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Ora in 2014, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Rita Sahatçiu Ora

Place of Birth: Pristina, Yugoslavia

Date of Birth: 26 November, 1990

Ethnicity: Albanian

Rita Ora is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born November 26, 1990, in Pristina, Yugoslavia, to a Kosovan Albanian family. Her family moved to the U.K when she was a child, because of the persecution of Albanians in Kosovo.

Her parents are Vera (Bajraktari) and Besnik Sahatçiu. Her father is a Muslim and her mother is Catholic. When asked about her ethnicity in an interview, Rita stated that she is “100% from Kosovo”. This can be seen, starting at the 2:30 mark, in this clip.

Her surname, Sahatçiu, is derived from the Turkish word saatçi, which means “watchmaker”. Her parents later added Ora, which means “time” in Albanian, so it could be more easily pronounced.

Rita’s paternal grandfather was Besim Sahatçiu, a film director (the son of Adem Sahatçiu and Besa).


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  1. anisamae says:

    When I first found out she was Albanian, i’ll admit I was shocked. As throughout the time I’ve known of her I thought she was biracial. I didn’t even question it. However, now when I think of it, the only thing that really differentiates her from most Albanians I’ve seen is that she has a wider nose. Now if your argument is that she’s also tan, most Mediterraneans are anyway. Never the less, She’s quite a pretty girl!

  2. blah says:

    Why does she look like she has black in her is my question. I think somebody want to do a DNA and check that out, or this website is wrong.

  3. kay says:

    she is albanian… whats wrong with that.. but it sure does seem she has other ethnicities. Pretty girl.

  4. DaTruth says:

    she doesn’t look Albanian…. but she’s Albanian. I smell other ancestors creeping….

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