Brittany Underwood

by stlucas on December 9, 2017

Brittany Underwood – 5th Annual LANY Entertainment Mixer – Arrivals – Saint Felix – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: DavidJLevin Photography / 

Birth Name: Brittany Nicole Underwood

Place of Birth: Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 6, 1988

*English, possibly other (father)
*Colombian (mother)

Brittany Underwood is an American actress and singer.

Brittany is the daughter of Martha M. and Ronald W. “Ron” Underwood.

Brittany’s father is American and has English ancestry. Brittany’s mother is from Bogotá, Colombia, and is pictured here. Brittany has a sister, Brigitte.



Laura González Ospina

by Manila on December 3, 2017

Place of Birth: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Date of Birth: 22 February, 1995

Ethnicity: Colombian

Laura González Ospina is a Colombian actress, model, and beauty queen. She was the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2017.

She is the daughter of businessperson Carlos Iván González Álvarez and Patricia Ospina Nieto.

Laura’s paternal grandparents are surnamed González and Álvarez.

Laura’s maternal grandparents are surnamed Ospina and María Edith Nieto.



Alyssa Diaz

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Birth Name: Alyssa Elaine Diaz

Place of Birth: Northridge, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 7, 1985

Ethnicity: Colombian, Mexican, Irish

Alyssa Diaz is an American actress.

Alyssa is the daughter of Florence E. (Sloan) and Armando Diaz. She has a brother, Michael.

Alyssa has been described as having “Mexican-Irish and Colombian descent”. Alyssa’s mother’s surname is Irish.

Source: Birth record of Alyssa Diaz –

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Kiara Belen

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Kiara Belen – 1st Annual “Legends Beyond” Gala – Arrivals – Private Mansion Estate – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos

Birth Name: Kiara Nativity Belen

Place of Birth: New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 16, 1990

*African-American (father)
*Puerto Rican, Colombian (mother)

Kiara Belen is an American model and athlete. Kiara is most known for being a contestant on the nineteenth season of America’s Next Top Model.

Kiara has described herself as “Puerto Rican, Colombian, and black”. Kiara’s father is African American. Kiara’s mother has Colombian and Puerto Rican roots. Kiara was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, by her mother and stepfather, Erik Proctor.

Kiara is the daughter of Ana Maria Belen and Stanley “Stan” A. Reid III.

Kiara’s paternal grandmother was Edith Maxine (the daughter of Evelyn Constance Browning). Evelyn was born in North Carolina, the daughter of Winlow Walford and Lucille Browning.

Kiara’s maternal grandmother is Ana Maria Belen Senior. Ana was born in Colombia.


Birth record of Kiara’s paternal great-grandmother, Evelyn Constance Browning –

Kiara’s paternal great-grandmother, Evelyn Constance Browning, on the 1940 U.S. Census –

Obituary of Kiara’s paternal great-grandmother, Evelyn Constance Browning –


Sofia Carson

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Birth Name: Sofia Daccarett Char

Place of Birth: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 10, 1993

Ethnicity: Colombian [Syrian-Lebanese, Arab Palestinian, Spanish, possibly other], possibly English

Sofia Carson is an American actress and singer.

Sofia is the daughter of Laura (Char) and José Fernando Daccarett. Sofia’s parents were born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Sofia speaks fluent English and Spanish.

One of Sofia’s great-uncles (maternal grandfather’s brother) was a Senator of Colombia (from 1990 to 1995; 1998 to 2006; and 2010 to 2014) and a Minister of Economic Development (from 1987 to 1988), Fuad Char. One of Fuad’s sons, Alejandro Char Chaljub, is the current mayor of Barranquilla, Colombia, since 2008.

Sofia’s paternal grandfather is René Roque Giha Daccarett, the son of José Miguel Daccarett and Zoila Giha. René was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. José Miguel had origins in Palestine.

Sofia’s paternal grandmother is Rosa María Escobar.

Sofia’s maternal grandfather is Simón Char Abdala (the son of Richard/Ricardo Char Zaslawy and Erlinda Abdala Chadjur). Richard was born in Damascus, Syria, the son of Miguel Char and María Zaslawy, and moved to Colombia in 1926. Erlinda was born in Colombia, the daughter of Lebanese parents, Simón Abdala and Rosa Chadjur.

Sofia’s maternal grandmother is Lauraine E. Carson, who is American.

Sofia has stated:

My mom is Colombian, so I was raised going to Colombia every year to see my family. I am lucky enough that I get to speak both languages and they are both a part of who I am. Also, we were raised eating mac and cheese and popcorn, but also, deditos de queso, empanadas, arroz con pollo and listening to boleros, or reggaeton, but also listening to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and others. We’ve been raised completely biculturally. I think it’s a cool experience; I never really knew or appreciated [the] good it would do me in my future to be bicultural — to have both cultures with me and both languages — than right now in this moment in my career. Speaking Spanish has been such a plus and I feel so proud to be Colombian, and to be Latin and to go around the world and speak my languages. It’s great.

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Photo by kathclick/