Sade (center) in 2010, Debby Wong /

Birth Name: Helen Folasade Adu

Place of Birth: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Date of Birth: 16 January, 1959

*Yoruba Nigerian (father)
*English (mother)

Sade is a British singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, and arranger. She was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Her father, Adebisi Adu, is a Yoruba Nigerian. Her mother, Anne Hayes, is English and white. Sade lived in Nigeria until she was four years old, then moving to Essex, England.

Sade has a son with her former partner, Jamaican music producer Bob Morgan.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. neiltennant says:

    what nobody knew until now

    when i was a small boy i had a costume with which i ran through our village in the same manner she ran in the ORDINARY LOVE video

    directed by SOPHIE MULLER but i was not as good looking like her

  2. neiltennant says:

    she has that ETHIOPIAN look

    black mixed with white

    indeed ethopians are not as black as other africans

    and i don’t mean it offensive
    there are tons of really black women

  3. California says:

    She is really pretty. I’ve always thought that she looks mixed with Asian.

    • midori29 says:

      I think a lot of people think she is Asian mixed because when I went to see her in concert in America there was an overwhelming number of Asian people there especially Chinese Japanese type of fans but ironically if you lighten up a lot of Nigerians and straightened their hair they would look Asian too.

      • neiltennant says:


        thats really funny

        you mean the asian people in her concert where fans because they thought she is also half asian ?

        haha then my white sister who is also fan is fan because she thinks that sade is white

  4. Greetings says:

    Sade Adu Says “I’m Nigerian, I Am Always Late”… Is She Right About That

    “Like I said, I’m Nigerian. I’m always late.” Sade

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