Rula Jebreal

"Roger Waters the Wall" New York City Premiere - Arrivals

Place of Birth: Haifa, Israel

Date of Birth: April 24, 1973

Ethnicity: Palestinian Arab, some Nigerian

Rula Jebreal is a foreign policy analyst, journalist, novelist, and screenwriter. She has dual Israeli and Italian citizenship.

Rula’s father, Othman Jebreal, a Nigerian-born imam, was of Palestinian Arab and Nigerian descent. Rula’s mother, Zakia, who was a Palestinian Arab, died when Rula was five years old.


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  1. Devotion says:

    Thanks for approving her.

    About the “some Nigerian” part, she does look like she’d have African in her due to her very dark skin. But it’s said that her father is “Nigerian born”. What would his actual ethnicity be? I do not know…..

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