Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry in 2009, Debby Wong/

Birth Name: Henry Charles Albert David

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: September 15, 1984

Ethnicity: English, European Royal (mostly), some Scottish, as well as German, Irish, French, Anglo-Irish, Hungarian, likely 1/128th Indian or 1/256th Indian, as well as smaller amounts of Dutch, Danish, Welsh, Belgian, Swedish, Swiss, Bohemian/Czech, Russian, Polish, Channel Islander/Jersey, possibly 1/256th Armenian

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is an English royal. He is the brother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the grandson of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and of Elizabeth II, Queen of England and the rest of the United Kingdom. His nephew is Prince George of Cambridge. His stepmother is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Harry is married to American actress, model, and humanitarian Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (born Rachel Meghan Markle).

Prince Harry’s ancestry is (approximately) 35% English, along with 29% “Royal”, 14% Scottish, 5% German, 3% Irish, 3% French, 3% Anglo-Irish, 2% Hungarian, and smaller amounts (to varying degrees) of Indian, Dutch, Danish, Welsh, Belgian, Swedish, Swiss, Bohemian/Czech, Russian, Polish, and Channel Islander (Jersey). Prince Harry is widely believed by DNA researchers to have a matrilineal ancestor, Eliza Kewark, who was Indian, or of Armenian (paternal) and Indian (maternal) descent; if this is the case, it would make Prince Harry of 1/128th or 1/256th Indian ancestry.

Prince Harry’s paternal grandfather Prince Philip was born in Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece, although he is not of Greek ancestry.

Prince Harry and his wife share a common ancestor in the 1500s; the details of this remote genealogical relation can be seen here.

Prince Harry’s paternal grandfather is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg). Prince Andrew was born in Old Royal Palace, Athens, Kingdom of Greece, the son of George I of Greece, who was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and of Olga Constantinovna of Russia, who was born in Pavlovsk, Russian Empire. Princess Alice was born in Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England, the daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg, who was born in Graz, Austrian Empire, and of Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, who was born in Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry’s paternal grandmother is Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom (the daughter of George VI, who was King of the United Kingdom from 1936 to 1952, and of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). Queen Elizabeth II was born in Mayfair, London. George VI was born in York Cottage, Sandringham House, Norfolk, United Kingdom, the son of George V, who was born in Marlborough House, London, and of Mary of Teck, who was born in Kensington Palace, London. Lady Elizabeth was born in England, the daughter of Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and of Cecilia Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne.

Prince Harry’s maternal grandfather was Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (the son of Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer, and of Lady Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton Spencer). Prince William’s grandfather Edward was born in Paddington, London. Albert was the son of Charles Robert Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer, and of The Honorable Margaret Baring. Lady Cynthia was the daughter of James Albert Edward Hamilton, 3rd Duke of Abercorn, and of Lady Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bingham.

Prince Harry’s maternal grandmother was The Honourable Frances Roche (the daughter of Edmund Maurice Burke Roche, 4th Baron Fermoy, and of Ruth Sylvia Gill Roche, Baroness Fermoy). Frances was born in Freebridge Lynn, Norfolk. Edmund was the son of James Boothby Burke Roche, 3rd Baron Fermoy, and of Frances Ellen/Eleanor Work, who was born in New York City, New York, U.S. Ruth was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the daughter of William Smith Gill and Ruth Littlejohn.

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  1. anna2005 says:

    Queen Charlotte was Mulatto of portuguese and African decent. Various painters painted her in such a way to totally wipe out her African features. I think it’s quite strange that the royal family chooses to act as if they had no black ancestors. there is nothing wrong with being african. Its also strange that all the comments on here that recognize Queen Charlotte and other royal blacks in England have garnered alot of negativity and so are “hidden”. Nobody is trying to say that the royal family is “black” just that they had black ancestors at some point. Get over it everyone. the world continues to evolve…

  2. ignorantppl says:

    hes black either u like it or not stfu trying to prove he ain’t black, is being black a disease? stfu pls

  3. Jane says:

    you forgot the black ancestor Queen Charoltte. I want it put on here thanks.

    • Leelee says:

      YEeeeaaaah I’m sooo glad this was already a comment :)

    • KimJ says:

      That was actually false. If you do research into the bloodline there is no African blood. Also, Queen Charlotte was said by those that actually knew her to be (essentially) the spitting image of the Vandal race (not African or mulatto). It was merely an artist who incorrectly drew her that way. The Queen has never recognized any African blood as they have none.

    • KimJ says:

      Here is a portrait of her by a different artist:

      Here is a poem about Queen Charlotte (still proving my point of no African ancestry or appearance):

      “Descended from the warlike Vandal race,
      She still preserves that title in her face.
      Tho’ shone their triumphs o’er Numidia’s plain,
      And Andalusian[42] fields their name retain;
      They but subdued the southern world with arms,
      She conquers still with her triumphant charms,
      O! born for rule, – to whose victorious brow
      The greatest monarch of the north must bow.”

      From Queen Charlotte’s page on wikipedia (whoever wrote it clearly did their homework!):
      “Valdes y Cocom does not seem to take notice that the Vandals were a Germanic people originating from Northern Europe, that migrated first to Andalusia (modern southern Spain) in 409 AD, and afterwords to North Africa in 429 AD (namely to Numidia, were they established the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa), and that this poem is a eulogy linking Queen Charlotte to that distant Germanic nation, further straining the credulity of Charlotte’s supposed Sub-Saharan African ethnicity. However, the phrase Vandal race, used to describe Queen Charlotte, is linked with an official ducal title of the House of Mecklenburg: Princeps Vandalorum, i.e. Prince of Wends, because of their overt Slavic origin.[43][44]
      All this has led Mario de Valdes y Cocom to inquire about her ancestry and research her genealogy. Still according to Valdes y Cocom, one of the possibilities for Queen Charlotte’s supposed racial features is that they were a concentration of traits inherited through three to six lines from a nine times removed ancestor of hers, Margarita de Castro e Souza, a 15th century Portuguese noblewoman who traced her ancestry six generations earlier to King Afonso III of Portugal and one of his lovers, Madragana.
      Critics of this theory argue that Margarita’s and Madragana’s distant perch in the queen’s family tree, respectively 9 and 15 generations removed, makes any presumed African ancestry, Northern or sub-Saharan, negligible and no more significant in Charlotte than in any other member of any German royal house at that time, and therefore that Charlotte could hardly be accurately described as “mulatto” or “African”.[45] Like everyone else, Charlotte had 32,768 ancestors in the 15th generation up her family tree, and she shared descent from Madragana with a large proportion of Europe’s royalty and nobility.
      Even more, Valdez y Cocom assumed that Madragana was a Black African woman. In fact, a single author, Duarte Nunes de Leão, described her as a Moor,[46] that is to say, in the context of the Iberian Reconquista, someone of Islamic religion, regardless of actual ethnic origin (and that could have been Arab, North African Berber, or Muladi – native Iberian European Christians who converted to Islam after the arrival of the Moors, all of whom can be described as Caucasian or White). Modern researchers, however, believe Madragana to have been a Mozarab, that is to say an Iberian Christian living under Muslim control, of Sephardi Jewish origin.[47]
      Valdez y Cocom has also argued, trying to defend the African origin of Queen Charlotte, that the Royal Household itself, at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952, referred to both her Asian and African bloodlines in an apologia it published defending her position as head of the Commonwealth.[39] This is denied by Buckingham Palace.[48″

    • marjanel says:

      Queen Charlotte was not black, people claiming black ancestry from Her are from an ancestors nine generations removed.

  4. aps says:

    His ancestor through which he has Lithuanian origin – Catherine I of Russia, her real name is Marta Helena Skowrońska, her father Samuel Skowroński was of Polish origin and her mother was Elisabeth Moritz (maybe German), so i think he hasn’t Lithuanian blood, but have Polish.

    • nnnnn says:

      Martha Skawronski was always claimed to be “german”.
      Ridiculous, why they write: Harry is a descedent of
      Catherine 1 and not of Peter the great??? Who of both
      is more famous?

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