Patrick Lew


Birth Name:

Patrick Allan Lew


San Francisco, California, USA

Date of Birth:

November 15, 1985

Race or Ethnicity:

Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese

Patrick Lew is a solo Grunge musician who promotes his music via Internet on websites and had his name featured on articles in a few music publications.

About his music and celebrity work…

Patrick Lew’s Band (sometimes known as The Lew Crue) is the solo project of Taiwanese American musician, songwriter, artist and writer Patrick Lew. He has also played guitar and pursued music in other projects with other musicians such as Band of Asians, Silent Minister and other lesser known local San Francisco rock/metal bands. His music is known production and recording wise, chaotic and unconventionally recorded and mixed like a jigsaw puzzle. But stylistically by sound and lyrically, is Alternative Rock and Pop Punk music with socially conscious and idiosyncratic themes. In addition to music, Lew is also an amateur Philosophy and creative writer and contributed small acting roles in plays locally for his schools. (his personal Facebook)

Facebook profile, likely in the boxes, lists his heritage. Confirming he as small amount of Japanese ancestry in him.

Profile by: Anna Chang

9 Replies to “Patrick Lew”

  1. t0 bE h0NESt EtHNiC, i d0N’t REALLy tHiNk HE SH0ULd REALLy bE 0N tHiS WEbSiTE, bECAUSE hE’S N0t REALLy A CELEbRity… i AgREE WiTH “C0URtNEy”. HE MAy bE iN A bANd bUt hE’S N0t REALLy A CELEbRity. d0 yU tHiNk y0U CAN dELEtE tHiS pR0FiLE.? hE’S N0t REALLy A CELEb. tHANKS.! =]

  2. But isn’t there a definite difference between taiwanese aborginals and people who came from china and settled in taiwan and thus their descendants become taiwanese? My dad’s from taiwan. his family has been there for many centuries but the first person in his family who came to taiwan was from china. I feel strange when i think about china. I dunno. I’m so used to taiwan and my dad’s hakka chinese family. i really can’t imagine in fact his family line originated from china. honestly i don’t know much about china. i just can’t relate to it since i grew up and saw more of taiwanese culture and language. =/

  3. Thats similar to asking a Japanese person if they are Yayoi Japanese (originally from Korea or China) or indigenous Japanese ( like Ainu or Ryukyuan). Most Japanese have been mixed up over the many centuries that Japan has been a single nation.

  4. I understand what u saying. I’m a fan of his music and the stuff he did underground in the Bay Area and etc. I believe, and do think, like many whom asked. Patrick Lew is more on the Chinese and Taiwanese side than the Taiwanese aboriginal side from what you mentioned. I know Patrick is not a very famous celebrity, he’s been doing this music thingy since ’01. But, from what he said in blogs and articles he sent to the music ppl. His mother’s roots are in Taiwan but were settlers from China after WWII. He is, part Japanese, from some parts of his mom’s side.

    I hope this clears things up. Ask meh if you need more info about him. No disrespect to nobodie!

  5. I don’t understand how taiwanese can be listed under race or ethnicity. Taiwanese is a nationality. you should be more specific in stating what type of chinese taiwanese are you because there are many types in taiwan. when you refer to yourself as chinese taiwanese that says your race is chinese but you hold nationality or roots in taiwan. like the taiwanese aboriginal tribes each have different tribe names or mainlander chinese people who immigrated to taiwan from china may have an chinese ethnicity that exists in china but not taiwan. they could have settled there many generations ago and their children grew up in taiwan instead of china since immigrating there. or the hoklo chinese people in taiwan who usually speak hokkien as their native language besides mandarin. or the hakka chinese people in taiwan who speak hakka. sorry if it doesn’t make any sense if i went in too deep. it’s only my opinion and you shouldn’t feel pressured to dig deeper into your roots if you don’t want to. but i seriously disagree when taiwanese is listed under ethnicity. it’s just not specific enough for me.

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