Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and his daughter Riley Curry

Stephen Curry and his daughter Riley Curry

Birth Name: Wardell Stephen Curry II

Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 14, 1988

Ethnicity: African-American

Stephen Curry, also known as Steph Curry, is an American professional basketball player. He plays in the NBA. He is the son of Sonya Alicia (Adams), a volleyball player, and Dell Curry (Wardell Stephen Curry), a former NBA player. His brother is professional basketball player Seth Curry. Stephen is married to Canadian-born actress Ayesha Curry, with whom he has two children.

Stephen’s parents are both African-American. His grandparents are all African-American as well.

Stephen is one of the record-setting Splash Brothers basketball duo, with Klay Thompson.

Stephen’s paternal grandfather is Wardell Curry (the son of Blanch Perline Curry).

Stephen’s paternal grandmother is Juanita Marian/Marion Leitch/Gaines Casey (the daughter of Eugenia Marian Gaines).

Stephen’s maternal grandfather is Cleive Ester Adams (the son of Cleive Ester Adams and Bertha Blanche Arrington).

Stephen’s maternal grandmother is Candy Ann Wyms (the daughter of Walter Leonard Wyms and Evelyn Katherine Snell). Walter was the son of Judge Paul Wyms and Virginia Belle Hines. Evelyn was the daughter of Archie Newbern Snell and Gertrude Katherine Hubbard. A picture of Archie’s parents, Stephen’s great-great-great-grandparents Wesley Snell and Flora Etta, can be seen here.

A picture of Stephen’s parents can be seen below:

A picture of Stephen with his wife and daughter can be seen here.

Sources: Family history of Stephen’s maternal grandmother, Candy Ann (Wyms) Adams –

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. andrew says:

    his mom looks Creole and she could pass for white, his dad is an African-American (with some Caucasian in him)

  2. nameoftheuser says:

    I thought he’s half white. I mean, he has kind of green eyes. Whiter than my sorry ass…

  3. Marquis_8732 says:

    Both of his parents are of african desent, so hes not mixed, they would have to be of 2 different backgrounds.

    • guyinsf says:

      Yes he IS mixed! How his parents identify themselves as doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he has European blood in him. He has green eyes and lighter skin than an average African American. If you do a genetics test on him it would clearly show that he’s mixed and I’m not talking about identity, I’m talking about what is in his blood and his phenotype.

  4. Jordan .B says:

    I thought his mom was mix

  5. LakerChik24 says:

    Isn’t he a little white too? Cuz he seriously doesn’t look that much of a black guy except for his tan skin

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