Keean Johnson

by follers on September 13, 2018

Keean Johnson – TheWrap’s 2nd Annual Emmy Party – Arrivals – The London Hotel – West Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit:

Place of Birth: the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 25, 1996

Ethnicity: English, three eighths Latino (Mexican, Chilean)

Keean Johnson is an American actor. He will co-star in the film Alita: Battle Angel. His father is British and his mother is American. His mother is of three quarters Latino descent. Through her, Keean is of one eighth Mexican and one quarter Chilean ancestry.

Keean’s maternal grandfather was Manuel Federico Alonso (the son of Manuel Federico Alonso and Sylvia O’Dell Case). Keean’s grandfather Manuel was born in Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina. Keean’s great-grandfather Manuel was Mexican, and was born in Monterrey. Keean’s great-grandmother Sylvia was born in North Carolina, the daughter of Grover Franklin Case and Metta Fairchild.

Keean’s maternal grandmother is Kena Avendano (the daughter of Claudio Hernan Avendaño Gómez and Rebeca Lucero). Claudio was born in Santiago, Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile, the son of Francisco Javier Avendaño Álvarez and Julia Gómez Villanueva. Rebeca was also born in Santiago.

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Ricardo Rodríguez

by maurogomes3193 on September 13, 2018

Birth Name: Ricardo Iván Rodríguez Araya

Place of Birth: Zürich, Switzerland

Date of Birth: 25 August, 1992

*Spanish (father)
*Chilean (mother)

Ricardo Rodríguez is a Swiss professional footballer. Born to a Spanish father and a Chilean mother of Basque descent, he began his professional career at local club FC Zürich in 2010.


Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller

by Manila on July 9, 2018

Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico

Date of Birth: 13 January, 1969

*Mexican (father)
*German, small amount of English (mother)

Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller is a Mexican writer and journalist.

Her father, Juan Gutiérrez Canet, was Mexican. Her mother, Nora Beatriz Müller Bentjerodt, is Chilean, from Valdivia.

Beatriz is married to the President-elect of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom she has a son.

Beatriz’s maternal grandfather was Adolfo Marcelo Müller Oliphant (the son of Walther Carl Müller and Nora Oliphant). Adolfo was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and lived in Valdivia until his death. Walther was a German emigrant, from Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, and was the son of Rudolph Carl Müller and Ida Johanna Luise Henriette Türk. Nora was an American emigrant, from Baltimore, Maryland, and was the daughter of Joseph W. Oliphant and Georgeanna Tidings.

Beatriz’s maternal grandmother was Berta Elvira Bentjerodt Becker (the daughter of Ernesto Bentjerodt Machmar and Olga Herminia Becker Wiswede). Berta was born in Valdivia. Ernesto was the son of German emigrants, Gottlieb Eduard Bentjerodt, of Osterode am Harz, Lower Saxony, and Wilhelmine Machmar, of Kassel, Hesse. Herminia was the daughter of a German emigrant, Otto Becker, and of Elvira Wiswede Bentjerodt, whose own parents, Hermann Wiswede and Friederike Mathilde Bentjerodt, were German emigrants, from Haldensleben, Saxony-Anhalt. Eduard and Mathilde were siblings.

Beatriz’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fifth great-grandmother, Johanna Dorothea Maria Wollwege.

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by Mixed Kidd on May 27, 2018

Birth Name: Andrea Fuentealba Valbak

Place of Birth: Aarhus, Denmark

Date of Birth: 30 November, 1982

*Chilean [Spanish, possibly other] (father)
*Danish (mother)

Medina is a Danish-Chilean singer and songwriter. Her father is Chilean and her mother is Danish.



Alejandro Amenábar

by Manila on January 30, 2018

Alejandro Amenabar – “Regression” Madrid Photocall – Villamagna Hotel – Madrid, Spain – Photo Credit: Solarpix / PR Photos

Birth Name: Alejandro Fernando Amenábar Cantos

Place of Birth: Santiago, Chile

Date of Birth: 31 March, 1972

Ethnicity: Chilean [Spanish (Andalusian, Aragonese, Asturian, Canary Islander, Cantabrian, Castilian, Extremaduran, Leonese, Valencian), Basque, Galician, remote Indigenous], 1/32 English, 1/32 Welsh, 1/1024 Belgian (Flemish), French, Italian, Portuguese, as well as German, Greek, and Indigenous Argentinian/Peruvian (both Quechua)

Alejandro Amenábar is a Chilean-Spanish film director, screenwriter, and composer.

His father, Hugo Ricardo Amenábar Wormald, is Chilean. His mother, Josefina Cantos López, is Spanish.

Alejandro is married to David Blanco.

Alejandro’s fourth patrilineal great-grandfather, Salvador Ignacio Amenábar Iturriaga, was Basque, from Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa. His patrilineal ancestry can further be traced back to his tenth great-grandfather, Juan Amador de Amenábar (died 29 January 1682, Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa).

Alejandro’s paternal grandfather was Benjamín Horacio Amenábar Ossa (the son of Joaquín Daniel Amenábar Cordovez and Josefina Ossa Ansieta). Joaquín was the son of Joaquín Amenábar Espinosa and Emilia Cordovez Cordovez. Josefina was the daughter of José Nicolás Ossa Varas and Antonia Ansieta Blanchet.

Alejandro’s paternal grandmother was María Laura Wormald Infante (the daughter of Carlos Wormald Ibáñez and Emilia Infante Sanders). Carlos was the son of Juan Enrique Wormald Ramírez, whose own father, George (or Jorge in Spanish) Wormald, was an English emigrant, from Wakefield, Yorkshire (now West Workshire), and of Carmen Ibáñez Cádiz. Emilia was the daughter of Francisco José Infante Díaz and Emilia Sanders Bayón, whose own father, Thomas (or Tomás in Spanish) Sanders, was a Welsh emigrant, from Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire.

Alejandro’s maternal grandparents were surnamed Cantos and López.

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