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Jacob Latimore

by follers on April 21, 2017

Place of Birth: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 10, 1996

Ethnicity: African-American

Jacob Latimore is an American actor, singer, and dancer.

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Darnell Martin

by stlucas on April 18, 2017

Birth Name: Darnell R. Martin

Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 7, 1964

*African-American (father)
*Irish, Italian, possibly other (mother)

Darnell Martin is an American film director, screenwriter, and film producer.

Darnell is the daughter of Marilyn and Lewis Emmet Lowry Martin. Darnell has two sisters, Lowry and Kim.

Darnell’s father is African-American. Darnell’s mother is white, and is said to have Irish and Italian ancestry.

Darnell’s paternal grandparents were Lewis Marshal Martin and Rose Alice Lowry.



Ron Glass

by stlucas on April 6, 2017

Birth Name: Ronald Earle Glass

Date of Birth: July 10, 1945

Place of Birth: Evansville, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Death: November 25, 2016

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: African-American

Ron Glass was an American actor. He was born in Evansville, Indiana, the son of Lethia Mae (Gibson) and Crump Allen Glass, Sr.

Ron’s paternal grandmother was named Ella.

Ron’s maternal grandparents were Robert Gibson and Leana Irene Erbin.

Sources: Obituary of Ron’s father, Crump Allen Glass, Sr. –

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China Forbes

by fraciscovargas1545 on April 1, 2017

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 29, 1970

*Scottish, French, English (father)
*African-American (mother)

China Forbes is an American singer and songwriter. She is known for being the lead singer for band Pink Martini. She is the daughter of Peggy Woodford and Donald Cameron Forbes. Her sister is writer, director, and producer Maya Forbes.

China’s father was white and China’s mother is black. China’s father had Scottish, French, and English ancestry. All of China’s maternal grandparents and great-grandparents were black.

A picture of China’s mother can be seen here.

China is a fifth cousin, once removed, of politician John Kerry. China’s paternal five times great-grandparents, The Rev. John Forbes and Dorothy Murray, were also John’s maternal four times great-grandparents. China is also related to singer Ed Droste, of the band Grizzly Bear.

China’s paternal grandfather was Gordon Donald Forbes (the son of Gerrit Forbes and Marthe De La Fruglaye). Gerrit was the son of John Malcolm Forbes and Sarah Coffin Jones. Martha was French.

China’s paternal grandmother was Faith Fisher (the daughter of Richard Thornton Fisher and Georgina Paine). Richard was the son of Edward Thornton Fisher and Ellen Bowditch Thayer. Georgina was the daughter of Charles Jackson Paine and Julia Bryant.

China’s maternal grandfather was Hackley Elbridge Woodford (the son of Thomas Elbridge Woodford and Bessie/Bassie Agnes Hackley). Thomas was the son of Thomas Woodford and Mary A. Bennett. Bessie was the daughter of Jerome Irenious Hackley and Molly Burnett.

China’s maternal grandmother was Mary Imogene Steele (the daughter of Percy Howard Steele and Mary Imogene Lavenia Waring). Percy was likely the son of James Campbell Steele and Mary Johnson. China’s great-grandmother Mary Imogene Lavenia was the daughter of James Henry Nelson Waring and Caroline/Carrie Alexine Brown.

Sources: Profile of China’s family –

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Matt Walsh

by madman on March 27, 2017

Birth Name: Matthew Paul Walsh

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Date of Birth: October 13, 1964

*Irish (father)
*Slovenian, as well as English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Dutch, 1/1024th African (mother)

Matt Walsh is an American actor, comedian, director, and writer.

Matt is the son of Audrey J. (Gosack) and Richard “Dick” Jude Walsh. Matt’s father was of Irish descent. Matt’s mother has Slovenian ancestry on one side, and English, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Scottish, and Dutch, on the other. Through his maternal grandmother, Matt is also descended from James Pendarvis (Matt’s eighth great-grandfather), who was born 1723, to Joseph Pendarvis, who was white, and Parthenia, an African slave. This makes Matt of 1/2048th African descent.

Matt’s paternal grandfather was Patrick Francis Walsh (the son of Michael Walsh and Mary Grady). Patrick was an Irish immigrant, from County Mayo, Ireland.

Matt’s paternal grandmother was Agnes Bridget Gavin (the daughter of Michael Gavin and Mary McGreal). Agnes was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Irish parents.

Matt’s maternal grandparents were Michael Peter Gosack (the son of Michael Anton Gosack and Theresa J. Lorenci). Matt’s great-grandparents Michael and Theresa were Yugoslavian immigrants, likely of Slovenian descent. Matt’s great-grandfather Michael was the son of Franz Gosack and Mary Berevadt.

Matt’s maternal grandmother was Edith Lorraine Thompson (the daughter of Luther Otto Thompson and Zetta Corene Fry). Luther was the son of Thomas Twigg Thompson and Susan Jane Day. Zetta was the daughter of Henry Lee Fry and Pearl Viola Palmer.

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