Josh Meyers

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Birth Name: Joshua Dylan Meyers

Place of Birth: Bedford, New Hampshire, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 8, 1976

*31.25% Swedish
*25% Ashkenazi Jewish
*12.5% Bohemian/Czech
*12.5% Croatian
*12.5% English
*6.25% German

Josh Meyers is an American actor and comedian.

Josh is the son of Hilary Claire (Olson) and Laurence Meyers, Jr. His brother is actor, comedian, and television personality Seth Meyers.

Josh’s paternal grandfather was Jewish. The remainder of Josh’s ancestry is Bohemian (Czech) and Croatian, from Josh’s paternal grandmother, who was Catholic, and Swedish, English, and German, from Josh’s mother.

Josh’s brother Seth has stated:

Growing up, my father-whose father was Jewish-embraced borscht and gefilte fish. My brother and I thought it was disgusting. That is not gateway food if you want your kids to embrace Judaism…

Josh’s paternal grandfather was Lawrence Lashe Meyers (the son of Mendel/Morris Meyers and Rose/Rosa Cohen). Mendel and Rose were Jewish emigrants from Austria. Mendel was the son of Guttle Meyers. Rose was the daughter of Simon Cohen and Fruma.

Josh’s paternal grandmother was Barbara Marcheck (the daughter of Stanislaus “Stanley” Marcheck and Anna Maganaw). Stanislaus was of Bohemian (Czech) ancestry, and was the son of Joannis Maracek and Anna Detka. Josh’s great-grandmother Anna Maganaw was Croatian.

Josh’s maternal grandfather was Lawrence Edward Olson (the son of Elmer C. Olson and Anna). Elmer and Anna were of Swedish descent.

Josh’s maternal grandmother was Adelaide Jeanette Whetham (the daughter of Frederick Good Whetham and Anna Marie Gung Leslie). Frederick was English, the son of Stephen Whetham and Adelaide Jane Good. Anna had a German father and a Swedish mother.

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Patrick Muldoon

by stlucas on October 25, 2017

Birth Name: William Patrick Muldoon III

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 27, 1968

*Irish, English (father)
*Croatian (mother)

Patrick Muldoon is an American actor and musician.

Patrick is the son of Deanna Marie (Petrov) and William Patrick Muldoon II. His father has Irish and English roots. His mother is of Croatian descent. His sister is designer and writer Shana Muldoon, who is married to writer and musician Ahmet Zappa.

Patrick’s paternal grandfather was William Patrick Muldoon (the son of John Patrick Muldoon and Edna Frances Davis). John was the son of Patrick S./Joseph Muldoon, who was from County Galway, Ireland, and of Hanora Walsh Fallon, who was also Irish. Edna was the daughter of William Edward Davis and Dora Hazel Pape.

Patrick’s paternal grandmother was named Helen Marsh.

Patrick’s maternal grandfather was Dinko/Dan Miro Venkoslav Petrov (the son of Mate “Mike” Petrov and Tonina/Sveta Brunac). Dinko was born in Brbinj, Dugi, Otok, Dalmatia.

Patrick’s maternal grandmother was Nada Frances/Francis Lubisich/Lubisish (the daughter of Peter P. Lubisich and Franciska/Frances Rubesa). Nada was born in California, to parents from Yugoslavia (now Croatia). Peter was the son of Peter Ljubisic and Marija Gleunac. Frances was the daughter of Johann/Ivan Francis Rubeša and Franciska “Frances” Matulja.

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Barrett Foa

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Birth Name: Barrett C. Foa

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1977

*Italian (father)
*Croatian (paternal grandfather)
*German (paternal grandmother)

Barrett Foa is an American actor.

Barrett is the son of Linda R. (Rimanich) and Conrad M. Foa. Barrett’s father has Italian roots and Barrett’s mother has Croatian ancestry.

Barrett’s paternal grandparents were Mario Foa and Marie Costa. Mario was born in Genoa, Liguria, Italy. Marie’s parents were also from Genoa.

Barrett’s maternal grandparents were Simon/Gemon Rimanich and Cresencia “Grace” Spiegel/Spiegl. Simon was born in either Italy or Austria, and was likely an ethnic Croatian. Cresencia was from Bavaria, Germany.

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Aleks Paunovic

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Place of Birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Date of Birth: June 29, 1969

*Serbian (father)
*Croatian (mother)

Aleks Paunovic is a Canadian actor.

Aleks’ father has Serbian roots. Aleks’ mother is of Croatian ancestry.


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Natalie Pack

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Birth Name: Natalie Ann Pack

Place of Birth: Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 30, 1989

*Croatian (father)
*English, Irish, German (mother)

Natalie Pack is an American model and beauty pageant titleholder. Natalie is known for being a contestant on the twelfth season of America’s Next Top Model. She also held the title of Miss California USA 2012.

Natalie is the daughter of Lisa Mary (McNett) and Thomas Angelo “Tom” Pack/Pakusich. Natalie’s father is of Croatian descent. Natalie’s mother is mostly of English, German, and Irish, ancestry.

Natalie has stated:

I’ve always heard the island in Croatia that my family is from (Hvar) is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The town on Hvar they originate from, Stari Grad, is one of the oldest towns in Europe–dating back to 3500 BC. I’ve also heard for many years I still have living relatives in Stari Grad, even though the population of the town is only a few thousand. So I asked my dad before the trip for anything he could remember during the time he visited some 40 years ago. He remembered some names of relatives, a church bell tower with an engraving dedicated to my grandmother Lucia Pakušić, and gave me a few photos.

Natalie’s paternal grandfather was Vincent Pakusich/Pakušić (the son of Angelo B. Pakusich/Pakušić and Lucille/Lucia Sansoveich). Angelo and Lucille were born in Yugoslavia (now Croatia). Pakušić and Sanseović are last names from Hvar.

Natalie’s paternal grandmother was Samuline C. “Sammie” Ursich (the daughter of Nick K. Ursich and Madeline Yutronich). Nick was born in Yugoslavia (now Croatia), the son of Anton Ursich and Sime Jasich. Madeline was also born in Yugoslavia (now Croatia), and was the daughter of Joseph Yutronich and Catherine Morris.

Natalie’s maternal grandfather was Ralph William McNett (the son of William Clinton McNett and Olive Irene Snyder). William was the son of John Calvin McNett and Francis “Fannie” Shank. Olive was the daughter of George Snyder and Barbara Ann Roeder.

Natalie’s maternal grandmother was Renee M. Roberts.

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