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Peggy Lipton

by follers on June 22, 2017

Peggy Lipton – Mentor LA’s Promise Gala Honoring Tom Cruise – Photo Credit: Glenn Harris / Photorazzi

Birth Name: Margaret Ann Lipton

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 30, 1946

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Peggy Lipton is an American actress and model.

Peggy is the mother of model, actress, and fashion designer Kidada Jones and actress, writer, and producer Rashida Jones, with her former husband, music, film, and television producer and instrumentalist Quincy Jones.

Peggy is the daughter of Rita Hetty (Benson/Rosenberg) and Harold Arlen Lipton. Her father was born in The Bronx, New York, to Russian Jewish immigrants. Her mother was born in Dublin, Ireland, of Russian Jewish and Latvian Jewish descent.

Peggy’s paternal grandfather was Max Lipschitz (the son of Harris/Harold Lipschitz and Rebecca Leah Pitovsky/Witkowsky). Max was from Slutsk.

Peggy’s paternal grandmother was Alice Goldfarb (the daughter of Aaron Goldfarb and Frieda/Freude Bass/Bab). Alice was from Brest.

Peggy’s maternal grandfather was Hyman Rosenberg (the son of Marko Benjamin Rosenberg and Sarah Hahn). Hyman was a Russian Jewish immigrant, who was born in Saga.

Peggy’s maternal grandmother was Jeanie “Jane” Benson (the daughter of Benjamin Joseph Bensohn/Benson, from Kovno, and Sophia Winestein/Weinstein). Jeanie was born in Manchester, Lancashire, England, to Latvian Jewish parents. Benjamin was the son of Schlaume/Solomon Benson and Gittel Vamer. Sophia was the daughter of Joseph Weinstein and Jane.

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Mark Lester

by madman on May 23, 2017

Birth Name: Mark A. Letzer

Place of Birth: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 11 July, 1958

Ethnicity: English, Ashkenazi Jewish

Mark Lester is a British actor. He is known for starring in the 1968 film Oliver! He is the son of Rita (Keene), an actress, and Michael Lester (born Michael Boris Letzer), an actor and producer.

His father was raised in a Jewish household, and was mentioned in The Jewish Chronicle paper of England during his own childhood.

Mark’s paternal grandfather was Abraham Letzer (born Abraham Lackshier, the son of Alec Lackshier/Leckzear/Leckshere/Letzer and Annie Fordham). Abraham was born in London, to Russian Jewish parents.

Mark’s paternal grandmother was Constance Sutton. It is not clear if Constance was of Jewish heritage; the surname “Sutton” is usually an English (non-Jewish) surname.

Mark’s maternal grandparents were likely Henry V. Keene and Violet S. Holloway.

Mark has said that he is the biological father of Paris Jackson, the daughter of singer Michael Jackson. It is not clear if there is any evidence for this.


Jamie Elman

by stlucas on May 18, 2017

Birth Name: Benjamin David Elman

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 5, 1976

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jamie Elman is an American-born Canadian actor.

Jamie is the son of Margo Dawn (Robitaille) and Harvey Elman. He has a brother, Michael. They were raised in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Jamie’s parents are both Jewish. Jamie studied Yiddish at a Jewish school in Montréal.

Jamie’s maternal grandfather was Leonel/Lionel Arnold Robitaille (the son of David Rabinovitch/Robitaille and Fanny/Fannie Abrams). David was born in Chisinau, Russian Empire (now Moldova), the son of Nahum/Nuchum Rabinovitch and Clara. Fanny was born in England.

Jamie’s maternal grandmother was Sheila Ruth Robbins.

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Stephanie Beatriz

by stlucas on May 7, 2017

Birth Name: Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri

Place of Birth: Neuquén, Argentina

Date of Birth: February 10, 1981

*Colombian [German, 1/4 Sephardi Jewish, Dutch, Spanish, Basque, possibly other] (father)
*Bolivian [Spanish, Indigenous, Basque, possibly other] (mother)

Stephanie Beatriz is an Argentine-born American actress.

Stephanie was born in Neuquén, Argentina, the daughter of Silvia Rosario Alvizuri Luna and Ernesto Bischoff Cortissoz. Beatriz moved to the U.S. at the age of two, and was raised in Texas. She has a sister, Jennifer.

Stephanie’s father is Colombian, and has recent German ancestry, as well as one quarter Sephardi Jewish, and some Dutch (from Curaçao) and Spanish, roots. Stephanie’s mother is Bolivian, and likely has Spanish and Indigenous roots. Some of the surnames in Stephanie’s family tree suggest Basque ancestry, on both sides.

Stephanie’s paternal grandfather was Luder Heinrich Bischoff Siefken (the son of Eduard August Bischoff Katenkamp and Cornelia Amalia “Nelly” Siefken Hoyer). Eduard was born in Bremen, Germany, the son of Lüder Heinrich Bischoff Meyer and Auguste Christine Katenkamp Bernhard. Cornelia was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, the daughter of Friedrich Moritz Siefken, who was from Bremen, Germany, and of Dorothea Cornelia Hoyer, who was from Curaçao, and was of Dutch, as well as some German (from Saxony), descent.

Stephanie’s paternal grandmother was Cecilia Cortissoz Rodriguez (the daughter of Ernesto Cortissoz Alvares-Correa and Esther Rodriguez Gonzales). Ernesto was a Sephardi Jew, and was the son of Jacob Cortissoz Jesurun-Pinto and Julia Alvares-Correa; his family lived in the Virgin Islands, Curaçao, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Barbados, and England. Esther was born in Colombia, of Spanish (with roots in Asturias), and possibly other, ancestry; she was the daughter of Enrique Rodriguez Blanco and Cecilia Gonzalez Vengoechea.

Stephanie’s maternal grandparents were Guillermo Alvizuri and Angelica Luna.

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Photo by Joe Seer/Bigstock.com

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Jonas Blue

by Manila on May 5, 2017

Birth Name: Guy James Robin

Place of Birth: Waltham Forest, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 2 August, 1989

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jonas Blue is a British DJ, record producer, songwriter, and remixer.

He is the son of Melissa A. (Cohen) and Jeremy M. Robin.

Jonas’ paternal grandparents are Ivan Robin (the son of Philip Robin and Fanny Rubenstein) and Frances Grodner (the daughter of Aaron Grodner and Leah Alpern). Aaron was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, Morris Grodner and Fanny. Leah was the daughter of Israel Alpern and Annie.

Jonas’ maternal grandparents are ? Cohen and ? Solomons.

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