Olivier Giroud

Place of Birth: Chambéry, Savoie, France

Date of Birth: 30 September, 1986

*50% French
*50% Italian

Olivier Giroud is a French professional footballer. He plays for Chelsea and the France national team.

Olivier is of Italian descent through both of his grandmothers, whose surnames are Avogadro and Gaiatto, and were likely from Northern Italy.

Olivier’s patrilineal line can be traced back to Félix Giroud, who was born, c. 1670, in Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze, Isère, France, and to Félix’s wife, Virginie Burnoud.

Olivier’s maternal grandparents were Jean Arnaud-Goddet and Antonia.

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Photo by sportsphotographer.eu/www.bigstockphoto.com/


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