Juana Zafra. Bertha was the daughter of Raymond Earl Lacroix Rose and Mary Ellen Hosey, and had Scottish, French, German, and English ancestry, with roots in Inverness-shire, Scotland, Normandy and Picardy, France, and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Sarah’s paternal grandmother was Ruby June McAllister (the daughter of Oden Ray McAllister and Vernie Emily Grabeel). Ruby had Irish, German, and English ancestry. Oden was the son of George Hancock McAllister and Nancy Jame Margaret Moore Steverson. Vernie was the daughter of Thomas E. Irvin Grabeel and Belle Cora McSwain.

Sarah’s maternal grandparents were David “Dave” Biederman (the son of Hershel Biederman and Rifka) and Adaline Ola Teitlebaum (the daughter of Itzhak Teitlebaum/Tajtelbojm and Socia Rutenberg). David was born in Warsaw, Poland. Adaline was born in Ratne, Poland (now Ukraine).

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Brytni Sarpy

by stlucas on March 15, 2017

Birth Name: Brytni Melicia Sarpy

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 21, 1987

Ethnicity: Creole [African, French, Italian], Filipino, possibly Apache Native American and Cherokee Native American

Brytni Sarpy is an American actress. She was born in California, the daughter of Kim (Javier) and Melvin Jerome “Mel” Sarpy. She has a half-brother, Aiden.

Brytni has stated in an interview that she has Creole (including French, African, and Italian), Apache and Cherokee Native American, and Filipino, ancestry.

Brytni’s parents are pictured here.


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Joel de la Fuente

by stlucas on March 11, 2017

Place of Birth: New Hartford, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 21, 1969

Ethnicity: Filipino, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish

Joel de la Fuente is an American actor. He was born in New Hartford, New York, to Filipino parents. Joel was raised in Evanston, Illinois.

Joel has stated that he is of Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian, Portuguese, and Spanish descent.


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