Ry Cooder

by andrew on April 19, 2018

Ry Cooder – Ry Cooder in Concert in Milan, Italy – June 26, 2009 – Milan – Milan, Italy – Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR Photos

Birth Name: Ryland Peter Cooder

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 15, 1947

*Irish, as well as German and English (father)
*Italian (mother)

Ry Cooder is an American musician, songwriter, film score composer, and record producer. He is known for his slide guitar work, his interest in roots music from the United States, and his collaborations with traditional musicians from many countries.

Ry is the son of Emma (Casaroli) and William H. “Bill” Cooder. His father, who was born in Canada, to American parents, had Irish, as well as German and English, ancestry. Ry’s maternal grandparents were Italian, likely from Parma, Emilia-Romagna.

Ry’s paternal grandfather was Howard Russell Cooder (the son of William Christopher Cooder and Louise Ryland Keckeler). Howard was born in Ohio. Louise was the daughter of Adolphus Turner Keckeler and Louise Ryland.

Ry’s paternal grandmother was Maude/Maud O’Leary. Maude was born in Minnesota, to Irish parents.

Ry’s maternal grandfather was Peter B. Casaroli (the son of parents surnamed Casaroli and Delope).

Ry’s maternal grandmother was named Rosa “Rose” Sabini.

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Matteo Renzi

by Manila on March 27, 2016

Place of Birth: Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Date of Birth: 11 January, 1975

Ethnicity: Italian

Matteo Renzi is an Italian politician. He served as Prime Minister of Italy, from 22 February, 2014 to 12 December, 2016.

He was also President of the Province of Florence, from 14 June, 2004 to 22 June, 2009, Mayor of Florence, from 22 June, 2009 to 24 March, 2014, and Secretary of the Democratic Party, from 15 December, 2013 to 19 February, 2017, and again from 7 May, 2017 to 12 March, 2018.

His father, Tiziano Renzi, was a small business owner and Christian Democratic municipal councillor in Rignano sull’Arno. His mother is named Laura Bovoli. He is married to teacher Agnese Landini, with whom he has three children.

Matteo’s paternal grandfather was named Adone Renzi.

Matteo’s paternal grandmother is named Anna Maria Pandolfi.

Matteo’s maternal grandparents were Achille Bovoli (the son of Saulle Bovoli) and Maria Violanti. Achille was born in Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Saulle was from Bologna, Emilia-Romagna.

Source: Genealogy of Matteo Renzi – https://www.geni.com

Photo by antonionardelli/bigstock.com


Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

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2013 Formula 1 Racing - Ferrari Finali Mondiali Event - November 10, 2013

Place of Birth: Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Date of Birth: 31 August, 1947

Ethnicity: Italian, as well as very remote Spanish

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is an Italian businessperson. He is the former Chairman of Ferrari and FIAT.

Luca comes from an aristocratic background. His family served the Royal House of Savoy for generations. The family’s origin is Spanish. They settled in Piedmont, Italy during the mid 1400s.

Luca is the son of Clotilde Neri and Massimo Cordero dei Marchesi di Montezemolo. Luca’s mother was a niece of famed Italian surgeon Vincenzo Neri. Luca’s second cousin is Cardinal Andrea Cordero di Montezemolo (the son of Marquis Giuseppe Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo and Amalia Dematteis).

Luca is married to Ludovica Andreoni, and has five children.

Luca’s paternal grandfather was Mario Cesare Cordero di Montezemolo (the son of Carlo Cordero di Montezemolo and Maria Ferrari di Castelnuovo). Mario was born in Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont. Luca’s grandfather and great-grandfather were both Generals in the Italian army. Luca’s great-grandfather Carlo was the son of Cesare Cordero di Montezemolo and Sofia Lanza di Busca.

Luca’s paternal grandmother was Clementina Deciani. Clementina was born in Cassacco, Provincia di Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Luca has been rumored to be the illegitimate son of Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli.

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Photo by Prphotos.com

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Luca Toni

by andrew on October 19, 2015

2008 Soccer - Netherlands Vs. Italy (3-0) - June 9, 2008

Place of Birth: Pavullo nel Frignano, Province of Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Date of Birth: 26 May, 1977

Ethnicity: Italian

Luca Toni is an Italian professional footballer. He was a member of the Italian national team at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Luca is the son of Valeria and Gianfranco Toni. He has two children with his partner, Italian model Marta Cecchetto.

Photo by Prphotos.com

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Carlo Ancelotti

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Campionato Italiano Serie A - Milan Vs. Lazio (1-1) - March 1, 2008

Place of Birth: Reggiolo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Date of Birth: 10 June, 1959

Ethnicity: Italian

Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian football manager and player. He manages German club Bayern Munich.

Carlo is the son of Giuseppe “Peppino” Ancelotti. Carlo is married to Canadian businessperson Mariann Barrena McClay. He has two children with his former wife, Luisa Gibellini.

Source: Obituary of Carlo’s father – http://gazzettadireggio.gelocal.it

Photo by Prphotos.com

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