John Shiban

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07/30/2012 – John Shiban – AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” Season 2 Premiere – Arrivals – Paley Center for Media – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

Birth Name: John J. Shiban

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 8, 1962

*Syrian (father)
*Austrian, Danish, English, Irish (mother)

John Shiban is an American television writer, director, and producer.

John is the son of Ramona Marie (Wustner) and John Roosevelt Shiban. His father was of Syrian descent. His mother had Austrian, Danish, English, and Irish ancestry. John is married to Janet, with whom he has a son.

John’s paternal grandparents were John Shiban and Anna. John and Anna were born in Syria.

John’s maternal grandfather was Lorenz Josef Wustner (the son of Franz Josef Wustner and Sophia Dorothea Paulsen). Lorenz was born in North Dakota. Franz was born in Austria, the son of Lorenz Wustner and Rosina Mangeng. Sophia was born in Vamdrup, Denmark.

John’s maternal grandmother was named Rubie Hines/Haines Ward (who likely was the daughter of Roy Otis Ward and Katherine Delnore Madigan). Roy was born in Iowa, the son of William W. Ward and Ella Letitia Haines. Katherine was born in Canada.

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Jamie Bernadette

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Jamie Bernadette – Roman Media Inc.’s 3rd Annual Red Carpet and Fashion Show – Arrivals – Boulevard3 – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Birth Name: Jamie Bernadette Sommer

Place of Birth: Kankakee, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: c. 1978

Ethnicity: German, French-Canadian/French, English, 1/8th Danish

Jamie Bernadette is an American actress.

Jamie is the daughter of June Marie (Juckett) and Steven William Sommer.

Jamie’s paternal grandfather was Clarence Sommer (who was Charles W. Sommer and Lela Morris). Charles was the son of John Randalhle Sommer, whose parents were German, and of Mary Elizabeth Brooke, whose father was English. Lela was the daughter of Elmer Morris and Neva E. Hershman.

Jamie’s paternal grandmother was Carolyn M. Dusenbury (the daughter of Roy Francis Dusenbury and Verlie E.). Roy was the son of Edward B. Dusenbury and Eugenia/Eugenina Duga, whose parents were French-Canadian.

Jamie’s maternal grandfather was LaVerne Juckett (the son of William Dewitt Juckett and Emma Cora Nelson). William was the son of Dewitt Juckett and Alma/Elma Green. Emma was the daughter of Danish parents, Chris A. Nelson and Cora M. Abelgore.

Jamie’s maternal grandmother was Melba M. Francoeur (the daughter of Edward J. Francoeur and Victorine Pommier). Jamie’s great-grandfather Edward was the son of Edward Francoeur, whose parents were French-Canadian, and of Philomine Tremblay, whose parents were also French-Canadian. Victorine was the daughter of Henry L. Pommier, whose parents were from France, and of Olive Blanchette.

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Danny Fujikawa

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Birth Name: Daniel Conor Fujikawa

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 10, 1986

*Japanese (father)
*Irish, English, Scottish, 1/16th Danish, smaller amounts of German and Dutch, remote French (mother)

Danny Fujikawa is an American musician and voice actor. He is the son of Melissa Colleen (Linehan) and Ronald K. Fujikawa.

Danny’s father was a second generation Japanese-American; all of his own grandparents were Japanese immigrants. His mother, who is from California, is white. Danny’s maternal grandfather was born in California, to an American father and an Australian mother, and was of Irish, and possibly a quarter or less English, descent. His maternal grandmother was born in Utah, to a Mormon family, and had English, Scottish, 1/8th Danish, small amounts of German and Dutch, and remote French, ancestry.

Danny’s paternal grandfather was Yoshihiko Fred Fujikawa (the son of Hikozo Fujikawa and Yu Nomura). Yoshihiko was born in California, to Japanese parents. Hikozo was the son of Daichi Fujikawa and Toyo Teshima. Yu was the daughter of Toyojiro Nomura and Miyo Ito.

Danny’s paternal grandmother was Alice Mae Aoki (the daughter of Giichi Aoki and Masa Kuroda). Alice was born in California, to Japanese parents.

Danny’s maternal grandfather was Anthony Paul Linehan (the son of William John Linehan and Mary Margaret Fox). Anthony was born in California. William was born in Nevada, to Irish parents, from Northern Ireland. Mary Margaret was born in Australia, to an English-born father and an Irish-born mother.

Danny’s maternal grandmother was Evelyn Bott (the daughter of Sheldon W. Bott and Golda Morton). Sheldon’s father, John Henry Bott, was born in Utah, the son of John Henry Bott, who was English, and of Maria Hadave Jensen, who was born in Utah, to Danish parents. Sheldon’s mother, Chloe Pearl Winegar, was also born in Utah, the daughter of John Alvin Winegar, who was born in Missouri, of English, and some German, descent, and of Grace Jane Mellen, who was English.

Danny’s great-grandmother Golda was born in Oregon. Golda’s father, Lorentz/Lawrence Henry Wright Morton, was the son of Scottish parents, John Morton and Elizabeth Wright. Golda’s mother, Susie Orilla Woolf, was born in Utah, to Absalom Woolf, who was born in New York, and had Dutch, German, English, and some French, ancestry, and to Lucy Ann Hambleton, who was born in Indiana, of English, and small amounts of Scottish and German, descent.

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Alex Frnka

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Alex Frnka – “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos

Birth Name: Alexandra Nicole Frnka

Place of Birth: Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 16, 1988

*62.5% Czech
*12.5% Austrian
*12.5% Danish
*12.5% English, possibly other

Alex Frnka is an American actress.

Alex is the daughter of Madgalene Michele (Divin) and Randy Leroy Frnka. Alex’s father has Czech, Austrian, English, and Danish ancestry. Alex’s mother is of Czech descent.

Alex’s paternal grandfather was Leroy James Frnka (the son of Frank William Frnka, Jr. and Laura Kosler). Alex’s great-grandfather Frank was the son of Frank William Frnka, Sr., whose parents were from Moravia, and of Frances Marie Horak, whose parents were from Bohemia. Laura was the daughter of Frank Joe Kosler, who was from Austria, and of Alouisa/Alouisia Guenther, whose parents were from Austria. Frank was listed as a German speaker on the 1920 U.S. Census.

Alex’s paternal grandmother was Gevonna Claudette Hickey (the daughter of Claud/Claude Charles Hickey and Astrid Elenora Hansen). Claud was the son of Charlie Augusta Hickey and Mattie Irene Wilson. Astrid was the daughter of Robert Peter Hansen, who was Danish, and of Thumine/Tomene/Tammie Nicolena “Minnie” E., whose parents were Danish.

Alex’s maternal grandfather was Charles Marion Divin (the son of Charles John Divin and Mary C. Krenek). Alex’s great-grandfather Charles was the son of John P. Divin, who was Czech, and of Frances Bubela, whose parents were Czech. Mary was the daughter of Czech parents from Bohemia, Joseph “Joe” Krenek and Mary Shimek.

Alex’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Antonio/Antonia Urban (the daughter of Joseph F. Urban and Lillian Judith Sovcek/Svrcek). Joseph was the son of John Louis Urban, who was born at sea to parents from Bohemia, and of Veronika/Varoncka Vaclavik, who was Czech. Lillian was the daughter of Joe Svrcek, whose parents were Czech, and of Louise/Louisa Vykukal, whose parents were also Czech.

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Steven Sharp Nelson

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Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 5, 1977

Ethnicity: English (mostly), as well as Danish, Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish, Welsh, Irish, and German

Steven Sharp Nelson is an American musician and songwriter. He is a member of the music group The Piano Guys, alongside Jon Schmidt.

Steven is the son of Mary Lynne (Sanders) and John Christian Nelson. His father was of three quarters English and one quarter Danish descent. His mother’s ancestry was English, Scottish, one eighth Norwegian, one eighth Swedish, and smaller amounts of Welsh, Irish, and German.

Steven’s paternal grandfather was George Elroy Nelson (the son of John Christian Nelson and Adaline Delina Richins). John was born in Denmark, the son of Christian Nielsen and Christine/Christinna Marie Christofferson/Christopherson. Adaline was born in Utah, to English parents, John Richins and Charlotte Priscilla Taylor.

Steven’s paternal grandmother was Alice Louise Taylor (the daughter of Arthur Nicholls Taylor and Maria Louise Dixon). Arthur was born in Utah, to English parents, George Taylor and Eliza Nicholls. Maria was the daughter of Henry Aldous Dixon, who was born in South Africa, to English parents, and of Sarah DeGrey, who was English.

Steven’s maternal grandfather was Mervyn Sharp “Bus” Sanders (the son of George Albert Sanders and Mary Emma Sharp). George was born in Utah, to a Norwegian father, Sondra Sanders, and a Swedish mother, Anna Jorgensson/Jöransson. Mary was the daughter of John Adam Sharp, who was born in Nebraska, to Scottish parents, and of Rebecca Ann Bennion, who was born in Utah, to a Welsh father and an English mother.

Steven’s maternal grandmother was Cora Maurine Oldroyd (the daughter of John Thomas Oldroyd and Cora Geneva Ivory). John was the son of John Jolley Oldroyd, who was born in Utah, to a Scottish father, of half English descent, and an English mother, and of Mary Ann Morgan, who was born in Utah, to English parents. Cora was the daughter of George Washington Ivory, who was born in Pennsylvania, of Irish, German, and English descent, and Mercie/Mercy Collard, who was English.

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