Alex Sawyer

by fraciscovargas1545 on January 22, 2017

Birth Name: Alexander James Sawyer

Place of Birth: Bexley, Kent, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 13 February, 1993

*English, Finnish (father)
*Ghanaian (mother)

Alex Sawyer is a British actor, director, and singer. He is known for playing Alfie Lewis on the Belgian/American/British teen drama mystery series House of Anubis on Nickelodeon.

Alex was born in Kent, England, to an English/Finnish father and a Ghanaian mother.

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Luciano Narsingh

by dlxzvs on January 22, 2017

Birth Name: Luciano Narsingh

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 13 September 1990

Ethnicity: Indo-Surinamese, Afro-Surinamese

Luciano Narsingh is a Dutch association football player. He plays for Premier League club Swansea City, as a right winger.

His father is Indo-Surinamese and his mother is Afro-Surinamese.


Adama Barrow

by Manila on January 21, 2017

Place of Birth: Mankamang Kunda, British Gambia (now The Gambia)

Date of Birth: 16 February, 1965

*Mandinka (father)
*Fula (mother)

Adama Barrow is a Gambian politician. He began serving as the third President of The Gambia, on 19 January, 2017.

Adama’s father, Mamudu Barrow, is Mandinka. Adama’s mother, Kaddijatou Jallow, is Fula.

Adama is married to Fatou Bah and Sarjo Mballow.



Ricky Whittle

by stlucas on January 19, 2017

Birth Name: Richard Whittle

Place of Birth: Oldham, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: November 23, 1981


*Afro-Jamaican (father)

*English (mother)

Ricky Whittle is a British actor. He was born in Oldham, England, to Maggie (Goodwin) and Harry Whittle. He was raised in Northern Ireland.

Ricky’s mother is white and English. His father has Afro-Jamaican ancestry.

A picture of Ricky with his mother and father can be seen here and below:



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Stacey McKenzie

by stlucas on January 10, 2017

Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Date of Birth: c. 1973

Ethnicity: Afro-Jamaican, Scottish, Chinese

Stacey McKenzie is a Jamaican-born Canadian model and television personality.

Stacey was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to an Afro-Chinese Jamaican mother, from Saint Mary Parish, and a Scottish-Jamaican father, from Clarendon Parish. She moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with her mother, in 1986. Her mother is pictured here.