Jason Lewis

by bablah on September 19, 2017

Jason Lewis – “My Valentine” Video Premiere Hosted by Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney – Arrivals – 8823 Beverly Boulevard – West Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos 

Place of Birth: Newport Beach, Orange County, California, United States [evidently]

Date of Birth: June 25, 1971

Ethnicity: English, some Dutch

Jason Lewis is an American actor and fashion model.

Jason’s paternal grandfather was William Jack Lewis (the son of Edward Wayland Lewis and Florence E. Buxton). Edward was the son of Simpson Hawley Lewis and Medora Jane Gregory. Florence was the daughter of William John Buxton, whose father was English, and of Eva Yount.

Jason’s paternal grandmother was Helen F. Towner (the daughter of Clem A. Towner and Bernice Faye Horrell). Clem was the son of Benjamin Mac D. Towner and Florence M. Wimberley.

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Grace Phipps

by stlucas on September 16, 2017

Birth Name: Grace Victoria Phipps

Place of Birth: Austin, Travis, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 4, 1992

Ethnicity: English, Dutch, possibly other

Grace Phipps is an American actress, singer, and dancer.

Grace is the daughter of Kathryn Sue “Kate” (Vangelder) and Gilliam David “Gil” Phipps.

Grace’s paternal grandfather was Robert Stirling Phipps, Jr., who was likely the son of Robert Stirling Phipps, Sr. and Rose Marvelyn/Marvlyn.

Grace’s paternal grandmother was Mary Barbee Gilliam (the daughter of Alonzo Barbee Gilliam and Mary Clodfelter). Alonzo was the son of Levi Winfrey Gilliam and Mary “Mamie” Bassett/Barrett. Grace’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of John H. Clodfelter and Alice D. Brinson.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/


Brian Van Holt

by madman on September 14, 2017

Brian Van Holt – “The Bridge” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – DGA Theater – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Birth Name: Brian Edward Van Holt

Place of Birth: Waukegan, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 6, 1969

Ethnicity: Norwegian (paternal grandmother), Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, English, possibly Dutch

Brian Van Holt is an American actor. He is the son of Barbara L. (Frailey) and Keith Ole Van Holt.

Brian has said:

I’m actually Scotch-Irish. My nickname is Dutch, but my family’s part of the McGregor clan. No one really knows where ‘Van Holt’ came from.

Brian’s paternal grandmother was of Norwegian descent. His paternal grandfather had Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), German, English, and possibly Dutch, ancestry. Brian’s mother is of at least part Irish descent.

Brian’s paternal grandfather was Stewart Grier Van Holt (the son of George Washington Van Holt and Martha Mae “Mattie” Grier). Martha was the daughter of Robert Stewart Grier and Kathryn Earle Pierce.

Brian’s paternal grandmother was Cora Beatrice Evanson (the daughter of Oscar Evenson and Amelia/Emelia Otilie Larson). Oscar was born in Wisconsin, to Norwegian parents, Martin Evenson and Marie Erickson. Amelia was also born in Wisconsin, also to Norwegian parents, Ole Larson and Amanda Swenson.

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Matt Sorum

by bablah on September 11, 2017

Matt Sorum – 5th Anniversary Celebration of “The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil” at the Mirage in Las Vegas on June 8, 2011 – The Mirage Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV, USA –  Photo Credit: PRN / PR Photos

Birth Name: Matthew William Sorum

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 19, 1960

Ethnicity: Norwegian, German [including Swiss-German], English, Czech [Bohemian], Dutch, Irish

Matt Sorum is an American drummer and percussionist. He is a former member of the hard rock bands Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. Other members of the band include or have included Steven Adler, Duff McKagan, Axl Rose, Slash, and Izzy Stradlin.

Matt is married to Ace Harper.

Matt’s paternal grandfather was Kermit Burdette Sorum (the son of Nels Sorum and Berith/Betsey Haugen). Nels was born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents. Berith was from Norway.

Matt’s paternal grandmother was Corolla Zelphia Paffrath (the daughter of William/Wilhelm Paffrath and Anna Bellig). William was born in Illinois, to German parents, Caspar Paffrath and Barbara Schnad. Anna was born in Minnesota, to a Swiss-German father, Samuel Bellig, and a Bohemian mother, Francis Jirousek.

Matt’s maternal grandfather was Robert Wallace Winslow (the son of Leon Arnold Winslow and Elizabeth J./G. Rogers). Leon was the son of William H. Winslow and Addie Fisk. Elizabeth was the daughter of Frank E. Rogers and Elizabeth McGraw.

Matt’s maternal grandmother was Josephine Gurnee (the daughter of Morris C. Gurnee and Lillian A. DeMocker). Morris was the son of John R. Gurnee and Eva/Ella. Lillian was the daughter of Jacob L. Demoeker, who was Dutch, and of Margaret B. Lindsey, who was Irish.

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Christine Woods

by bablah on September 8, 2017

Christine Woods – 7th Annual International Artivist Film Festival & Awards Opening Screening of “ReGeneration” – Photo Credit: Tatiana Beller / PR Photos

Birth Name: Christine Elizabeth Woods

Place of Birth: El Toro (Lake Forest), Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 3, 1983

Ethnicity: English, Polish, some Dutch, possibly Norwegian and Irish

Christine Woods is an American actress.

Christine is sometimes described as Irish American.

Christine’s paternal grandfather was Sterling Allen Woods, son of Roy Emmie Woods and Marion May Parish. Roy was the son of Ira Palmer Woods (son of Hannibal Woods and Electa Allen) and Nevina Georgiana Harris (daughter of Hiram Harris and Martha J. Weaver). Marion was the daughter of Fred Parish (son of John Parish and Clara S. Hill) and Ora De Wolf (daughter of Myron Dewolf and Julia Gray).

Christine’s paternal grandmother was Sylvia Mary Ostrowski, daughter of John Aloysius Ostrowski and Mary Sobota. John was born in Minnesota to Polish parents Stanislaw Ostrowski and Maria. Mary was also born in Minnesota to Polish parents.

Christine’s maternal grandparents have last names Nielsen and Armstrong.

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