Jane Zhang

by Sage on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: Zhang Liangying

Place of Birth: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Date of Birth: October 11, 1984

Ethnicity: Chinese

Jane Zhang is a Chinese pop singer. She became famous after appearing in the 2005 season of the Super Girl contest.

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Connie Chung

by stlucas on February 23, 2017

Birth Name: Constance Yu-Hwa Chung

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: August 20, 1946

Ethnicity: Chinese

Connie Chung is an American journalist, reporter, and news presenter. She was born and raised in Washington, D.C., the daughter of William Ling Chung (凌曾 宗) and Margaret Ma (碧蘭 馬).

Both William and Margaret were originally from China.

Connie is married to Jewish television presenter Maury Povich. She has converted to Judaism upon their marriage. They have an adopted son, Matthew Jay.

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Haley Tju

by stlucas on February 12, 2017

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 15, 2001

Ethnicity: Chinese, Indonesian

Haley Tju is an American actress. Her sister, Brianne Tju, is also an actress.

She is the daughter of Nancy and Kok Tju. In an interview with, she stated that she is “half Chinese and Indonesia[n]”.

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Rachelle Ann Go

by Manila on February 8, 2017

Birth Name: Rachelle Ann Villalobos Go

Place of Birth: Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: August 31, 1986

Ethnicity: Filipino, some Chinese

Rachelle Ann Go is a Filipina actress and singer. She is the daughter of Oscar Morado Go and Russell Basilio Villalobos.

Rachelle Ann’s paternal grandparents were ? Go and ? Morado. The surname “Go” is of Chinese origin.

Rachelle Ann’s maternal grandparents were ? Villalobos and ? Basilio.

Source: Rachelle Ann’s birth record –


Hayden Kho

by Manila on February 1, 2017

Birth Name: Hayden de la Santa Kho, Jr.

Place of Birth: Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: May 20, 1980

*Han Chinese (father)
*Filipino [Bicolano and Tagalog] (mother)

Hayden Kho is a Filipino cosmetologist, businessperson, actor, and model.

His father, Hayden Chua Kho, Sr., is a physician, of Chinese descent. His mother, Irene Lozano de la Santa, was born in Boac, Marinduque.

Some sources state that Irene is of Spanish descent. However, it is unclear if Irene has Spanish ancestry.

Hayden is engaged to dermatologist Vicki Belo.

Hayden’s paternal grandparents were Kho ? and Chua ?.

Hayden’s maternal grandparents were Ricardo de la Santa and Cristeta Lozano.

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