Julie Henderson

by stlucas on August 15, 2017

Julie Henderson – “Kingsman: The Secret Service” New York City Premiere – SVA Theater – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: MJ Photos / PRPhotos.com 

Birth Name: Julie Patrice Henderson

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 5, 1986

Ethnicity: German, Swiss-German, Dutch, English, Irish, Swedish, possibly French

Julie Henderson is an American model.

Julie is the daughter of Zoe Ann (Truhe) and Richard Dayvaul/Dayvault Henderson. Julie’s father has English, Irish, German, Swedish, and possibly French roots. Julie’s mother is of German, Swiss-German, Dutch, English, and Swedish descent.

Julie’s paternal grandfather was Samuel Whilden “Sam” Henderson, Jr. (the son of Samuel Whilden/Wilton Henderson, Sr. and Edith Okerstrom). Samuel, Sr. was the son of John Henderson and Louise W. Inzer. Edith was born in Colorado, to parents from Sweden.

Julie’s paternal grandmother was Eleanor Johnson Williams (the daughter of Clarence James Williams and Myrtle Ray Dayvault). Clarence was the son of Roger T. Williams and Louise Catherine Young. Myrtle was the daughter of David Patton Dayvault and Ida Salina Johnson.

Julie’s maternal grandfather was Herbert Paul Truhe, Jr. (the son of Herbert Paul Truhe, Sr. and Adeline/Adaline Shople/Shopie/Helen DeKoch). Herbert, Sr. was the son of John Truhe, whose own father was German and whose own mother was Swiss-German, and of Anna Bengfort, whose own parents were also German. Adeline was born in South Dakota, to parents from the Netherlands.

Julie’s maternal grandmother was Lois Ilene Morgan (the daughter of Alton J. Morgan and Eva F. Emmons). Alton was the son of Ernest Morgan, whose own father was German, and of Maude Hoskins. Eva was the daughter of Lewis Emmons and Viola Olson/Oleson, whose own father was from Sweden.

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Tom Lenk

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Birth Name: Thomas Loren Lenk

Place of Birth: Camarillo, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1976

Ethnicity: German, English, Dutch, French, possibly other

Tom Lenk is an American stage and television actor.

Tom is the son of Pamela J. “Pam” (Sherman) and Fredric/Fredrick Gene “Fred” Lenk.

Tom’s paternal grandmother had the surname “Reneau”.

Tom’s maternal grandfather was Jack Dewald Sherman.

Tom’s maternal grandmother was Alice Laverna Henck (the daughter of Edward Warren Henck and Ethel Viola Addison). Edward was the son of George Henry Henck and Rose Budd Styer. Ethel was the daughter of Arthur Linn Addison and Elizabeth Laverna VanBuskirk.

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Photo by Joe Seer/Bigstock.com


Giovanni van Bronckhorst

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Birth Name: Giovanni Christiaan van Bronckhorst

Place of Birth: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 5 February, 1975

*Indonesian, Dutch (father)
*Indonesian [Moluccan] (mother)

Giovanni van Bronckhorst is a Dutch football player and manager.

He is the son of Victor van Bronckhorst, who is of Indonesian and Dutch descent, and of Fransien Sapulette, who is Indonesian (Moluccan).


Renee Olstead

by madman on August 8, 2017

Renee Olstead – Farm Sanctuary 30th Anniversary Gala – Arrivals – Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel, 9500 Wilshire Boulevard – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

Birth Name: Rebecca Renee Olstead

Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 18, 1989

Ethnicity: German, English, 1/8th Norwegian, smaller amounts of Irish, French, Dutch, and Scottish, remote Welsh

Renee Olstead is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of Rebecca Lynn (Jeffries) and Christopher Eric Olstead.

Renee’s father is of one half German, one quarter Norwegian, as well as English, descent. Her mother has English, German, Irish, French, Dutch, Scottish, and remote Welsh, ancestry.

Renee’s paternal grandfather was George Elias Olstead (the son of John Oliver Olstead and Emma Louise Gruny/Grueney). John was born in Norway. Emma was born in New Jersey, to German parents.

Renee’s paternal grandmother was Myra Mahlow (the daughter of Henry Mahlow and Cynthia E. Mims). Henry was born in Michigan, to German parents, Julius Mahlow and Margaret. Cynthia was the daughter of Albert Clinton Mims and Victoria Elizabeth Leslie.

Renee’s maternal grandfather was Gerald Jackson Jeffries (the son of Herbert Adelbert Jefferies and Ethel Gladys Nickerson). Herbert was the son of Andrew Jackson Jefferies and Matilda Jane Sparks. Ethel was the daughter of Peter William Nickerson and Sarah Annice/Annis Zora Dill.

Renee’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Jean Brannin (the daughter of Glenn L. Brannin and Mabel Mary Mosler). Renee’s grandmother Dorothy was of German, English, Irish, French, Scottish, and remote Welsh, descent. Glenn was the son of George Jefferson Brannin and Etna Mae Fisher. Mabel was the daughter of Vernie William Mosler and Frances Isabelle Silkey.

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Lee Toland Krieger

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Lee Toland Krieger – “Four Stories” Los Angeles Premiere – W Hotel – Westwood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 24, 1983

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*Dutch, Welsh, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, English (mother)

Lee Toland Krieger is an American film director and screenwriter.

Lee is the son of Jane “Robin” (Toland) and Steven “Steve” E. Krieger.

Lee’s paternal grandfather was actor Lee Krieger, who was born Lee Isaac (or Isaac Lee) Krieger in Baltimore, Maryland, to a Jewish family. His mother’s surname was Perlman.

Lee’s maternal grandfather was Alexander Brown Toland (the son of Owen Jones Toland and Alexandra Brown Dolan). Owen was the son of Edward Dale Toland and Charlotte Graham Rush. Alexandra was the daughter of Clarence William Dolan and Rosalie Carson Brown, who was born in Paris, France.

Lee’s maternal grandmother was Jane Burnham Van Pelt (the daughter of John Van Pelt and Marian Dennison Grant). John was the son of Charles Edward Van Pelt and Ellen Dorothy Hughes, whose own father was from Wales and whose own mother was from Ireland.

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