Amber Midthunder

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Birth Name: Amber T. Midthunder

Date of Birth: c. 1997

Ethnicity: Norwegian, Sioux Native American, English, Chinese

Amber Midthunder is an American actress and filmmaker. She is the daughter of Angelique S. (Roehm), a casting director, and David Midthunder (David Paul Midthunder), an actor.

Amber’s father was born in Montana, and is of Norwegian and Sioux Native American, and is a member of the Fort Peck Sioux and Assiniboine Indian Reservation. Her mother was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and appears to be of English and Chinese descent.

Amber’s paternal grandfather was Elmer Elias Midthun (the son of Aslag Nilsen Midthun and Edith M. Stenerson). Aslag was born in Bergen, Norway. Edith was born in Minnesota, to John Stenerson, who was Norwegian, and Abbie.

Amber’s paternal grandmother was Cynthia Rose Hamilton (the daughter of Harvey Hamilton and Angel/Angie Armstrong). Cynthia was born in Montana, and was a Sioux Native American, of the Assiniboine tribe. Harvey was the son of Pipe Hamilton and Chief Woman. Angel was the daughter of Bun Armstrong and Two Woman.

Amber’s maternal grandfather was likely James Thomas “Tom” Roehm (the son of Lester Roehm and Helen). James served in the Vietnam War, in which the U.S. had many soldiers stationed in Thailand around the time of Amber’s mother’s birth. It is not clear if James is Amber’s biological grandfather or not.

Amber’s (likely adoptive) maternal grandmother is Priscilla Donaby.

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Chaske Spencer

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Chaske Spencer

Place of Birth: Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Date of Birth: March 9, 1975

Ethnicity: Yankton Dakota, Assiniboine, Sisseton (Santee Dakota), Nez Perce, Cherokee, Creek, as well as French and Dutch

Chaske Spencer is an American actor and producer. He played Sam Uley, the leader of the Wolfpack, in the Twilight films.

Chaske’s maternal grandfather was Louis Youngman (the son of Jacob Youngman and Skechana). The Youngman family were Yankton Dakota.

Chaske’s maternal grandmother was Mary/Marie Eagleman (the daughter of John Eagleman and Good Woman). The Eagleman family were Assiniboine and Sisseton (Santee Dakota).

Chaske’s mother’s obituary described her as “an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Montana and a direct descendant of Many Roads, Crazy Bull, Medicine Bear, Touches the Cloud and Eagle Man.”


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