Zhou Youguang RIP

by Manila on January 15, 2017

Date of Birth: 13 January, 1906

Place of Birth: Changzhou, Jiangsu, Qing Empire (now China)

Date of Death: 14 January, 2017

Place of Death: Beijing, China

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Zhou Youguang was a Chinese economist, banker, linguist, sinologist, publisher, and supercentenarian. He was known as the “father of Pinyin”. He was the son of Zhou Baoyi and Xu Wen. He was married to Zhang Yunhe.

ZHou Youguang’s paternal grandfather was Zhou Fengji (the son of Zhou Zanxiang and Lady Zhao). Lady Zhao was the daughter of Zhao Qi and Lady Jiang.

Source: Genealogy of Zhou Youguang (focusing on his father’s side) –


Sanoe Lake

by madman on January 14, 2017

Birth Name: Sànoe K. Lake

Place of Birth: Kauai, Hawaii, United States

Date of Birth: May 19, 1979

*Native Hawaiian, as well as English, Chinese, Portuguese, distant Irish (maternal grandfather)

Sanoe Lake is an American surfer, model, and actress. Her maternal grandfather had Native Hawaiian, as well as English, Chinese, Portuguese, and distant Irish, ancestry.

Sanoe’s mother, Laola Lake, is a champion surfer. Her father was a big wave surfer. “Sànoe” means “The Mist of the Mountains”, and “Laola” means “Day of Life, Health, or Salvation”, in Hawaiian.

Sanoe’s maternal grandfather was Thomas “Tommy” Charles Kealiimoewai Lake (the son of Thomas Keali’imoiwai Charles Lake and Cecilia Kuliaikanu’uwai’ale’ale Waipa). Sanoe’s grandfather Tommy was a musician, known as the bass player of the band Kahauanu Lake Trio, which plays Hawaiian music. Sanoe’s great-grandfather Thomas was the son of Charles Bromeo/Boromeo Lake, whose father was from mainland America, and of Mary Kaheiheimailie Enos, who was of Portuguese and Native Hawaiian descent. Cecilia was the daughter of Stephen Lonokahi Keaolani Parker Waipa, who was of Native Hawaiian and English descent, and of Helen Tai Poon Wong, whose father was Chinese, and whose mother was of Native Hawaiian, and one quarter Irish, ancestry.

Sanoe’s maternal grandmother was named Lydia/Lorri.

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Stacey McKenzie

by stlucas on January 10, 2017

Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Date of Birth: c. 1973

Ethnicity: Afro-Jamaican, Scottish, Chinese

Stacey McKenzie is a Jamaican-born Canadian model and television personality.

Stacey was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to an Afro-Chinese Jamaican mother, from Saint Mary Parish, and a Scottish-Jamaican father, from Clarendon Parish. She moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her mother, in 1986. Her mother is pictured here.



Vicki Belo

by Manila on January 3, 2017

Birth Name: Victoria Gonzalez Bello

Place of Birth: Philippines

Date of Birth: January 25, 1956

Ethnicity: Filipino (Cebuano, Kapampangan, and Tagalog), some Spanish (Castilian) and Han Chinese

Vicki Belo is a Filipina dermatologist.

Vicki’s biological father, Agustin Aquino Cancio, was born in Manila. Vicki’s biological mother, Imelda Concepcion “Conchita” Singson Gonzalez, was born in Cebu, Cebu.

Vicki was adopted by her maternal aunt, Florencia “Nena” Singson Gonzalez, and by Florencia’s husband, Enrique “Ike” Belo y Malaya (or Enrique Malaya Belo in Filipino), who was an official delegate to the 1971 Philippine Constitutional Convention, and represented the province of Capiz at the Regular Batasang Pambansa, from 1984 to 1986.

Vicki is engaged to actor Hayden Kho. She was previously married to businessman Atom Lichauco Henares.

Vicki’s biological paternal grandfather was Rafael Cancio y Enríquez (or Rafael Enríquez Cancio in Filipino, the son of Mariano Cancio y Torres, or Mariano Torres Cancio in Filipino, and of Victoria Enríquez y Bondoc, or Victoria Bondoc Enríquez in Filipino). Mariano was the son of Cipriano Cancio and Arcadia Torres. Victoria was the daughter of Pascual Enríquez and Gregoria Bondoc.

Vicki’s biological paternal grandmother was Fortunata Aquino y Quiambao (or Fortunata Quiambao Aquino in Filipino, the daughter of Servillano Aquino y Aguilar, or Servillano Aguilar Aquino, and of Petronila Quiambao y Tañedo, or Petronila Tañedo Quiambao in Filipino). Servillano was the son of Braulio Aquino y Lacsamana, or Braulio Lacsamana Aquino in Filipino, and of Antonina Petrona Aguilar de Hipólito. Petronila was the daughter of Pablo Quiambao and Lorenza Tañedo y García, or Lorenza García Tañedo in Filipino.

Vicki’s maternal grandfather was Virgilio “Vijing” González y Sioco (or Virgilio Sioco González in Filipino, the son of Joaquín González and Florencia Sioco y Rodríguez, or Florencia Rodríguez Sioco in Filipino). Joaquín was the biological son of Spanish Augustinian friar Fausto Ambrosio López Palomino, of Valladolid, Valladolid, and of María Amparo “Mariquita” González y de los Ángeles, or María Amparo de los Ángeles González in Filipino, who was a “mestiza de sangley”, or Filipina of Chinese descent. Florencia was the daughter of José Sioco and Matea Rodríguez y Tuason, or Matea Tuason Rodríguez in Filipino. The surnames “Sioco” and “Tuason” were of Chinese origins.

Vicki’s maternal grandmother was Rosario “Charing” Singson y Chiong Veloso (or Rosario Chiong Veloso Singson in Filipino, the daughter of Segundo Singson y Suico, or Segundo Suico Singson in Filipino, and of Eleuteria Chiong Veloso y Rosales, or Eleuteria Rosales Chiong Veloso in Filipino). Segundo was the son of Mariano Singson and Rufina Suico. The surnames “Singson” and “Suico” are of Chinese origin, and his ancestors possibly came from the Ilocos region. However, it is unclear if he had Ilocano ancestry (also of Filipino ethnicity). Eleuteria was the daughter of Chinese immigrant Chiong Tuy, baptized Nicasio Chiong Veloso or Nicasio Veloso Chiong Tuico, of Tong’an District, Xiamen, Fujian, and of Genoveva Visitacíón Rosales.

Vicki is the second half-cousin of actress Kris Aquino and 15th President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III; and second cousin once removed of actor Ryan Agoncillo.

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China Machado

by stlucas on December 25, 2016

Birth Name: Noelie Dasouza Machado

Date of Birth: December 25, 1929

Place of Birth: Shanghai, China

Date of Death: December 18, 2016

Place of Death: Stony Brook, New York, U.S.

Ethnicity: Portuguese, Chinese (including Macanese), Indian (Goan)

China Machado was a Chinese-born Portuguese-American fashion model, editor, and television producer. She was born in Shanghai, China, to a Portuguese father, from Macau, and a Chinese mother, from Hong Kong.

Her maternal grandfather was originally from Goa, India.

China’s ethnic background has been described as “the by-product of 400 years of intermarriage between Portuguese colonials and local women in Eastern trading ports such as Goa and Macao, where her mother’s and father’s families were respectively from”.

China spoke Portuguese at home, as well as French, English, and Chinese.