Diego Loyzaga

by Manila on September 14, 2018

Birth Name: Carlos Diego Loyzaga

Place of Birth: San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: May 21, 1995

Ethnicity: Filipino [Boholano, Hiligaynon, Tagalog, and Waray], Spanish [including Andalusian and Valencian], Basque, small amount of English

Diego Loyzaga is a Filipino actor and model.

He is the son of actress Maria Teresa Cuerva Loyzaga and actor Cesar Montano.

Diego’s paternal grandfather is Genovevo Quiñal Manhilot (the son of Teodoro Manhilot y Badiang, or Teodoro Badiang Manhilot in Filipino, and of Aniceta Quiñal y Tato, or Aniceta Tato Quiñal in Filipino). Teodoro was the son of Martín Manhilot and Damiana Badiang. Aniceta was the daughter of Miguel Quiñal and Crisanta Tato.

Diego’s paternal grandmother was Emma Bensorto de Montaño (the daughter of Roberto de Montaño and Dominga Bensorto).

Diego’s maternal grandfather was basketball player and coach Carlos Loyzaga (the son of Joaquín Loyzaga y Martínez, or Joaquín Martínez Loyzaga in Filipino, and of Carmen Matute y Seguera, or Carmen Seguera Matute in Filipino). Carlos was born in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Joaquín was the son of José Antonio Eugenio de Loyzaga y Ageo (or José Antonio Eugenio Ageo de Loyzaga in Filipino), who was an “insular” (Spaniard born in the Philippines), and of a Spanish expatriate, María de la Luz Martínez y Vial, of Cádiz, Cádiz. Carmen was the daughter of Manuel Matute y Amasa and María Luisa López y Seguera.

Diego’s maternal grandmother is Victoria “Vicky” Fourdinier Cuerva (the daughter of Ernesto José Cuerva y Félix, or Ernesto José Félix Cuerva in Filipino, and Lidia Gardiner Fourdinier). Ernesto born in Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, and was the son of Filipino parents, Francisco Cuerva y Edilberto (or Francisco Edilberto Cuerva in Filipino), of Bulacan, and of Manuela Félix y Gómez (or Manuela Gómez Félix in Filipino), of Manila. Lidia was the daughter of Miguel Fourdinier and Socorro Gardiner. The surname Gardiner is of English origin.

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Maria Lourdes Sereno

by Manila on February 1, 2017

Birth Name: Maria Lourdes Punzalan Aranal

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: July 2, 1960

Ethnicity: Filipino [Boholano, Moro, Tagalog]

Maria Lourdes Sereno is a Filipina lawyer and judge. She was the de facto Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, from August 25, 2012 to May 11, 2018. At age 52, she was the second youngest and the first female to head the judiciary. She was previously the 169th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, from August 13, 2010 to August 25, 2012.

Her father, Margarito Mendoza Aranal, Sr., was a sales manager, from Siasi, Sulu. Her mother, Soledad Lansigan Punzalan, was a public school teacher, from Bay, Laguna. She is married to Mario Jose E. Sereno, with whom she has two children.

Chief Justice Sereno’s paternal grandfather was suranmed Aranal y Dalaygon (or Dalaygon Aranal in Filipino, the son of Eleuterio Aranal and Francisca Dalaygon). Eleuterio was a native of Dauis, Bohol. Francisca was Moro, from Cantilan, Surigao (now Lanuza, Surigao del Sur).

Chief Justice Sereno’s paternal grandmother was named Dominga Mendoza. Dominga was born in Batangas.

Chief Justice Sereno’s maternal grandfather was Nicolás Punzalan y Galang (or Nicolás Galang Punzalan in Filipino, the son of Domingo Punzalan and Lutgarda Galang).

Chief Justice Sereno’s maternal grandmother was Simplicia “Plisa” Lansigan y Pantas (the daughter of Pedro Lansigan y Caldeo, or Pedro Caldeo Lansigan in Filipino, and of Francisca “Anda Iska” Pantas). Simplicia was born in Bay, Laguna. Pedro was the son of Juan Lansigan and Aquilina Caldeo.

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Maxine Medina

by Manila on September 10, 2016

Birth Name: Maria Mika Maxine Perez Medina

Place of Birth: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: May 9, 1990

Ethnicity: Filipino (including Boholano and Tagalog), some Chinese

Maxine Medina is a Filipina beauty queen and model. She represented the Philippines at Miss Universe 2016, making it to the top 6. Her father, Maximo Guillermo “Max” Fabiana Medina, is a former commercial model and a flight attendant. Her mother, Maria Fe Benedicta “Marife” Padilla Perez, is a former model and senior bank manager.

Maxine’s paternal grandparents were Guillermo Castro Medina (the son of Victor C. Medina and Sofia Castro) and Celsa Go Fabiaña (the daughter of Bernabe Fabiaña and Teodocia Go). The surname “Go” is of Chinese origin.

Maxine’s maternal grandfather is Fortunato Santos Perez (the son of Juan Pérez and Salomé Santos).

Maxine’s maternal grandmother is Corazon del Rosario Padilla (the daughter of Mariano Padilla y Ramos, or Mariano Ramos Padilla in Filipino, and of Guadalupe del Rosario y Fabián, or Guadalupe Fabián del Rosario). Mariano was the son of Pedro Padilla and Leonila Ramos. Guadalupe was the daughter of Agapito del Rosario and Agapita Fabián.


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Cesar Montano

by Manila on March 4, 2016

Birth Name: Cesar Demontaño Manhilot

Place of Birth: Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines

Date of Birth: August 1, 1962

Ethnicity: Filipino [Boholano and Hiligaynon]

Cesar Montano is a Filipino actor, film producer, and film director. His stage surname is derived from his mother, Emma Bensorto de Montaño, who is a native of Carles, Iloilo. His father, Genovevo Quiñal Manhilot, is a native of Baclayon, Bohol. He was married to Marilyn Polinga, until her death. He has two children with Marilyn; three children with his former wife, actress Sunshine Cruz; and a son, actor and model Diego Loyzaga, with actress Teresa Loyzaga.

Cesar’s paternal grandfather was Teodoro Manhilot y Badiang (or Teodoro Badiang Manhilot in Filipino, the son of Martín Manhilot and Damiana Badiang).

Cesar’s paternal grandmother was Aniceta Quiñal y Tato (or Aniceta Tato Quiñal in Filipino, the daughter of Miguel Quiñal and Crisanta Tato).

Cesar’s maternal grandparents were Roberto de Montaño and Dominga Bensorto.

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Nonito Donaire

by Manila on February 23, 2016

Birth Name: Nonito Gonzales Donaire, Jr.

Place of Birth: Talibon, Bohol, Philippines

Date of Birth: November 16, 1982

Ethnicity: Filipino (Boholano)

Nonito Donaire is a Filipino professional boxer. He is the son of Nonito “Dodong” C. Donaire, Sr. and Imelda M. Gonzales. He is married to Rachel Marcial.

Nonito’s paternal grandfather is Epifanio Donaire.

Nonito’s maternal grandfather is Francisco Gonzales.

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