Irina Khakamada

by wanderer on March 21, 2017

Birth Name: Irina Mutsuovna Khakamada

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Date of Birth: April 13, 1955

*Japanese (father)
*Russian, Armenian, Lezgin (mother)

Irina Khakamada is a Russian politician.

Her father, Mutsuo Hakamada, was Japanese. He was a communist who defected to the Soviet Union in 1939. Her paternal uncle is Satomi Hakamada, a longtime member of the Japanese Communist Party leadership.

Her mother, Nina Sinelnikova, is of Russian and Armenian heritage. She is partly of Lezgic heritage, which is an ethnic group native predominantly to southern Dagestan.

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Dan Bilzerian

by madman on December 30, 2016

Birth Name: Brandon Dan Bilzerian

Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida, United States

Date of Birth: December 7, 1980

*25% Armenian
*25% French-Canadian
*25% Swiss-German
*25% Norwegian

Dan Bilzerian is an American social media personality and professional poker player.

Dan is the son of Terri Lee (Steffen) and Paul Bilzerian (Paul Alec Bilzerian), a corporate takeover specialist. His father is of half Armenian descent, with his other roots including French-Canadian, and possibly other. His mother has Swiss-German and Norwegian ancestry.

Dan’s paternal grandfather was Oscar A. Bilezerian (the son of Alexander Bilezerian and Lucy/Lusen Danielian/Dunelian). Oscar was born in Massachusetts, to Armenian parents.

Dan’s paternal grandmother was Joan S. Barrie (the daughter of Leon H. Barrie and Marie Claire Eveline Lachance). Leon was the son of Henry G. Barrie and Aileen L. Marie Claire was the daughter of Joseph H. Lachance and Georgiana Chartier.

Dan’s maternal grandfather was Harry Allen Steffen (the son of Samuel Steffen and Rose Susan Garber). Samuel was the son of Johannes “John” Steffen, who was born in Emmental, Switzerland, and of Magdalena J. Amstutz, who was born in Kidron, Ohio, of Swiss-German descent. Rose was the daughter of Israel Garber and Barbara Ann Suter, who were both of Swiss-German descent.

Dan’s maternal grandmother was Lois Jane Lanning (the daughter of Alfred Lanning and Alice Theoline Strand). Alfred was the son of Peder Sylversen Lanning, whose parents were Norweigan, and of Marta Olsdatter Gulden, who was Norwegian. Alice was the daughter of Helmer Parelius E. Strand and Emma Elvina Tollefson, who were both born in Minnesota, to Norwegian parents.

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Lauren Hashian

by madman on December 8, 2016

LOS ANGELES - MAR 28:  Lauren Hashian, Dwayne Johnson arrives at

Lauren Hashian with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Birth Name: Lauren Kristina Hashian

Place of Birth: Lynnfield, Massachusetts, United States

Date of Birth: September 8, 1984

Ethnicity: Armenian, German, around 1/32 Danish

Lauren Hashian is an American singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of Suzanne J. (Jipp), a former model, and Sib Hashian (John Thomas Hashian), the former drummer of the band Boston. Lauren has a child with her partner, wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Lauren’s father is of either fully or half Armenian ancestry. Lauren’s maternal grandfather was of German, and some Danish, descent.

Lauren’s paternal grandfather was James Thaddeus “Jack” Hashian.

Lauren’s maternal grandfather was John Emil Jipp (the son of Emil E. Jipp and Hazel Amelia Wollesen). Lauren’s great-grandfather Emil was the son of German parents, August Christian Jipp and Doris Wilken. Hazel was the daughter of Johannes Dietrich Wollesen, who was born in Germany, of Danish and German descent, and of Anna Katherine Schultz, who was born in Iowa, to German parents.

Lauren’s maternal grandmother was Doris Harn.

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Hovig Demirjian

by Manila on October 31, 2016

Place of Birth: Nicosia, Cyprus

Date of Birth: 3 January, 1989

Ethnicity: Armenian

Hovig Demirjian is a Cypriot singer. He will represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.



Karen Karapetyan

by Manila on October 29, 2016

Place of Birth: Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

Date of Birth: August 14, 1963

Ethnicity: Armenian

Karen Karapetyan is an Armenian economist and politician. He has served as Prime Minister of Armenia, since September 13, 2016. He was previously Mayor of Yerevan, from December 17, 2010 to November 15, 2011.

Karen is the son of Narine and Suren Karapetyan.

Karen’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandfather, Arutyun Sarukhanyan.

Karen’s paternal grandparents were Rafik Karapetyan (the son of Suren Arutyunyan/Sarukhanyan) and Roza Gevorkyan (the daughter of Vartan Gevorkyan and Varsenik). Karen’s great-grandfather Suren was the son of Karapet Sarukhanyan.

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