J Balvin

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Birth Name: José Alvaro Osorio Balvin

Place of Birth: Medellín, Colombia

Date of Birth: May 7, 1985

Ethnicity: Colombian

J Balvin is a Colombian reggaeton singer. He is the son of Álvaro Osorio and Alba Mery Vásquez.


Ben Rattray

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Birth Name: Benjamin Michael Rattray

Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 16, 1980

Ethnicity: Irish, as well as Scottish, English, 1/8th Swedish, 1/16th Colombian, 1/32 Italian/Sicilian

Ben Rattray is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of the website

Ben’s paternal grandfather was Richard Alan Rattray (the son of Charles Thomas Rattray and Gladys May Timmons). Richard was born in Illinois. Charles was the son of William H. Rattray and Aurelia McGrew. Gladys was the daughter of James H. Timmons and Emma Jane Linley.

Ben’s paternal grandmother was Jeanne/Jeanie Modica (the daughter of Leonard Blake Modica and Hilja/Hilia Inez Alexenna Östergren). Leonard was the son of Francisco/Francis/Frank Bombard Modica, who was born in Massachusetts, to a father from Palermo, Sicily, Italy, and of Delfina/Delphina Fernandez Diago, who was born in Popoyan, Colombia. Ben’s great-grandmother Hilja was born in Stockholm, Sweden, the daughter of Axel Edvard Östergren and Ida Gustafva Frick.

Ben’s maternal grandfather was James Joseph McCaffrey (the son of James Bernard McCaffrey and Lydia/Lidia McDaniel). Ben’s grandfather Joseph was born in Pennsylvania. Ben’s great-grandfather James was born in New Jersey, the son of Irish parents, James McCaffrey and Julia Cashman. Lydia was born in Delaware, the daughter of Madison McDaniel and Elnora Stewart.

Ben’s maternal grandmother was Anna Bernadette McHugh (the daughter of John McHugh and Elsie Welsh/Welch). Anna was born in New Jersey. John was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents. Elsie was born in New Jersey, also of Irish descent, and was the daughter of Walter Welsh/Welch and Mary, who was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents.

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Juan Pablo Raba

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Place of Birth: Bogotá, Colombia

Date of Birth: January 14, 1977

*Argentinian (father)
*Colombian (mother)

Juan Pablo Raba is a Colombian actor.

Juan is the son of Maria Eugenia (Vidal) and Ricardo Raba. Juan was raised in Colombia, Spain, and Argentina.

Juan’s father is originally from Argentina. Juan’s mother is from Palmira, Colombia.


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Mo Rocca

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Birth Name: Maurice Alberto Rocca

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: January 28, 1969

*Italian (father)
*Colombian (mother)

Mo Rocca is an American humorist, journalist, and actor.

Mo’s father was from Massachusetts, of Italian descent. Mo’s mother was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and moved to the U.S. in 1956.


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Stephanie Beatriz

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Birth Name: Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri

Place of Birth: Neuquén, Argentina

Date of Birth: February 10, 1981

*Colombian [German, Dutch, Sephardi Jewish, Spanish, Basque, possibly other] (father)
*Bolivian [Spanish, Indigenous, Basque, possibly other] (mother)

Stephanie Beatriz is an Argentine-born American actress.

Stephanie is the daughter of Silvia Rosario Alvizuri Luna and Ernesto Bischoff Cortissoz. Beatriz moved to the U.S. at the age of two and was raised in Texas. She has a sister, Jennifer.

Stephanie’s father is Colombian, and has recent German ancestry, as well as some Dutch (from Curaçao), Sephardi Jewish, and Spanish, ancestry. Stephanie’s mother is Bolivian, and likely has Spanish and Indigenous roots. Some of the surnames in Stephanie’s family tree suggest Basque ancestry.

Stephanie’s paternal grandfather was Luder Heinrich Bischoff Siefken (the son of Eduard August Bischoff Katenkamp and Cornelia Amalia “Nelly” Siefken Hoyer). Eduard was originally from Bremen, Germany, and the son of Lüder Heinrich Bischoff Meyer and Auguste Christine Katenkamp Bernhard. Cornelia was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and was the daughter of Friedrich Moritz Siefken, who was from Bremen, Germany, and of Dorothea Cornelia Hoyer, who was from Curaçao, and was of Dutch, as well as some German (from Saxony), descent.

Stephanie’s paternal grandmother was Cecilia Cortissoz Rodriguez (the daughter of Ernesto Cortissoz Alvares-Correa and Esther Rodriguez Gonzales). Ernesto was the son of Jacob Cortissoz Jesurun-Pinto and Julia Alvares-Correa. Esther was the daughter of Enrique Rodriguez Blanco and Cecilia Gonzalez Vengoechea.

Stephanie’s great-grandfather Ernesto’s ancestors hailed from the Virgin Islands, Curaçao, and the Netherlands, and had Portuguese Jewish origin. Stephanie’s great-grandmother Esther was born in Colombia, of Spanish (with roots in Asturias), and possibly other, descent.

Stephanie’s maternal grandparents were Guillermo Alvizuri and Angelica Luna.

Sources: Genealogy of Stephanie Beatriz (focusing on her father’s side) –

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