Austrian Jewish

Amora Mautner

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Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Date of Birth: May 24, 1975

*Ashkenazi Jewish, Croatian (father)
*Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other] (mother)

Amora Mautner is a Brazilian film and television director, and actress.

Amora is the daughter of historian Ruth Mendes dos Santos and singer, songwriter, screenwriter, and actor Jorge Mautner. His father is of half Ashkenazi Jewish (Austrian Jewish, Czech Jewish, Croatian Jewish) and half ethnic Croatian ancestry. His mother has Portuguese roots.

Amora has a daughter with her former husband, actor Marcos Palmeira.

Amora’s paternal grandfather was Paul Veit Mautner (the son of Heinrich Mautner and Helene Chersohn/Obersohn). Paul was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Jewish family. Heinrich was born in České Budějovice, the Czech Republic, the son of Veit E. Mautner and Julie Juditha Löwy. Helene was born in Osijek, Croatia.

Amora’s paternal grandmother was Anna Illichi. Anna was born Anna Ilić in Yugoslavia into a Catholic family, and was likely an ethnic Croatian.

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Thomas Kail

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Thomas Kail – For Your Consideration Event for FOX’s “Grease Live!” – Arrivals – Paramount Studios – Hollywood, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Birth Name: Thomas M. Kail

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 20, 1977

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Thomas Kail is an American film and theater director.

Thomas is the son of Wendy (Green) and Floyd Michael “Mike” Kail. Thomas’ parents are Jewish. He has two sisters, Kathryn and Nicole.

Thomas’ paternal grandfather was Nathan “Nat” Kail (the son of Joseph Kail and Fannie/Fanny). Joseph was born in Austria, the son of Meyer Kail and Celia Kress. Fannie was born in either New York or Austria, to parents from Austria.

Thomas’ paternal grandmother was Harriett Lenox (the daughter of Jack Lenox and Sarah E. Shainman). Harriett was born in Maine, to parents from Russia. Jack was the son of Bessie.

Thomas’ maternal grandparents were Herbert S. Green and Edythe Freiberg.

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Zak Abel

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Birth Name: Zak David Zilesnick

Place of Birth: Kensington & Chelsea, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 1 March, 1995

Ethnicity: Sephardi Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish

Zak Abel is a British musician.

His father was Moroccan Jewish, who moved to Israel. His mother, Rachel H. Zilesnick, is English Jewish.

Zak’s maternal grandfather is Harold Zilesnick (the son of Samuel “Sam” Zilesnick and Mary Bardofsky). Samuel was a Ukrainian Jewish emigrant, from Kiev, and was the son of Hyman Zilesnick and Miriam Kaplan. Mary was the daughter of Russian Jewish emigrants, Israel Bardofsky and Sarah Basia Sorrel.

Zak’s maternal grandmother is Ann S. Zola (the daughter of Joseph Zola and Minnie Derfield). Joseph was the son of a Polish Jewish emigrant, Morris Zola, of Warsaw, and of Kate Emanuel, who was also of Polish Jewish descent. Minnie was the daughter of Henry “Harry” Derfield, whose own parents, Aaron Derfler (later Derfield) and Rachel Levy, were Austrian Jewish and German Jewish emigrants, respectively, and of a Polish Jewish emigrant, Rose “Rosy” Appelbaum.

Zak’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandmother, Shinah Leibah “Jeanette/Jenetta/Janet/Georgina” Marchant (c. 1853, Poland – 1937, Stepney, London).

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Patrick Fischler

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Patrick Fischler – HBO’s “Veep” Season 2 Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals – Paramount Studios – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos

Birth Name: Patrick S. Fischler

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 29, 1969

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Patrick Fischler is an American actor.

Patrick is the son of Eileen Mary (Cann/Cahn) and William Berthold/Birthold “Bill” Fischler.

Patrick is married to actress Lauren Bowles, with whom he has a daughter. Lauren is a half-sister of actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Patrick’s paternal grandfather was Herman S. Fischler (the son of Aaron H. Fischler). Herman was born in Krakan, Austria.

Patrick’s paternal grandmother was Rose Levinson/Levison (the daughter of Henry Levinson). Rose was born in New York, to parents from Austria.

Patrick’s maternal grandparents were Erwin Cahn and Toni. Erwin was born in Germany. Toni was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Birth Name: Justin David Blau

Place of Birth: Syosset, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 9, 1991

*Ashkenazi Jewish (father)
*English, Italian, possibly other (mother)

3LAU is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer.

His father, Russell Mark Blau, is a lawyer. His mother, Linda May (Wallace), is an enterpreneur.

3LAU’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandfather, Naftaly Blau.

3LAU’s paternal grandfather was Martin Blau (the son of Edward Blau and Pauline Feiring). Martin was the vice president for advertising and publicity of Columbia Pictures International. Edward was the son of Austrian Jewish emigrants, Samuel “Sam” Blau and Sarah Schreck. Pauline was an Austrian Jewish emigrant, and was the daughter of Moses Feiring and Celia Reh.

3LAU’s paternal grandmother was Cynthia Francine Klein (the daughter of John Klein and Regina “Gene” Tishman). John was the son of Hungarian Jewish emigrants, Isadore Klein and Fanny Chodoroff. Regina was the daughter of Polish Jewish emigrants, Isaac Tishman and Hannah Bramer.

3LAU’s maternal grandfather is Ralph Edward Wallace, Jr. (the son of Ralph Edward Wallace and Pauline Mary Gangelere). 3LAU’s great-grandfather Ralph’s father, Frederick Wallace, was an Australian emigrant, from Sydney, New South Wales, whose own parents were English. 3LAU’s great-grandfather’s Ralph’s mother, Patience Louise Hiscock, was a Canadian emigrant, from St. John’s, Newfoundland (now part of Newfoundland and Labrador), and was of English descent. Pauline was the daughter of Italian emigrants, Pasquale Gangelere and Angelina Camarata.

3LAU’s maternal grandmother is named Irene May.

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