Charlie Carver

by stlucas on November 18, 2017

Birth Name: Charles Carver Martensen

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: July 31, 1988

Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, Scottish, likely Danish and French-Canadian

Charlie Carver is an American actor. His twin brother is actor Max Carver (born Robert Maxwell Martensen, Jr.).

Charlie is the son of Anne Douglas (Carver) and Robert Lawrence Martensen, Sr.

Charlie’s paternal grandfather was Lorenz Thomas “Marty” Martensen, Jr. (the son of Lorenz Thomas Martensen and and Marie/Mary Eleanor Copenhafer). Charlie’s great-grandfather Lorenz was born in Bredtstatt, Germany, the son of Zacharius Martensen and Agatha Andreasen, and likely had Danish ancestry. Marie was born in Illinois, the daughter of John Copenhafer and Mary A. Shettle.

Charlie’s paternal grandmother was Bernice Helen Sommer (the daughter of Walter S. Sommer and Anna).

Charlie’s maternal grandfather was George William Douglas Carver (the son of Clifford Nickels Carver and Helene/Helena Philae Olive Virginia Maxwell). Clifford was the son of Amos Dow Carver and Inez Scott Morgan. Helene was born in England, the daughter of John Grenfell Maxwell and Louise Selina Bonynge, and was of English, Irish, and distant German, descent.

Charlie’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Hitchcock (the daughter of Fremont Bodine Hitchcock and Pauline Chamberlain). Fremont was the son of Howard Horace Hitchcock, whose mother was Canadian, and of Nellie Watters, whose own parents was Scottish. Pauline was the daughter of Paul F. Chamberlain and Frances Margaret Harbaugh.

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Charles, Prince of Wales

by follers on November 14, 2017

Birth Name: Charles Philip Arthur George

Place of Birth: Buckingham Palace, Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 14 November, 1948

Ethnicity: European Royal, English (mostly), small amounts of German, Hungarian, French, Anglo-Irish, distant Irish, Danish, Swedish, Swiss, Belgian, Dutch, Bohemian/Czech, Scottish, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish

Charles, Prince of Wales, is the heir apparent to the British throne.

He is the son of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles is married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. With his former wife, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, he is the father of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry of Wales.

Prince Charles’ paternal grandfather was Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (the son of George I of Greece, and of Olga Constantinovna of Russia). Prince Andrew was born in Old Royal Palace, Athens, Kingdom of Greece. George I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of Christian IX, King of Denmark, and of Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel. Olga was born in Pavlovsk, Russian Empire, the daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin/Constantine Nikolayevich/Nikolaevich/Nicholaievitch of Russia, and of Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg.

Prince Charles’ paternal grandmother was Princess Alice of Battenberg (the daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg, and of Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine). Princess Alice was born in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England. Prince Louis was born in Graz, Austrian Empire, the son of Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine, and of Countess Julia/Julie Therese Salome Hauke. Princess Victoria was born in Windsor Castle, the daughter of Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, and of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles’ maternal grandfather was George VI, who was King of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952 (the son of George V, and of Mary of Teck). George VI was born in York Cottage, Sandringham House, Norfolk, United Kingdom. George V was born in Marlborough House, London, and was King from 1910 to 1936. He was the son of Edward VII, who was King from 1901 to 1910, and of Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Mary of Teck was born in Kensington Palace, London, the daughter of Francis, Duke of Teck, and of Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge.

Prince Charles’ maternal grandmother was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the daughter of Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and of Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne). Lady Elizabeth was born in England. Claude was the son of Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and of Frances Dora Smith Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Cecilia was the daughter of The Rev. Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck and Caroline Louisa Burnaby.

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Mary Hart

by bablah on November 6, 2017

Mary Hart – 8th Annual NATPE Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards – Arrivals – Fontainebleau Hotel – Miami Beach, FL, USA – Photo Credit: Steven Schnitzer / PR Photos

Birth Name: Mary Johanna Harum

Place of Birth: Madison, Lake County, South Dakota, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 8, 1950

Ethnicity: Norwegian, 1/8 Danish

Mary Hart is an American television personality. She was the host of the show Entertainment Tonight from 1982 to 2011.

Mary is married to producer Burt Sugarman, with whom she has a son. Mary is usually described as a convert to Judaism, Burt’s religion.

Mary’s paternal grandfather was Olaf/Olof S. Harum (the son of Lars Anders Larson Harum and Carrie O. Christopherson). Olaf’s parents were Norwegian. Lars was born in Bamble.

Mary’s paternal grandmother was Johanna/Joanna Bertina Ordal (the daughter of John/Johannes Bendik Johannesen Ordal and Andria/Andrea Katherine Samuelsdottir Erickstad). Johanna’s parents were Norwegian, from Jolster.

Mary’s maternal grandfather John Erickson. John was born near Stavanger, Norway.

Mary’s maternal grandmother was Ulda Jensen (the daughter of Christ/Christin Jensen and Sarah/Sarene). Ulda was born in South Dakota, to a Danish father and a Norwegian mother.

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Matt Iseman

by stlucas on October 25, 2017

Birth Name: Matthew Charles Iseman

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 22, 1971

*Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandfather)
*Irish (paternal grandmother)
*Danish, English, possibly other (maternal grandfather)
*Czech/Bohemian (maternal grandmother)

Matt Iseman is an American comedian, actor, television host, and physician. Matt is also known for being the winner of reality show The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Matt is the son of Joan/Jan (Christensen) and Michael Dee “Mike” Iseman. Matt has a brother, Thomas.

Matt’s paternal grandfather was Manuel Wessel Iseman (the son of Israel DeeWitt/Dee Iseman and Bloomy Goldberg/Goldburg). Israel was the son of Manuel Iseman and Sarah, who were German Jews. Bloomy was also the daughter of German Jews, Samuel Goldberg/Goldburg and Rachel.

Matt’s paternal grandmother was Eileen Croghan (the daughter of Thomas Croghan and Anne/Annie Nicholson). Thomas was the son of Irish parents, Owen Croghan and Mary Tierman/Tiernan/Truman. Anne was also the daughter of Irish parents, Richard Nicholson and Anna Foley.

Matt’s maternal grandfather was Paul B. Christensen (the son of Charles Christensen and Mabel P. Bentley). Charles was the son of Nels Burdett Christensen and Anna Kristina Madisen, who were Danish. Mabel was the stepdaughter of Robert Martin and Mariam.

Matt’s paternal grandmother was Marcella Slama (the daughter of Emil H. Slama and Otilia “Tillie”). Emil was born in Bohemia, the son of Aloisia/Aloisie Vruhlar. Otilia was also born in Bohemia.

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Madison Davenport

by stlucas on October 3, 2017

Birth Name: Madison Danielle Davenport

Place of Birth: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 22, 1996

Ethnicity: English, German, Danish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish)

Madison Davenport is an American actress and singer.

Madison is the daughter of Jennifer Rebecca (Halpain) and Brandon Kyle Davenport.

Madison’s paternal grandfather was Ivan Coleman Davenport (the son of Louis/Louie/Lewis Wallace “Lew” Davenport and Ella Louise Coleman). Louis was the son of J. Ray Davenport and Lillie. Ella was the daughter of Obie David Coleman and Georgie/Georgia Elizabeth B. Clarke, whose own mother was from Northern Ireland.

Madison’s paternal grandmother was Marilyn Jean Sandlin (the daughter of Ross Floyd Sandlin and Mabel Eulaine Weeks). Ross was the son of William Joseph Sandlin and Sereptia “Jessie” Tankersley. Mabel was the daughter of Charles D. Weeks and Mary Ellen.

Madison’s maternal grandfather was Billy Gene Halpain (the son of Joseph Daniel Halpain and Vivian Elizabeth Sutton). Joseph was the son of Leonodus/Leonidas Halpain and Norma Estelle “Normie” Baker. Vivian was the daughter of William Sutton and Sarah Young.

Madison’s maternal grandmother was Beverly Ellen Baitinger (the daughter of Kenneth O. Baitinger and Delores/Dolores E. Schultz). Kenneth was the son of Oliver Earl Baitinger and Estella/Stella Elizabeth Peterson/Petersen, whose own father was Danish. Delores was the daughter of Stephan/Steven Schultz, whose parents were German, and of Martha Ellen, whose own mother was German.

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Photo by kathclick/www.bigstockphoto.com/