Paige Hurd

Yu-Gi-Oh! Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

Birth Name:Paige Aubrey Hurd

Place of Birth:Dallas Texas

Date of Birth:July 20th,1992

Eye Color:Dark Brown

Hair Type/Color: Light Brown

Ethnicity:African American,Puerto Rican

Family info:Hurd was born in Dallas, Texas. She was born to an African American father and Puerto Rican mother. She was featured in the comedy Beauty Shop (2005) starring Queen Latifah[1] and portrayed Tasha, next door neighbor of Chris in the Chris Rock-produced TV series Everybody Hates Chris.


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My name is India I'm black and 18.

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    Whuuuu..Tasha half pr haha wld hv never guessed. She’s oddly cute.

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