Patti LuPone

Birth Name: Patti Ann LuPone

Place of Birth: Northport, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 21, 1949

Ethnicity: Italian (Sicilian and Abruzzese)

Patti LuPone is an American actress and singer. She is known for her work in stage musicals. Patti is the daughter of Angela Louise (Patti) and Orlando Joseph LuPone. She is the sister of actor, dancer, and director Robert LuPone. Her great-great-great-aunt was Adelina Patti, a prominent 19th-century opera singer.

She has said, “My father’s side of the family was from the Ubruzzi region, and my mother’s side of the family is from Palermo”.

Patti’s LuPone ancestors originated from the town of Pratola Peligna, Province L’Aquila, Italy.

A DNA test by 23andMe stated that Patti’s genetic ancestry is:

*87% Southern Italian
*12% Eastern European and North African

Patti’s paternal grandparents were Pasquale Lupone and Felicia Petrella (the daughter of Gaetano Petrella and Maria Guiseppa).

Patti’s maternal grandparents were Vincenzo/Gaetano/Giacomo “James” Patti (the son of Giorgio Patti and Angelina Notaro) and Frances. Vincenzo was said to be born in Montemaggiore, Sicily. Giorgio was the son of Giuseppe Patti, who was the brother of Adelina Patti.


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  1. andrew says:

    She is also the sister of actor, dancer and director Robert LuPone

  2. andrew says:

    She is the great-grand niece and namesake of Adelina Patti, a prominent 19th-century opera singer.

    Adelina’s brother, Giuseppe Patti, was Patti’s maternal great-great-grandfather

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