Sun Yat-sen

Birth Name: Sun Wen

Date of Birth: 12 November, 1866

Place of Birth: Cuiheng Village, Xiangshan County, Guangdong, Qing dynasty, China

Date of Death: 12 March, 1925

Place of Death: Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, Republic of China

Ethnicity: Chinese [Cantonese and Hakka]

Sun Yat-sen was a Chinese revolutionary, and medical practitioner. He was the Provisional President of the Republic of China, from 1 January, 1912 to 10 March, 1912, and Premier of the Kuomintang of China, from 10 October, 1919 to 12 March, 1925, his death.

He was the son of Sun Da-cheng, and of a woman surnamed Yang. He was married to Lu Muzhen, Kaoru Otsuki, and Soong Ching-ling. He had three children with Lu.

Sun Yat-sen’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his 15th great-grandfather, Sun Hao, also known was Sun You-song.

Sun Yat-sen’s paternal grandfather was Sun Jing-xian (the son of Sun Heng-hui, and of a woman surnamed Cheng). Sun Heng-hui was the son of Sun Dian-Zhao, and of a woman surnamed Lin.

Sun Yat-sen’s paternal grandmother was surnamed Wong.

Sun Yat-sen’s maternal grandfather was Yang Teng-hui.

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